Deception: Chapter 42 (The Final Chapter)

“Oh baby let’s get naked, just so we can make sweet love. All these sensations got me going crazy for you.”
Chris was on stage while Cara and I stood in off to the side of the stage watching, I squealed, not able to contain my hormones as far as Chris and his performance was going. Emmy was standing with us watching as well, waiting on her cue to return back out on the stage. The last night of the show in LA, it was all a bittersweet experience. I missed the show the night before because I had therapy and fell asleep, missing more than half the show, so I was finally experiencing Chris live and watching Larry and Laurent in their primes. Cara bumped into me and pulled me away so Emmy and the other female dancers could squeeze through the pathway.

“Oh shit, Cheyenne do you see this?!” I pulled my hand to my chest and watched on in excitement.

“I can’t take this Cara. Look at this! They’re right there; I could like reach out and touch them like … they’re right there.” We stood there for another 30 minutes until the show was finished. Pom and Gianinni were the first to exit the stage, then Leeco and Emmy, and finally Larry and Laurent and  everyone of the other dancers. Chris rushed off the other end of the stage straight to his dressing room. “You guys did so good!” I kissed Larry even though his face and body was sweaty.

“See, that’s just nasty Cheyenne. He’s all wet and nasty and just gross.” Cara gagged playfully and turned away from us to give us what privacy we had backstage.

“So you liked it?” Larry let me go and held on to my hips. I gave him a small nod and smirk. In the back of my mind I was pushing off his departure from me. I was dreading it. I think he knew that, but he didn’t want to say anything.

“I’m gonna miss you Larry. But I mean you already know that.” I smiled through my pain and disguised my tears as threw my head back like I was getting my bangs out of my face.

“We still have tonight Chey.” He bargained.

“But you need rest; you have to catch a flight tomorrow.”

“And? I can sleep on the plane; the tour isn’t organized as far as our stops. It’s like we fly one end of the country to another end. I will be fine we go all the way to New Jersey tomorrow for a show two days later, and I can rest before then.”

“I don’t think Jamie is gonna like that though.” Larry groaned and completely let me go from his arms. I told Larry about a run in I’d had with Jamie at his party weeks earlier. While Larry danced alone in the club, Jamie confided in me he found that Larry going with me everywhere was creepy, and that he hated I was still friends with Laurent after our ordeal and found  my judgment be silly and immature. I was mad at Jamie for the moment but he was someone I’d grown up with all my life, I couldn’t stay mad forever.

“Cheyenne really? Are you gonna do this now?” Larry’s agitation was playing all over his features. Cara glanced over slightly worried at his tone.

“But, I— Okay, tonight I’m gonna spend time with you. I won’t see you for another 5 months. I’ll be back in Paris all alone.” I pouted and grabbed his hand. He hesitated to grip it but soon he gave in and instead pulled me close to him. “You know I love you Larry.”

“Yeah, I guess I love you too.” He groaned and smiled to himself. “So I gotta go back to the hotel and shower, you wanna come with me or are you gonna drop by later?” I was standing at the doorway for the dancers to go change and grab their things.

“I guess I can go with you guys.” I looked over at Cara; she was holding what seemed like a legit conversation with Gianinni. “Cara, are you gonna come back to the hotel or…” My voice trailed off as she nodded, stopping me from having to complete my question, “Alright, I’m gonna ride with Larry, you know where the hotel is.” I slipped into the dressing room and waited for Larry and Laurent to grab their things.

I sat in the dressing room with the twins for 30 minutes before everyone filed out and made their way to the bus. Laurent was tied up with Emmy, I could tell she made him happy, and seeing Laurent happy with someone made me feel like things would be getting better. Even if it meant Laurent’s happiness interfered with mine because it meant me and Larry had to be separated as well.

“Cheyenne,” Larry whispered in my ear as I rested my head on his chest, “Cheyenne, wake up.” He shook me gently out of my sleep.

Groggily I opened my eyes and saw we were back in front of the hotel. Larry’s arms wrapped gently around me. “Damn, I fell asleep?” I brushed my hair from my face and stood up exiting the bus.

“I hope you had a good rest.” He smirked and picked me up like a baby, my legs dangling over one arm and head resting on his shoulder.

Laurent was in Emmy’s room on the 5th floor and Cara was hanging out with Pom and Giannini in the lobby, leaving me and Larry to be all alone in the room they shared. I was lying in bed with my hair wrapped up and makeup wiped completely off my face, and that ugly scar that took up half my face was clearly visible. I hated that thing because aside from the temporary pain in my leg, that scar would be a constant reminder of the accident. Larry was lying next to me shirtless. I was too busy staring out of the window to catch him staring at me.

“Chey,” his voice rattled as he tried to whisper, but his voice was too deep and it was trying to come out in full effect.

I darted my eyes to his and smiled, “Yeah Larry?” I ran my finger over his nose and let it linger on the tip before leaning in to peck his lips.

“Thank you,” His eyes were closed momentarily then he opened them back up and I saw the brigade of tears fighting their way out of his eyes. I lay quietly and waited for him to continue, “I don’t know what I wanna say, it’s so much about you I appreciate and when I look at you my mind doesn’t function properly. I don’t know what it is about you that make me feel like I’m free. You just … I’m happy that you are mine.” His eyes shut again and I realized he was i the beginning stages of falling asleep, his arm draped on my shoulder and my hand brushing the hair on the edge of his hairline. I kissed his forehead and found myself scooting closer to him.  “Chey, one last thing,” his eyes fluttered open once more and he smiled before closing his eyes again, “you will be my wife one day. I promise you that.” He mumbled woozily.

I felt my heart flutter. Suddenly I wasn’t so sleepy anymore. I was scared yet again. I loved Larry, I really did but that feeling of my dependence to him came rushing back. I stared out the window again. Having Larry and Laurent stay in the states while I went back to Paris would be a test. A test of how much I really loved him, how much he really loved me. A test of our faithfulness, maybe the time and distance would let me know, being dependent on him wasn’t so bad after all, maybe it was a sign I found someone I could be with all the time, I could trust with all my heart, maybe as Larry hinted at, someone I could see spending my whole life with, We wouldn’t know until the time came. It was time to find out.

*Author’s Note:*

I hope everyone enjoyed reading Deception as much as I enjoyed writing it. – Alexis Daniels


7 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 42 (The Final Chapter)

    • It just hit me that I will no longer be able to hate Chey…I really enjoyed my time doing it to 😦 I really did love this story and I am looking forward to the next story!!! Hoping it’s a Laurent story…only cause it’s uneven!

      • Oh my god I read your comment and started DYING!….I used to hate her too especially when I read chapter 7 -_-….ooooo I was fuming! My mom was like girl calm yo ratchet ass down…but foreal if you replace Chey with yourself it makes the story more enjoyable!!! ;))

  1. Wait… That’s the end?? Noooo please! Maybe you could make another story, like a series. And a Laurent story does sound great but this was wonderful. Please continue making these.

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