Deception: Chapter 40

“You know, this some bullshit man.” Larry was standing in a circle with Pom, Gianinni, and Leeco.

“What, you do this to yourself.” Gianinni laughed and bent over with his hands on his knees catching his breath.

“But, I feel like they hard on me because I haven’t been here.”

Pom and Leeco shared a glance and then dwindled down into balls, stretching on the floor. “Do you blame them?” Pom was wrapping an arm behind his back and pulling it with the other, while Gianinni stuck his feet out in front of him leaning forward to touch his toes.

Larry frowned but he knew they were just keeping it real with him. He knew as well, that it was his fault he wasn’t catching the choreography as quick as he hoped. Emmy stepped up to the small group, a bright smile plastered on her face causing her cheeks to make her eyes slant closed almost. “EMMY!” Larry snatched her up and set her back on the ground, everyone smiling now. Emmy and Larry always had the effect on everyone. Their smiles were infectious.

“Yo, yo, yo!” Laurent came easing up and all the smiles faded, besides Emmy and Larry’s. Gianinni and Pom went to the extreme of getting up and completely walking away, Leeco just kinda zoned out and faced another dancer nearby, easing his way into their conversation. “See Emmy, no one want to be around me.” Laurent’s eyes dropped and he leaned on his brother’s shoulder, sheltering his face from everyone else. “They hate me.”

Emmy sighed and grabbed his gigantic hand in her small one, “Oh Lau, it’s cool. Look things are gonna get better.” She reached up and rubbed his shoulder.

“Yeah, at least you still have us.” Larry nudged his brother as they walked out of the studio. “Look, I’ll catch you guys later. I’m going to see Chey.”

Emmy gave a small nod and turned to walk back in the room but Laurent walked along with Larry. “Is it okay if I go too?” He rubbed at his shoulder and pulled at his baggy pants.

Larry looked at him; thought about how he’d been covering for his brother, and then how if Cheyenne was up, her reaction wouldn’t be so friendly. “Uh, maybe you should stay here. I didn’t tell Christian about … you know; that thing. As far as he knows, you saved her and fought the guy … which in sense you did but you caused it all so yeah, I haven’t told him. I tell Nicole and Cara to keep their mouth shut too.” Laurent’s expression dropped and Larry felt hurt for hurting his brother. “But I mean if Chey still sleep, I can bring you in but you CANNOT talk about what happen. If Christian ask why have you not been to the hospital since they come … say you busy with tour business and couldn’t make it. He ask you what make Cheyenne get in accident, tell him she fight with her mom and took Nicole’s car keys. WHATEVERyou do, do not say anything is your fault. Me you and Diablo must find a way to cover all this up. Come on.” Larry burst into a quick sprint as they neared the sidewalk and eased onto the shuttle bus. “I know you sorry all this happen. Just whatever, don’t let this happen again please.”

Larry and Laurent slipped past the clerk at eh ICU desk. Laurent’s nerves were getting the best of him. He was sweating profusely and his hands were shaky. It took Larry just wrapping an arm around his shoulder to calm him a little. Soon after, they met with Christopher in the lobby and saw Cara and Nicole sitting on the other side, a small conversation between the two that was inaudible to the twins. Nicole glanced up and smiled at Larry but when her eyes met Laurent’s she scoffed and turned back to Cara. Cara had gotten over the ordeal, she realized that this was all between the twins and Cheyenne, Larry obviously forgave his brother and knowing Cheyenne, she was more than likely going to forgive Laurent too.

“Hey Laurent,” Cara met him with a kiss to the cheek then reciprocated her actions to Larry, “Mr. Baxter is in there now. You need me to go get him?” She headed towards the hall that led to the room.

“No, wait. I’ll go and see if it’s cool.” Larry nodded discreetly in Laurent’s direction. Cheyenne’s brother still had no clue of anything so he didn’t want to make it obvious that Laurent had something to do with all of it.

“Ohh, okay. Okay, I’ll just sit out here then.” Cara stepped away from the door and let Larry through, Laurent sat off to the side away from everyone. He still felt the tension and he was uncomfortable beyond all measurement.

Larry peeked through the cracked door. Christian was chuckling and then he heard it. He heard the faint giggle that Cheyenne always managed to do before a full blown laugh. His heart jumped and he felt weak in the knees. She was finally awake but the new pill to swallow was her recovery and prognosis. Larry cleared his throat to make his presence known, causing Christian to turn around and beckon him in. “Bonjour, bonjour.”

“Larry, my boy!” Christian stood up and slapped Larry’s back forcefully. Larry’s eyes never left Cheyenne’s. For the first time in a week or so he could look at her and feel the love she had for him be expressed through a simple glance. “I’ll leave you two alone. I know you two need some time.” He rushed out of the room and shut the door.

“Hey.” Cheyenne’s voice was raspy and she could barely smile for the gash across her face.

“Hey.” Larry stepped closer; he wasn’t sure what to say anymore. It was surreal for him. She looked weak and helpless and he knew that was one thing Cheyenne wasn’t. There was moment of awkward silence. Cheyenne had turned her attention away from the TV screen to Larry standing over her. “So, what are they saying?”

“I’ll be fine,” she coughed, interrupting her statement, “I just have to do a year of PT and stuff.” Struggling she tried to pull herself up and sit up in the bed. “Shit!” She cringed sucking in air through clenched teeth.

“No, be still. Don’t move Chey.” He pressed her leg gently and leaned over her, letting his lips meet hers. “You need to stop moving.” Larry paused about to spring the news of her second guest. “So, Laurent is here.” He cringed afraid to hear her reaction.

“Tell him come in.” She seemed very calm and actually eager to see him. Larry pulled out his phone and told him to have Cara bring him back. “So what’s been going on since I been out?” Cheyenne reached her cup of water. “I didn’t even know what day it was for a while.” She chuckled and held her shoulder due to the jolt of pain that shot through it.

“Well, the first few days I stay here with you. I slept here, ate here, I didn’t leave. But Emmy tell me yesterday if I didn’t come to rehearsal they were gonna drop me and Laurent from the tour. I wasn’t gonna go. I don’t care anymore. I just wanted you to be oki. But your dad take me to hotel last night and Laurent and Emmy drag me this morning. I had no choice.”

“Larry, don’t do that. I’m not that important. You can’t quit something you love for me. I’m not promised to be here forever, I don’t see us being together forever just yet, dance will ALWAYS be here for you. It was here be for me and it’ll be here when I go. Stop putting other people before yourself all the damn time Larry.” Cheyenne’s words stung Larry, but in a good way. Larry nodded on the brink of tears. “Besides, how you think Laurent feels? You two aren’t you without each other. I know he fucked up but he wants this just as bad as you. You quitting and ruining it for him is just as selfish as him and his twisted theory to win me over. Bros before hoes Larry, ALWAYS.” Cheyenne rested her head for a minute, and then the door opened again.

“Cheyenne?” Laurent walked to the other side of Cheyenne’s bed.

“Hey fathead.” She gave a meek smile trying not to aggravate her wound. “Why you look so stiff? Loosen the hell up.”

Laurent found himself more tense at her nonchalance than the general sight of her mutilated face and injured arm and leg. “But why you no curse me out? I thought you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you Laurent. Yes I was mad; yes I’m still a little mad. But I heard what you said that night, I heard what Larry said; I heard what Emmy said even. I know you’re sorry. I can try to forgive you. That’s just the adult thing to do in any situation. Do I trust you anymore? Hell no but I forgive you because I know you’re really sorry.” She sipped on the water again,  the tubes they’d had down her throat made he throat dry and sore. “Look, I’m not gonna tell my dad either. I don’t want him flying off the deep end at this. It’s our little secret, between us. This shit stays in America. It stays on that night. It stays in the back of our minds locked away forever. No one needs to know okay?” Cheyenne looked between the brothers. Everyone nodded in agreement. “The doctor says one more week in here and I get discharged, but I won’t have anywhere to stay cause Nicole leaves tomorrow. So Cara’s gonna take me in again, my dad’s flying back to Paris, and we’re just gonna go from there. Only thing we’re worrying about is me getting back to normal.”

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


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  1. Omg its taking a long time for chapter 41 to be posted!!!!?!! Im sooooooo addicted to deception its amazing!!!! Great job on the writing once again!

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