Deception: Chapter 39

“Look all I’m saying is they both deserve to stay.” Emmy was fighting for the twins’ futures on the tour. “Larry will be fine and Lau’s been working his ass off since we’ve all got here. You can’t drop him.”

Chris was sitting back on the couch in the lobby of the dance studio. He seemed to be deep in thought and from what Emmy saw; he wasn’t too much buying into it. “Why? No one wants to be around the guy Emmy.” He looked up biting on his bottom lip. “And as far as Larry goes, he’s been ditching practices. We can’t keep someone on the tour if they don’t practice, no matter how fucking good they dance.

“Yeah … for now, I mean I’m sure things will lighten back up. Larry needs time. We still have 2 and half months before we kick the tour off. Laurent’s been coming to rehearsals, he should be fine and Larry can pick up where he left off. I’ll help him get the choreo down if need be Chris; I’m just saying they shouldn’t be kicked off.” Emmy pleaded. She talked more to Laurent after taking him to the hospital that night and her heart went out to him. She saw the remorse he had for the issue and she understood he just wanted people to forgive him. Not so much forget, because he knew this was all a serious matter, but he wanted everyone to understand he never meant for any of this to happen. “Chris, stop acting like a dick. At least answer me and tell me you’ll think about this.” She huffed, wrapping her arms around her chest and cocking her hips to the side.

“I’ll think about it. Practice, 7am sharp. If you so gung hoe on Larry staying, his ass better be here tomorrow or else I’m telling Tina to set the paperwork up. I love those boys, they got talent, but this shit is real. We talking bout my livelihood here now. They both need to shape up or ship  the fuck out.” He walked out of the building.

Emmy found herself standing in the lobby alone, the other dancers all filing out of the building and taking the shuttle bus provided back to the hotel. She trudged back to their studio and slowly opened to door, the crisp and precise strums of an acoustic melody were echoing throughout the empty room. Laurent stood in the center. His head dropped low and eyes focused on the ground.

If only I can get through this. God, God gotta help me get through this.

Emmy stood back, making sure not so make a sound. Laurent’s body swayed peacefully to the music, he was in the zone, the music taking over his body. She was focused solely on how Laurent was interpreting the words of the song through his body movements. A couple elegant and flawless spins on his knees and jerk of his slender upper body and Laurent was laying on the ground, his eyes shut tight as his chest heaved up and down by his lack of oxygen and his attempt to gain it back. Slowly he rolled over and stood on his feet, Emmy began to clap gently jogging his focus from his bags to her walking up to him.

“How long you stand there?” Laurent’s eyes dropped he stiffened up bashfully.

“The whole time pretty much, that was pretty much kinda sorta way past the point of amazing Lau!” She pulled him into a hug. “Wow, you and your brother never seize to amaze me.”

Laurent blushed a little and walked away to grab his things, grabbing Emmy’s while he was at it. “Oh. What make you want to talk to me now? Everyone hate me, I figure you too.” He stepped further away from Emmy, creating ample space between their bodies.

“I don’t hate you Laurent, no one does. Everyone is just kind of mad at you. I’m really not mad at you to be honest. I guess it’s because you explained yourself to me, which you didn’t have to.” She paused and stopped their forward progress to the door. “I really think everyone wants some sort of apology from you.”

“But why, my issue is with Chey and my twin. What happen is of no one concern but us 3.” He huffed and pushed forward yet again. “I make mistake in my personal life that should not affect me business life with tour and the other dancers.”

“I feel that.” She gripped his waist and walked with him out to the bus, that was just about to leave.

“Sir, she’s fine. Her body just went into shock and we had to put her back in the coma for now. It should wear off in the next day or so. Looks like she’ll be fine.” A tall white man with salt and pepper hair pulled Christian off to the side. With a sigh of relief Christian peeked into the door. “I will however have to ask all of you to refrain from seeing her so often for now. We’re also seeing her brain’s swelling has subdued quite efficiently so we’ll be taking her to do some scans as soon as possible.” The doctor patted Christian’s shoulder and turned on his heels, returning back to his other patients and duties on the floor. He looked over his shoulder, “By the way, that young man with the rather large hair, we know that’s her boyfriend. We just didn’t say anything because we figured he was close enough to her to get the detail on her condition.” He gave a sly smirk and turned back around.

Larry sat in the ICU lobby with Christopher by his side. He was holding Larry, something that might have looked off to anyone else not up to date with their issues. Larry’s sobs were silent but the pain was being felt all around the room for him. “Larry, I’m sure they got her. She’s cool man.” Christopher tried to comfort Larry as best he could; his own tears fighting to break loose and wreak havoc for Larry and himself.

“Son,” Christian’s baritone over powered the silence engulfed around Larry and Christopher. Larry and Christopher looked up, “She’s fine. She just went into shock. Larry, I think you should go back to the hotel and get some legit rest. Sleeping here in this hospital can’t be cutting it for you.”

“Sir, it is fine. I will stay until I know she good.” Larry’s eyes looked weak and vulnerable, but his voice and attitude still stood strong. Christian was very appreciative of Larry’s efforts but he also understood he was in LA for another reason that should be more import than his daughter’s well being.

“No, you need to go back to the hotel. You need rest. Where is your brother? I thought he and Cheyenne were so close, why have I not seen him yet?” Christian helped Larry out of his seat.

Larry felt a wave of anger take over then subside quickly, “He- he has been taking this all very hard. Can’t stand to see Chey hurt.” He hid the whole truth from Christian covering up for his brother and the real reason Chey had been in her accident.

“Well, let me take you back to the hotel. Chey will be fine. Me and Christopher got this.” He roughly patted Larry’s back and walked with him through the halls and eventually out to the rental car.

Larry was lying in bed, watching the ceiling intently. Watching the shadows that the moon cast across the walls, images of Cheyenne flashing in his mind, smiles creeping up on him every few seconds, reminiscing of his past few months with Cheyenne were all he had at this point.


“Larry if you don’t get out my got damn face, I swear I will slap you!” Cheyenne raised her hand to his face.

“Oh, you wouldn’t.” Larry smiled, chewing his bottom lip. “My face too beautiful and you like it too much.”

“No, I don’t like your face. I don’t like you at all right now.” She giggled, her bangs falling clumsily in her face.

Smiling, Larry brushed them away and bowed his head down to hers. “You don’t have to lie.” Quickly her expression changed from a goofy smile to her really contemplating the situation. “I like your face.” He growled. He watched her as she rolled her eyes playfully and poked her lips out as if to imply he was lying.

“Uhm, Larry?” Cheyenne pushed away from him. “We— we have company.” Her eyes focused on Laurent in the background frowning unhappily.

“So what?” He turned and saw his brother standing there, “Oh, what you want Lau?”

“Nothing, continue on.” Laurent stormed off.


“Larry,” a voice whispered to him silently, “Larry.”

He shot up; Laurent was sitting on the bed next to him. “OH SHIT!” He shouted grabbing at his chest.

“How is Cheyenne? This the first time you come back since, well, you know.”

“She’s fine. What time is it?” Larry felt uncomfortable to have dreamt of Laurent and then having him pop up next to him in his bed.

“10 past 9. I just wanted to tell you we have practice at 7 in the morning tomorrow. Emmy tell me if you don’t come, they drop us off tour.”  Laurent rolled off the bed and hopped in his own, “Come? If not for yourself, do it for Chey. I know she would want us to still be here, you may be mad at me but Chey would always want what’s best for you.” With that Laurent rolled over in his bed and turned his light off. Larry watched him for a few more minutes before following in his brother’s footsteps.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


One thought on “Deception: Chapter 39

  1. O_O I hate seeing them tore up like this…Starting to really believe in condoned lying…cause this is some ish Laurent could have taken to the grave…

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