Wow! This Looks Like An Ad!

They make a cute couple don’t they? Too bad she’s the girlfriend of another Criminalz Crew member. Even though it’s not a match made in heaven, this picture is still fabulous!

The in which she looks at the camera, and how Laurent is starring at her as if he’s totally enamored with her– it looks like one of those commercials or print ads where the man just gave his woman a really nice piece of expensive jewelry and she’s speaking to the ladies at home with her eyes like, “ha ha… don’t you wish you had a man as good as mine?”.


2 thoughts on “Wow! This Looks Like An Ad!

  1. It is funny how pictures can freeze a moment and make that moment look like more than what it is. They probably weren’t even posing, just talking and chilling and she just happened to look at the camera right when the picture was snapped. Laurent looked like he got caught mid blink. The way his back is curved and his arm is back, looks like she pulled him in toward her, being playful! She actually looks as if she could be related to him.

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