Deception: Chapter 38

Cara, Nicole, and Jamie were all out for lunch together. This was a moment when they all needed each other. Larry had pretty much condemned himself to spending every living moment he had with Cheyenne. Her father and brother had been in town for a day so far and they were trying to sort out what happened. Cheyenne had gotten herself  $4,000 in debt because she racked up a good two, maybe three highly serious moving violations she couldn’t afford to pay. Until they had a full police report Christian wasn’t going to pay anything. The whole debacle was wearing in on everyone and the lunch date between old friends was something to in sense relax their minds and get them out of that cold and gloomy hospital.

“Did you hear what Chris told Emmy though?” Nicole sipped silently on the sweet tea she’d ordered and eyed Cara nervously.

“Nah girl, what’s going on?” Without notice Jamie snatched himself away from the table with an angry scowl.

Jamie was taking Cheyenne’s accident very hard. She was his first love when they dated his sophomore year well into his junior year. Even after they broke up they managed to stay close knit and never missed a step in their friendship. He took a few moments to relax himself and then he returned to the table with the girls. He tried tuning them out as best he could but he couldn’t help but catch bits and pieces of their conversation.

“Well I mean that’s messed up but Larry doesn’t deserve that. He didn’t do anything.” Cara’s concern was showing in her body language as she fidgeted in her seat.

“Wait, what are you guys talking about?” Jamie finally decided to join in the conversation.

Nicole eyed her little brother and sighed, disappointed she would have to go back and tell the story all over again. “Well Chris and his manager are thinking about dropping the twins from the tour now. Emmy said that Chris’s manager says they’re becoming a problem and issue. Chris keeps trying to tell Tina that they just need some time because after all the situation isn’t the lightest of circumstances.” Nicole gulped down some more of her tea before continuing, this time adding her own 2 cents. “Larry’s ditching practice, everyone is mad at Laurent so no one wants to be around him so they isolate him in rehearsal, and Lau’s little episode in their hotel room is gonna cost them almost 6,000 to fix the damages. I don’t know Cara; I’m with the manager on this one.”

“Like I was saying though, if anyone should be kicked off the tour it’s Laurent. I mean I heard Chris say himself they pick up the choreo pretty fast so if Larry takes a month away from rehearsals why not? He’s not stupid; he can pick it up just like he does everything else.” Cara argued her point staring down at her sandwich. “I’m just saying I agree with Chris, Larry needs time and Laurent is kind of a waste of space at this point if no one wants to be around him. Maybe when everything cools back down and things get better Laurent could possibly come back and join Larry on the tour. They’re gonna be stuck with Laurent for 8 months and if he stays and the chemistry is gonna be off. I say give Larry time, drop Lauren and then see how things work. But yeah Larry still deserves to still have a chance.”

“Why the fuck is we worrying about those fucking twins? What the fuck? They’re the reason our friend is where she is now and you guys are worried about their future and wellbeing?! Man, fuck all y’all!” Jamie once again left the table in a fit of rage. Nicole chased after her brother and pulled him aside on the sidewalk. “What Nicole? What do you want?” Rolling his eyes to the clear sunny skies and huffing, he looked down on his sister with a frown.

“I want you to calm your fucking nerves. Look everyone is a mess right now, you ain’t the only one hurtin, and Chey is my best friend just as much she is to you and Cara. And I’m fucked up  over all this. Larry is. Laurent is too. We ALL grew up together Jamie and we all know Chey well enough to know she’d care about these guys and how things are gonna end up for them. You don’t know these guys like Chey does just like I don’t really know them, but I know she really cares about them. Chey is over you Jamie. You can’t let you feeling cloud your judgement on what Chey would think is right because you still love her. She’s in love with Larry; she cares about Laurent even if he has hurt her. You can’t deny that, she wouldn’t want them fucked over no matter whatever the fuck it is that happened. So get your fucking dick out your ass and man the fuck up. Be strong for Chey’s family because as of now, we’re all they have.”

“Princess,” Christian started, he was in the room alone. Larry excused himself to eat something in the café while he gave Cheyenne private time with her dad. A lone tear rolled down his cheek as he positioned himself on the bed with her. “Baby girl, you got a hell of a lotta explaining to do when you wake up. Chelsey wanted to come see you too, but I told her she had to stay back in Paris with Madeline and Diablo until I was sure you were okay. You know, I don’t want you to come back home yet when you wake up. I want you to stay here and recover fully before I can let Chelsey see you. I know you’ll be okay though. You’re strong Cheyenne, you’re my baby girl and I have faith in you that you’ll push through this and come back stronger than before.I know it. You’ve always been a strong girl.” He paused thinking of what else he wanted to say. “I’m sorry for abandoning you, Christopher, and Chelsey when I did. Your mom was flying off the deep end and I let my selfish wants get the best of me and took the first chance I could to get away from it, totally disregarding you guys. I felt so bad, those nights you would call me crying and I wasn’t able to take care of you. I was young and your mother she just- she was changing. I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready for you guys. I was cheating, I’m pretty sure that’s what drove your mom to her addiction. I’m sorry Cheyenne.” A tear streaked down Cheyenne’s cheek and her eyes fluttered open. “Baby girl!” He brightened up and stood next to her bed gripping her hand tightly. His voice jolted amused Cheyenne was finally waking up. Cheyenne’s heart monitor had a continuous beeping sound. One beep after the next, as if a city truck was backing up on the street alerting anyone nearby of its actions. Then just out of no were the monitor changed its tone. This time the sound was constant. No breaks in between the beeps. Just a long flat piercing sound that penetrated Christian’s ears, the fear setting in and his eyes enlarged in shock. His bliss faded with immense speed. His world crashing before his eyes. The monitor had flat lined. “NO! CHEYENNE NO!” Christian’s pleas echoed through the hallways of the floor, A nurse and doctor rushed in pushing Christian out, leaving him to stand there with Christopher, no words able to come out. No sound, no tears, just an uncontrollable involuntary shake of his body. Larry was walking up to the group of two. His eyes begging Christopher to know what happened.

A shrug, a shrug was all that was needed for Larry to fall to his knees in agony.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.

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