Deception: Chapter 37

A knock sounded off randomly on Emmy’s door. She jumped in her sleep and shot up in her bed. The knock came again, this time harder and more urgent. She glanced over at her alarm. 3:00 am, with an annoyed groan she sluggishly made her way to the door. Laurent was standing in front of her; he still looked torn apart from whatever happened with Cheyenne earlier. Although she and Cheyenne weren’t the best of friends she felt a connection with her and when she found out what Laurent had done, she wasn’t too fond of him just like most the people who knew of the incident were feeling. “What?” She spat at him coldly, never moving aside to let him in the room.

“You mad at me too?” He sounded disappointed and began to turn away from the doorway.

“Yes, Laurent that’s some fucked up shit. You don’t need me to tell you that.” She sighed and called him to come back to the room, “Look if you need to talk, I’m still a shoulder to lean on. I’m not really taking sides but I’m not cool with what you did, regardless.”

“Well, I just want you to tell Cheyenne I’m really sorry. I know she no want to see me right now, but I know she will still talk to you.” Emmy narrowed her eyes at him realizing he had no clue. “Why you look at me like that?” The moonlight glowed on Laurent’s skin, giving off and eerie look to his offset appearance.

“You don’t know what happened do you?” She prepared to break it down for Laurent, thinking of the nicest way possible to tell him that Cheyenne was laid up in intensive care, two inches away from being dead.

“What? What is it Emmy.” He dropped his head to ensure better eye contact with her.

“Cheyenne is hurt Laurent, like HURT. She’s in the hospital right now and … we don’t know if she’s gonna be okay. Larry called me earlier and said that she has massive brain hemorrhaging, fractured left femur, and hip, broken nose, and a dislocated shoulder, and right now she’s in a drug induced coma because of the pain that she’d been in if she was up and aware of things. That’s just the major stuff, it’s a lot more. But they also said until the swelling goes down in her head, they won’t be able to tell if she’ll be paralyzed or not.”

Laurent’s heart sank and his eyes shut tight trying to tune out the news, thinking maybe that would prevent what Emmy was saying to be true. “Wait, what? No, how this happen? When?”

“After you two had whatever it was you had in the room after she went to find you. She basically took Nicole’s car and went speeding all over the place while it was pouring down and she hit someone and flew off the road into a flooded ditch. Had the emergency not come so fast, she really wouldn’t have made it.” Emmy explained holding his hand tight. “She’s in pretty bad shape.”

“I have to see her!” He shot up from the bed and rushed to the door, “Come on.”

“I don’t think you want—,” Emmy’s voice got caught in her throat when Laurent turned around and all this rage was flying off of his features.

“I don’t care what you think. I NEED TO SEE HER! Now you from here and know where the hospital is, you come with me.” He opened the door and bust out into the hallway; Emmy. clad in a pair of black and red basketball shorts and plain white tee.

Emmy and Laurent walked along the street and had enough luck to flag a taxi down. It was hard to do that in LA, let alone at 4 in the morning. Emmy told the older man in the driver’s seat where to go and leaned on the window with Laurent doing the same on his side. It looked like Laurent wanted to talk the whole ride to the hospital but the situation and his emotions were getting the best of him and it wasn’t much he could say. In the back of Emmy’s mind she knew this wasn’t the best idea. She knew Larry was still at the hospital and seeing Laurent there wasn’t something that was the best for him.

“Laurent, get up and come on.” She dragged him out of the cab and slipped the man a 50 from her bra, emergency money she always kept on her just in case. A lesson she learned at a young age here in LA. “Keep the change sir.” She said politely walking up the ramp to the entrance.

They got through the check-in desk of the ICU floor and they allowed both Emmy and Laurent to Cheyenne’s room even though it was only 2 people at a time and Larry was already in the room, spending the night with her. Silently she peeped through the window and saw where Larry pulled up and chair next to Cheyenne’s bed and was holding her hand on his heart. She almost melted at the site; putting a hand to Laurent’s chest she told him stay outside the room until she was able to talk Larry into letting Laurent see her.

Laurent stood outside the door watching helplessly. Once Emmy woke Larry up and informed Larry of his presence Larry’s eyes never left his brother’s. He glared angrily at Laurent, then taking a quick glance at Emmy to say no. every now and again. Finally after a good 25 minutes of heated discussion, Emmy motioned for Laurent to come in.  He dragged his feet across the floor and stood as close to Cheyenne’s bed as Larry would let him. He looked down on her body, she was so lifeless. He wasn’t used to seeing her like this. Cheyenne was always so full of life, whether that showed through her anger or just her relaxing. His guilt took over and he let it get the best of him. At this point, it wasn’t any talking to Cheyenne, he need to talk to his brother.  “Larry, Puis-je parler à vous seul s’il vous plait (Larry, can I talk to you alone please)?”

“Que pourriez-vous éventuellement tiens à dire à moi en ce moment trou du cul (What could you possibly want now)?” Larry’s words cut Laurent deep; that was when Laurent realized he messed with more than just Cheyenne, but his own brother as well.

“Whoa there, no need to get all foreign on me, I know when I’m not wanted around. I’ll just leave. Laurent when you’re ready, I’ll be in the lobby with Cara.” She walked out with not one protest, gently letting the door shut behind her.

“Larry, I no mean for all this to happen,” Laurent started off, “I really sorry Larry.” He began to step up to his brother tears building up.

“No, what the hell is wrong with you man? Why would you plan something like that? Why you try and ruin me and Chey’s relationship? She doesn’t deserve this. You do shit like this too much. Why you can’t stand to see me happy with someone Laurent. She set you up with Dina and you fuck Dina over. You make Dina hate Chey because you still hang around her and ride her ass because you want her to fall for you. You my brother, you support me and my relationships no matter what Laurent. Now the girl I love and you love is damn near death because you want to play stupid. You drag Diablo in this too when you know he live with Chey? Laurent, think.” He pushed Laurent temples and leaned into his own personal mirror of a brother, their foreheads meeting and eyes shut tight. The moment was beautiful, the circumstances not so much. “Everything is not always about you. You cannot be the only one happy. You need to think shit out man. She’s laying up here and I can’t help but to feel at blame because I knew you liked her, I just didn’t say but when you saw she liked me too I just would have thought you would respect it and let us be. But no, you do what you did and look where it’s ended up Laurent.” Larry pulled away from his brother, letting him read his every emotion, “I’m angry as hell at you, but you my brother and you will always be here for me like I always here for you … but this? This I cannot deal with. I don’t want to see you right now. I don’t want to be near you right now, I just want you away from me and Chey. You need to go. Chey’s dad and family will be here tomorrow. I suggest you stay away. I only say this because I don’t want you hurt as well.”

Laurent nodded, understanding what his brother said. He knew Larry was right. “Well can I have moment with Chey alone for a minute before I go?” Larry nodded and stepped aside, slipping out of the room. “Cheyenne, I know you cannot hear this maybe but I want to explain myself in detail or at least as best I can.” He took a deep breath and grabbed her fragile and bone chilling hand. “Chey, I am very sorry for all that I do. I mean it. You are what my brother needed, and what I wanted. You’re beautiful, you’re sweet, you’re kind, and you have a thing about you I could not resist. How could I resist not wanting you? Larry won you over first though and that is something I must live with. I was selfish, I pulled people into my jealousy I shouldn’t have. I hurt people that were near and dear to my heart. Cheyenne, if you hear this all I ask is you forgive. Forgive me, I know it won’t be today or tomorrow, but I can’t live another day knowing I don’t at least have possibly to have you as friend. I can’t live knowing I am why my brother is unhappy. How can I look at your sister and not see you in her? She’s beautiful as well and you are her everything, you have to pull through and make it, she needs you. Chelsey will be lost without you. I will hold you to that Cheyenne. You have people who still need you here, hear me? You make it. You have to.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek through the gauze. “I love you. You will be oki.”

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


6 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 37

  1. Just to be clear I was crying for Lau…and that beautiful moment with their heads together ROTFLMAO!!! Y u do this man….I need a hug O_O

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