Deception: Chapter 36

*Author’s note:*

The next chapters will be told from an omniscient point of view indefinitely for now.

Larry and Cara raced down to Emmy’s room where Nicole was. The fear they were feeling at this point was unbearable, they figured that Cheyenne couldn’t have gone too far.

“Nicole, I don’t know where she is.” Larry’s tears were sliding down his cheeks at an immeasurable rate. “She won’t pick up her phone, Laurent is going crazy, I- I don’t know what to do.” He leaned against the wall next to the door and bawled uncontrollably. Cara and Nicole stood there unsure of what to do. They were just as worried as Larry but his tears only darkened the realization that Cheyenne was out on the streets somewhere and they didn’t know where. Almost like clockwork however, Emmy was at Larry’s side. She stroked his arms and shushed him quietly. “Emmy, I love her man. I just want her to be safe. I just want her to pick up the phone and tell me she oki.” His voice kept cracking and he could barely talk for the tears obstructing his otherwise clouded speech.

“I have my car keys, we can go look for her.” Nicole began digging in her pockets searching but she didn’t find them. “SHIT,” she huffed, “Cheyenne still has them.” Everyone’s mind went to the worst thought possible.

“Oh my god. Nicole we gotta find her.” Cara started towards the door, pulling her phone out in the process. “We know how Chey is when she’s upset. We NEED to find her.”

“I’ll stay here in case she comes back, you guys go look for her.” Emmy stayed back and wiped a tear away from her cheek. “She’ll be fine though guys.” Her words were encouraging but everyone still knew deep down inside things weren’t okay.

The small group of three went back up to the hotel room Larry shared with Laurent. Now on top of Cheyenne missing, so was Laurent. A loud knock on the door caused them to spin around and set eyes on the door. “I’ll get it.” Cara eased towards the door and opened it without asking who it was or looking to see who was behind the door once it was opened. She just walked back into the room and dialed Cheyenne’s number again.

“Yo, what the fuck happened here?” Chris’ baritone cut through the awkward silence. Then he looked and saw Larry’s tearful expression and knew. “Bruh, if you worried about Cheyenne she took someone’s car and said she had to go. She had the keys and just … she dipped. Is everything okay? I mean I know it’s something wrong but is she okay?” He kicked through the still trashed room and hopped up on the dresser.

“Oh my God, Chris why’d you let her leave?” Nicole shot up from the bed. “I’m calling the fucking police. See if they can at least keep a lookout for her.” Quietly she walked out of the room to make the call.

Chris dropped his head in his hands, “I didn’t stop her because she seemed to be really upset and I don’t think she would have listened even if I did try and stop her. Yo, I hope she cool though.”

The room fell silent yet again. The only things you heard were the sniffles from Larry and Cara mumbling every now and then when Cheyenne didn’t pick up the calls from either her or Larry’s phone. As Cara was putting Larry’s phone back down it rang.

Baby Girl. With a sigh of relief Larry snatched the phone from Cara and picked up. “Hello? Where are you Cheyenne? Are you safe? What’s going on?”

“Sir, we have to inform you that Cheyenne is not able to talk right now. Are you family?” A calm female voice took to his ears instead of Cheyenne and the fear became all too real once again. “Sir, are you there?”

“Ye—yes.” He shook, afraid to hear the news.

“Cheyenne is in the ER at Good Samaritan. Are you related to the victim sir?”

“Yes.” He didn’t even think before he spoke.

“What is your relationship?” The person on the other end seemed to be distant from the situation. They were simply doing their job; they didn’t care the pain that their nonchalance was inducing on Larry.

“I’m her brother.” He lied, he knew there was no way he could get to Cheyenne’s mother or grandmother fast enough so the lie would have to do.

“Okay sir, if you could just please make your way to the hospital we can disclose with you what happened in detail. Until I have proof there isn’t much I can say.”

“Cheyenne. Baby, please whatever you do you can’t die on me. You gotta wake up. You got to. You gotta go back home to your little sister … baby please.” Larry’s tears fell silent to a comatose Cheyenne. Tubes were put in her mouth and nose providing her with oxygen while her left leg was being supported in traction protected by a bulky and drab white cast. A huge gash from the top left side of her forehead to the right side of her cheek was showing under the gauze on her face. Cara tried staying in the room with the two but she couldn’t handle it. Between Larry’s sobs and pleads for her to wake up and the eerie beep of Cheyenne’s ventilator, it was too much. At one point she became nauseous and ran out of the room holding her stomach. Nicole knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it at all, so she stayed in the waiting room after Cara and Larry went back. Jamie and their mom rushed to the hospital as soon as Nicole called with the news. “Cheyenne, I know you’ll be okay. I know it.” Larry stood over the bed and leaned closer into her face. “I love you. I’ll quit the tour if it means you’ll be okay. None of this is important. If me quitting means you wake up, I will gladly give it all up Cheyenne … please I just need you to wake up for me. Please.” He begged praying maybe Cheyenne could hear him. Things were spiraling downhill for the worst at this point and in the back of his mind the only person Larry could think to blame was his brother. Second by second, minute by minute, his sadness and fear were slowly becoming anger and he wasn’t going to hold back what he wanted to say to him just because Laurent was his brother. It had become so much more than that. Cheyenne was Larry’s world and now there was a possibility she wasn’t going to make it.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


2 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 36

  1. O_O…You are not feeling me 0_o! I want to shake her awake so I can kill her myself!!! Just the thing that should never happen!!! I don’t want to read anymore but can’t stop….there is no way back from this Really…all this over messy azz!!! I’m going to have to go back to happier times and reread Once in a lifetime…just to make it though!!! *hand in the air LORD WHY… JUST WHY!!!! She not even worth it!!! ROTFLMAO!!! I’m done just dead!

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