Deception: Chapter 35

LAURENT!” I shouted returning back to the floor I’d seen him on with Larry. Larry was pacing back and forth in the hall with me worried about what I was about to find out. “LAURENT FUCKING BOURGEOIS, BRING YOUR ASS THE FUCK OUT HERE!” I shouted loudly, people began coming out of their rooms and looking at me, some had phones in their hands.

“Chey, calm down. He’s not up here anymore obviously.” Larry grabbed my hand attempting to calm me down. “Please, its fine. Let’s go back to the room, maybe he’s there now.” He pulled me back down the hall away from the wandering and nosey eyes of the hotels occupants.

“Larry, what the fuck is he talking about when he said he did it?” I walked with Larry still in shock myself.

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what’s happening.” Larry’s eyes were focusing on the floor under us. “Maybe it’s not that serious. Maybe he doesn’t mean you when he refers to ‘she’.”

“Whatever Larry, I know that’s your brother but fuck the bullshit. He’s talking about me. Why else would he get so scared when he realized I heard and understood what he was talking about?” Logically, that made sense but mentally, my brain wanted to believe that what I was thinking wasn’t true.

“Chey, he’s my brother. I doubt that it’s bad. Really it can’t be.” We finally reached our floor; Cara and everyone else were standing outside the door looking all types of confused. Larry rushed over to them and I heard him ask what was happening.

“Laurent is in there tearing the room apart. We ran out when he started going crazy. Cheyenne what the hell happened?” Cara barely managed to speak the words. Nicole was standing there in a trance, almost like she wasn’t even alive and Emmy was crying, why I don’t know but the tears were there and completely visible. “Someone has to go in there and talk to him.”

Larry and I exchanged a glance and stepped forward to the door. “You wanna go in too, or just me?” I asked him reaching for the handle as he slid the room key down the slot.

“You should just go.” Larry nodded and let me walk in.

The room was in shambles; he’d ripped the TV off the wall and threw it onto the floor, cracking the screen. All of his and Larry’s clothes were flung all over the place. I looked at him swing his arms at nothing but the air, the noises he made weren’t human. I didn’t believe my eyes, I was angry as hell but with him being my friend my first instinct was comfort him whether he’d fucked up or not. “Lau?” My voice was barely above a whisper. He turned around and swung his arms too with the force of his turn. His eyes were burning red and his chest was heaving up and down. “Laurent. Please talk to me?” I reached out my hand; he stared down at it and threw his body on the bed he hadn’t trashed yet, which was ironically Larry’s.

“Cheyenne. I’m sorry.” He pulled his hands over his face and broke down in tears. I stood there dazed and confused.

“Sorry for what?” I stepped around the mess and made my way to the bed and sat next to him.”

“I can explain. You can’t get mad before I finish.” He sat up and the fear I saw when Diablo sent him that text came back.

“Laurent just talk.” I backed away from him and watched him closely.

“The alley, I know the guy who rape you. I made a deal with him—” My hand met the side of his face with force before he could finish. My handprint didn’t bother wasting time to show up either.

YOU WHAT?!” I stood up and cocked my hand back ready to punch him in his throat, “You have got to be kidding me Laurent. It’s no way in hell. No, I don’t believe it.”

“I can explain Chey.”

“Don’t call me that. Don’t look at me, turn around and explain this shit. I don’t wanna see your fucking face.” I pushed him away from me as he tried to hug me.

“I do it because I love you Cheyenne.” He sobbed and I could hear him choke on his words, “I didn’t want the guy to hurt you I swear. I just tell him scare you. I didn’t know he would hurt you.”

He tried to turn around and face me again. “No, I told you I don’t wanna see your face Laurent. What THE FUCK could possess you to do some shit like that?! Dude that was my fucking life! He threatened to kill me Laurent! What kind of friend are you?!”

“I only do it because I wanted you to be with me, I love you. I can love you better than Larry can.” My jaw dropped and I fell back into the wall behind me. He turned and looked at me, I didn’t even have the voice to tell him turn back around. “Cheyenne, I figure if he scare you then I find you and save the day, you would want me.”

“So you planned for Chanee to be at that party? You told her to do what she did didn’t you?” My eyes widened in disbelief. “You’re the reason me and Larry were so fucking rocky at first. You’re a selfish ass bitch Laurent. And you know what?” My voice shook as I tried to control and fight back tears, “I hate you. I could never love someone that would EVER do that to me.” I pushed him on the bed and rushed out of the room. Larry and Cara where the only ones still outside the door at that point, as soon as I saw Larry I ran into his arms and let all the tears I’d held in out on his shirt. “Larry, I need to go.” I sobbed into his chest; the tears soaking his shirt while Cara brushed my shoulder.

“What he say?” Larry whispered into my ear.

“Larry, he hired the guy to rape me. I need to go. I have to.” I ran away from Larry and Cara. I took the stairs instead of the elevator this time, running as fast as I could away from the drama. Chris was standing at the main entrance of the lobby, his eyes diverted from some skanky looking female to me.

“Chey, sweetheart … what’s up?” He grabbed my hand. My eyes were blurry and I couldn’t really make out his face but I knew it was him.

“Nothing, I just need to go.” I kept saying that. I knew I needed to go but I hadn’t the slightest idea where I was going. Then I remembered I still had Nicole’s car keys from the day before somewhere in my bag of stuff. I rummaged through it, sighing with relief I’d found them.

“It’s something wrong with you sweetheart. Don’t go do something stupid whatever you do.” The tone is his voice was caring but I wasn’t hearing it. I was done with this hotel. Anyplace that was in the vicinity of Laurent wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be.

The rain was pouring down. I could barely see anything in front of me as a sped and cut in and out through traffic. It didn’t help my vision was already clouded from the tears that constantly kept falling. My phone was blowing up. Larry, then Cara, then Nicole, and the same cycle over and over again.

Suddenly there was darkness. I wished I would have listened to Chris when he told me what he did.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


6 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 35

  1. Wow that’s a little…OKi a lot extreme!!! I’m at a loss for words…that’s hard to do to me ;P Shock all I can think is poor Lau and Larry…Wow I still can’t stand her! What has my world come to that I really dislike this girl…she reminds me of Tameka…Usher’s Ex-Wife…but I liked her…I just thought she was the wrong person for him to be with! So now that I’m back on the subject…Chey has the perfect recipe for crashing or going over a cliff…Hey if she doesn’t make it Lau and Larry won’t have a huge wedge between them. Just Why!!! They could have gotten over Lau sleeping with her…Now ever thing and everybody is just messed up!!!

  2. OMG she pisses me off 24/7 dont need to run off atleast tell everyone want happened, jeez always has to run off drama. annoying LOL, but i still love it.

  3. these stories are great to make a movie about to let me cry.
    seriously how can you make Laurent look like a bad person I’m sure Chey will never forgive Laurent but hey I like the story.
    NOW DON’T STOP HERE and keep the stories coming your really good.

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