Deception: Chapter 34

Emmy, Laurent, Cara, and Nicole were down in the lobby waiting on Larry and I. “Hey there ya lil nasties!” Nicole spoke up biting into a banana. “You little niglets were getting it in last night. We tried coming up stairs and heard y’all all the way outside the door.” Nicole proceeded to act out what she felt went down, grinding on Laurent. Emmy giggled and Cara doubled over gasping for air, “Ohh Larry! Yes baby I love you! Uh-oh, oh yes. Yes. YES!” With a loud chuckle and ear to ear grin she grinded her hips on an invisible man, doubling as she did so.

Eyes in the lobby migrated to a very loud Nicole and I felt the blood rushing to my face. Larry nudged me and pulled me close to him kissing my ear. “Nicole shut the hell up. Why you gotta be so loud?” She only eyed me and leaned on the seat everyone was gathered around. “I’m hungry, can we go eat please?”

I noticed Laurent sitting there in silence, he hadn’t said a word the whole time since me and Larry came downstairs. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. As a group we walked out of the lobby to the streets, Emmy called a taxi for us to go to a small restaurant she’d grown up by near her old neighborhood. For the most part, the mood was pretty chill. Everyone was having a good time, minus Laurent; he was still moping around in whatever it was his problem was.

“Larry, you go ahead. I’m gonna see what’s up with Laurent really quick okay. I got this.” I pecked his cheek and pushed him along with everyone. “Lau, come here.” I pulled at his baggy sweatpants. “What’s up? Why you acting like you don’t wanna be around anyone.”

“No reason. I’m fine.” His phone buzzed so he pulled it out. His eyes became full of fear, I saw it was from Diablo but the message was too hard to try and read upside down.

“What does Diablo want? Does he miss his best friends?” I was trying to lighten the mood. We were standing in front of the window of the diner and Laurent was leaning on a brick wall next to me. “Laurent, please talk to me? I don’t like seeing you like this.” His body language was distant and when I’d step up to him he’d back up or step further away from me.

“I tell you nothing wrong Cheyenne. I’m oki. Go be with Larry, I sort everything out myself. Just leave me alone.” He voice was boiling in agitation. I took the hint and brushed past him, a little thrown off at his anger.

“What’s wrong with him?” Cara whispered into my ear. I was sitting across from Larry as he watched me intently; making sure whatever had just happened wasn’t now bothering me.

“I- I don’t know. He won’t tell me. He actually got mad that I even cared enough to ask.” I shrugged and picked up my menu, everything sounded good. .

“Maybe I should talk to him.” Larry scooted out of the booth, “After all he is my brother.” He winked at me and slipped outside. I watched him from the angle I had. The window where Laurent and I stood before was right across from the booth and I faced it, I watched discreetly. Larry seemed like he wasn’t getting through to him either. With a shove Larry walked past Laurent and came to sit back down, a scowl tormenting his otherwise sweet and cheerful face. “Je ne peux pas traiter avec lui (Icannot deal with him). He’s being fucking stupid.” He scoffed and picked his menu back up. Not long after, Laurent walked inside with his head hanging down. “Get away from me.” Larry mumbled as Laurent tried sitting next to him.

“Fine. I leave; I don’t see why you mad because I no want to talk to you about it.” Angrily he shot up from his seat and walked to a separate table.

“But why won’t he just talk about it though. I wanna enjoy my vacation Larry. I came for you guys and my friends here.” Larry, Emmy, Nicole, Cara and I were all in Larry’s room with Laurent nowhere to be found. He’d dipped off somewhere after breakfast and we all decided we weren’t babysitting a grown ass man because he wanted to act like a little kid.

“Maybe he needs to think first.” Emmy was sitting Indian style on Laurent’s bed watching the TV.

“Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why he can’t talk to Larry. I mean, Larry is his brother and if anybody is gonna be there for him for whatever it would be Larry.” I looked over at Larry; he was sitting at the head of the bed, arms folded across his bare chest, and eyes focused on the window and what was outside. I don’t think he was hearing anything either one of us were saying. “Babe,” I started, “babe, relax.” I crawled over to him and leaned into his chest, playing with his ear and tugging slightly at his Jordan earring.

“It’s whatever; he can do what he want.” He stared me down, his face softened as he looked at me. “I just don’t have time for his games. I’m his brother, he can ALWAYS talk I’m ALWAYS here.” He shook his head and held me in his arms. Simultaneously, my phone rang loudly on the nightstand next to Emmy.

“It’s Diablo?” She handed Larry the phone and in turn he handed it to me.

“Hey D!” I was happy to hear from him, everyone in Paris had been giving me space to enjoy LA, with the exception of my sister and dad. He let out a deep sigh and my heart jumped to my throat. “What’s wrong? Is something going on at the house?” My brows were wrinkling the center of my forehead and I stood up and walked away from everyone in the room.

“Have you talk to Laurent?” He sounded pressed about whatever it was going on.

“No, he’s been ducking off from us today. I mean I tried to talk to him earlier because he seems like it’s something really bothering him.”

“Oh.” He sounded disappointed in what I’d told him which didn’t help my case.

“Do you know what it is Diablo?” I turned around and everyone’s eyes were focused on me, but Larry’s stuck out to me the most.

“I think he need to talk to you.” Without warning Diablo hung up.

I walked out of the room and went looking for Laurent. Whatever it was Diablo said he needed d to tell me, he was going to. I don’t care how he was feeling. I heard the door open and shut again behind me and when I turned around Larry was running after me, struggling to pull his shirt on over his head. “Chey, what’s going on?” He gripped my waist and stopped me from moving any further.

“I don’t know. Diablo said Laurent had something to tell me and I’m about to find out now.” I broke away from Larry and walked into the elevator. “Look if you wanna come, come. But I’m not gonna sit back and worry about this. It sounded serious so I need to know now.” I looked up at Larry; he didn’t look like he was against it. Right as the doors were closing he slipped inside with me, grabbing my hand and holding it close to his hip.

Before we made it to the first floor, the doors opened again. Laurent was standing in front of the elevator with his back turned; I don’t think he realized that the doors had opened because he was on the phone with someone who I assumed was Diablo. He was in a heated argument with the person and I could tell he was trying hard to not raise his voice, “Non, je ne peux pas lui dire que c’était moi l’homme.” He was talking through a clenched jaw.

“What do you mean, it was you?” I stated stepping forward, letting Larry’s hand go. “Laurent, what the fuck do you mean it was you?” Like he’d heard a ghost, Laurent turned around, his face suddenly pale, his phone falling from his hands and to the ground. The doors closed the space we had between us and my heart raced faster than it had ever done in my life as me and Larry continued down to the first floor leaving Laurent there in shock.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.

4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 34

  1. OKi I’m lost…going back to see what I missed cause all I can remember is that he was trying to steal Chey. but this sounds way more Ugh!!! Sounds more like a Larry and Laurent issue…Why is….OMFG Did Laurent sleep with Chey and she thought it was Larry…that first time o_O I’m going back to see!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

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