Just A Quick Message To Everyone

I will no longer be posting videos of when I have PERSONAL, FUN LOVING moments with Les Twins… because trust me, there are many more to come in the future. A few of you know that I know them on not just a fan level, but a business/personal level, therefore, you are the few who understood the humor in what that video entailed. For those who took offense, and insist on saying that I was rude and out of line to treat Les Twins the way that I did, I say to you, please unfollow my YouTube, my blog, the blog’s twitter, and this facebook fan page because you are now the Debbie Downers of this fandom as far as I’m concerned! I will not continue to defend myself on something that was COMPLETELY HARMLESS and done in GOOD humor. Laurent, Larry, myself and my daughter all THOROUGHLY enjoyed one another’s company and not once did either of the guys get upset with me because THEY knew it was playful banter!

The small minded fans, yes, I said it, have stolen the joy and excitement that I had through my encounter with Les Twins. You need to learn to loosen your panties and stop being such stick in the muds! If you don’t like what I’m saying now, again UNFOLLOW it makes me no never-mind! But again, from here on out, I will no longer share personal moments that I have with them.


4 thoughts on “Just A Quick Message To Everyone

  1. I am a fan of Les Twins and watched your video, I immediately realized that you were kidding. Please don’t shut out the fans that don’t have access to the twins. There will always be people with their own opinions, but don’t punish the rest of us. Thanks, Les Twins Fan

    • Thank you for being such a loyal fan to Les Twins Carla. They appreciate it 100x infinity and so do I. And you are right. You just made a very valid point. I should not punish or shut out the rest of the fans who appreciate those rare moments of authentic interaction between the guys and others who aren’t so quick to fawn all over them. Thank you for your rational advice. It is much appreciated.

  2. I am a new fan and I am so sorry for the small mindness of people. I hope it doesn’t let you change the person you are (too much energy wasted or Fs given to people who do nothing to your life) or how you interact with the rest of the “rational” fans. Love your blog!

  3. I’m sorry about all the negative feedback your getting in reference to the video. I know you said that you were not going to share any personal fun loving moments w/ Les Twins anymore, but if you do……..disable the comments….LOL (just trying to make light of things) You were just keep’n it real & I respect that. In fairness to you, no one saw Larry’s or Laurent’s actions prior to that camera being turned on. We only saw what was shown. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how you & your daughter hung out w/ Les Twins for 3 hrs. You had me crack’n up. I wish I could’ve met them w/ my daughter. If they were cool w/ you & weren’t offended, then why all the hostility? But as I said before, I’d bet they will speak to any & everyone from hotel lobbies to airport terminals just in case Kandy is lurking……..LOL ( or just a potential fan) ; )
    Keep your head up! Peace

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