Deception: Chapter 33 (Part 2)

Larry and I went back to the hotel after hanging out at the park for a minute. Cara and Nicole made sure to keep Laurent away from us so we could have our alone time.

“Babe,” His chest rattled against my ear, “you oki still?” He pulled at my visible bra strap.

“Mhmm. I’m fine.” I answered looking up into his deep brown orbs. I smiled as he held me close.

“I can tell you something?” He stopped rubbing my shoulder and sat up.

I looked up scared a bit. I mean this day hadn’t been going as well as I hoped, so if he suddenly told me Emmy was actually his girl and Laurent was just playing like he was with her for the time being, I wouldn’t be that surprised. “Ye-yeah, go head.” I scooted further away from him.

“No, no,” He grabbed my hand and laid it in his lap, “Come here.” He brushed my chin and like that I was back up under him. “I know today is not the best. You deserve better than what you get today but I think I have something that make you feel even better.” He sent a smirk my way.

“And what might that be?” I asked slipping out of the bed.

“Let me show you.” Larry lurked up behind me. “You stay here. I come back. Matter fact no, you go with Laurent and Cara down by the pool. I come get you when I’m ready.” He ushered me out the door of the hotel room.

I looked back at him skeptically, “Lar-” He shut the door in my face and I heard him tell me go to the pool. I huffed and stomped to the elevator, pressing the button and stepping inside. I was alone by myself and the music playing was soft but it sounded familiar so I hummed along quietly with my eyes closed.

The bell rang signaling I was on the first floor. “CHEY!” I heard a voice yell out behind me. I turned and saw Emmy running up to me, her long hair damp and flopping all over the lobby, “Come on, everyone is by the pool. It’s like a party, you might as well bring yo ass since it is your birthday.” I followed behind her and was met with a big commotion going on outside by the pool, I don’t think Larry had anything to do with it, but then again I didn’t know. Maybe Laurent planned it. Under one cabana was a group of neon colored balloons and a big birthday cake while another one on the other end had food under it. The aroma of barbecued meat kidnapped my senses along with the loud music disturbing the peace of the hotel rooms along the balconies, these dancers were actually like a big family and I felt good to feel a part of it even though I wasn’t in a sense; Cara was standing by the edge of the pool smiling and screaming for me to come over, a big smile her make-up for the moment.

“Happy birthday babe!” She kissed my cheek and pulled me into and hug, a big wet spot appeared on my shirt.

“Thank you love.” I ignored it and pulled the top off. My bra was already wet why not? “Where’s Laurent?” I asked looking around, there was no Nicole to be found anywhere either.

In a matter of seconds I was flying in to the deep end of the pool. “RIGHT HERE!” Laurent screamed picking me back up and slamming me into the water again. “Happy birthday sweetheart!” He finally stopped dunking me in the water and landed his lips on my cheek, pulling me close to him.

“Thanks … asshole.” I said wiping the hair from my face.

I stayed down by the pool with everyone for a good while. I could feel my fingers and toes pruning so I crawled out of the pool and made my way over to the already half eaten cake. I was a soggy mess. My shorts were dripping and the water was seeping down my legs like a waterfall. The cake was good and I just couldn’t stop walking over there to take slice after slice. I was sitting on the rail by the pool with Cara, Nicole, and Emmy, the boys meaning, Chris, Laurent, Pom, Leeco, and Gianinni were still splashing around in the pool making a big mess when I saw him come down. He was wearing all black. I sighed to myself and looked up at Cara who was eying Laurent in the pool. What emotional help she was at the moment. I told myself I wasn’t going to hook up anymore friends with Laurent, that would have to be her battle.

“Hey, you ready?” He asked approaching me. My eyes diverted to Laurent in the pool watching us closely, his smile from all day fading into a faint frown. I nodded and smiled up and him. Snatching a towel from Cara and wrapping myself in it. “You stink.” I shot him a glare.

“Nigga, I smell like chlorine, sue me.”  I said pushing him into the door.

“Well, C’est très bien, vous transpirez tout cela quand nous avons tout de même monter à l’étage.” I stopped in my tracks and began cheesing hard. We neared the room again, I was cold from still being wet and Larry was taking forever to get in the room. “Now, turn around.” He twirled his hands around placing his them over my eyes. I could smell candles burning and Say Yes by Floetry was humming quietly in the background. I stopped when his footsteps seized. “You ready?”  I nodded.

“Larry, move your hands.” I whined stomping in place. My mouth plunged, the candles danced on the walls, rose petals were lacing the floors and leading to the bathroom. I followed them, the jacuzzi tub full to the brim with a bubble bath. My eyes began to water as I turned to face Larry leaning in the doorway. “What? You did all this that fast?” I asked, my hands shaking.

“Yeah, well I felt after today you need something to relax and I want to give you the best present I can afford for now.” He walked up to me, slipping the towel from around me, revealing my bare stomach and still damp bra. “Take these off baby.” He stood behind me, his breath hitting the side of my face; I felt the bra drop to the floor under me. His lips caressed my neck; I leaned into him letting him walk me into to bathroom. “You clean up, I’ll be here.” He pecked my lips several times before reluctantly letting me go to bathe alone.

I scrubbed my body clean, sinking into the tub and letting every inch of my body hit the lavender scented soapy water. Once I finished up in the bathroom, a simple white t-shirt was hanging on the back of the door. I didn’t bother to slip it over my head, i just wrapped the towel around me tightly and opened the door. Larry was sitting in the bed, waiting for me to come out. He wore a big grin as he lay there watching my every move. “Hello there.” My eyes wandered from the floor, to the bed, back to Larry’s face. Every wrinkle in his face was placed perfectly as he smiled. He motioned for me to take a spot next to him in the bed. The music was still playing, this time Between the Sheets setting a very sensual mood.

“Why you no put on the t-shirt?” He pulled at the bottom of the towel making it loose around my bust. With a smooth and graceful movement I was straddling him, his face inches from mine. “I have something to tell you Chey.” He pulled the towel from around me exposing my body.

“Yeah Larry?” I wasn’t uncomfortable sitting there like that, it actually felt right, it felt special, I really, really wanted to do this and not because my hormones were raging, but because my heart was truthfully in it. I intertwined my fingers with his and waited.

“I love you. I mean it. I never feel this way about a girl. You are special to me Cheyenne, you the best thing to ever come into my life … I want this. Je veux que vous.” He was staring up at me, smiling nonstop. My throat formed a lump in it and I couldn’t bring myself to even make a noise. He rolled me over so that he was on top of me.

“I-I love you too Larry.” I stammered as I watched him ease off his tank top and jeans. His eyes oozing passion and his touch giving off immense pleasure.

The sun was slowly creeping up through Larry’s windows. I rolled over and there he was, his arms still draped over me and our bodies still skin to skin. I smiled and turned to face him completely, our noses touching. He smirked as his eyes began to flutter open. “Bonjour à soleil.” He gave my lips a peck before letting them linger longer while his hands ran through my hair. “I hope your birthday turn out better than you had imagined it to be.

“It did Larry, trust me.” I snuggled up closer to him and let him kiss the top of my head. Last night was amazing. It was like my first time all over again but it actually had meaning. At the rate this was going, my birthday weekend was going perfect and I never wanted it to end.

“Well we should get up and find your friends. We did kinda keep them out all night.” Slowly we rolled out of bed. “Cheyenne,” He looked up at me with a smile, “Was it everything you wanted it to be like?”

“Well I had an idea already,” I giggled, “but considering the first time was hormonal thing, this time was incredible. You’re incredible. I love you babe. I love you.” I felt my face brighten up as he smiled, he threw me a t-shirt and slipped on a clean pair of boxers.

“That’s what I want.”


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


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