My Meeting With Les Twins

First let me say that this was the best birthday I’ve ever had thanks to Lau and Larry. I want to just let you all know how I finally met Les Twins and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with them. I’m not going to disseminate my story over several days, leaving everyone hanging and wondering, because that’s not cool. I want to share this experience but it was truly a blessing!

I had previously discussed going to Atlantic City with Lau weeks ago and he agreed to call me when they landed so that I could make my plans final. Needless to say, he didn’t call, which isn’t too surprising. I’m sure they were caught up in rehearsals especially since they arrived two weeks later than everyone else. So it was understandable. He did however, send me two pics during the week and I guess that was his way of letting me know that they were there *shrug*. Anywho, I had been calling/texting Laurent all week with no response and I couldn’t understand why. So finally, it was 2am in the morning and me and my daughter just decided to go to Atlantic City right then and there… even though I hadn’t heard from Laurent. It was also largely in part to my special friend who incessantly screamed “YOLO” in my ear because I had reservations about making that trip with not having yet made contact with Lau.

So we got to Atlantic City, got booked into our hotel, booked my doggy in her hotel, got dressed and high tailed it over to the Revel. My daughter wanted to see the show, but after the first night of a partial show, I was done. But, we went to the box office to see how much tickets were and the cheapest was $375… no ma’am! So we watched everyone go in, and I was just kinda feeling down. It was the last night of everything and I was determined to meet them in person because I was tired of phone calls and text messages.

As the show began and the crowd began to dissipate into the concert hall, I was getting a bit discouraged because I didn’t get to see them the first night either. So I told my daughter, “lets just go get something to eat, maybe the show will be done by the time we get back.” So we did. We went to go eat and I was seriously feeling blue. I know that my dealings with LT is all business, but I was a fan before I started talking business with them, so the fangirl in me was depressed to the max. The whole time we were at dinner I was sitting there like this…


So, we finished dinner, and I was like, “fuck it… I’m going to see them, we’re going back to the Revel!” My daughter DID NOT want to go back. She complained the whole time… typical teenager, but who cares. So we get back to the Revel, go to Ovation Hall and we’re just standing there… looking like wierdo’s, but we weren’t the only people out there. I see a guy who works there, and he keeps looking at me. So I started to feel awkward and I turn to my daughter as I see him approaching us, and I ask her, “Uhhh… do you want a Beyonce shirt?” and she’s like, “Huh?” and the guy approaches, and Im looking at him like, please leave us alone, and instead, he hands my daughter a ticket to the show. He says, “Here ya go.” I’m like, “Look, don’t give her no bogus ticket, cuz that ain’t cool.” He assures us that it’ll work and tells my daughter to go check. And sure enough, they let her in. He takes here right to the front of the stage and she has a blast!!!!

So while I’m standing out front, I make tons of friends with others who are waiting for the show to end, and I ask the security if the dancers will come out to take pictures. He tells me that they just came out right as we were walking up, they (including Beyonce) had just walked back inside from taking pictures. *sigh*… Just my damn luck! So, the concert is over, everyone is leaving, I’m like, bump this, I ain’t leaving until I see MY twins dammit! So I see people going back inside the concert hall, and I’m going back in too! I ask my daughter if she wanted to take a picture next to the Beyonce poster and she agrees to do so. As I’m getting ready to snap the picture, out the corner of my eye, I spot a bush in the air. I turn to my right, and I see this tall, lanky, bushy haired boy walking towards me. I immediately go into attack mode! LOL! As he’s approaching I say, “Laurent Nicholas Bourgeois…”… he says, “Yes… that is me” and I proceed… “why the hell aren’t you answering my calls/texts/and voxer messages” And he’s like, “uhhhh… I don’t know you.” And I say “Yes the hell you do, I’m Candy… the one who’s been you’ve been talking to about working with Usher and Ciara…” Laurent… “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy… Oh my gaaaawd… how are you? Why you not call me?” *smirk*… Me… “negroid, I did call you, check your phone!”. He looks at his phone and notices that it’s still on “airplane mode”. Meaning that he hasn’t received anything from anyone. I show him my calls, texts and voxer messages to him and he apologizes and grabs my hand and my daughters hand and takes us with him to the lobby of the Revel hotel.

As we’re all walking and talking, we’re constantly being stopped so he can take pictures with the fans and it’s awesome! He received so much love and so many compliments it was great! As we’re waiting for him to come back from showering and whatnot, who walks up, non other than Thing 2. We walks up, but is on his phone and completely disses me, which is why I we were arguing in the video. So we wait for them to come back down, Larry comes back before Lau and once again, he disses me and walks off when I call him to come here. Laurent and my daughter walk back over to me and I’m trying to figure out why my daughter has doused herself in perfume? Then, I tell myself, “wait, she didn’t have this perfume on when we were together earlier… what the hell?” I look at Laurent and I sniff him and ask, “Boy, are you wearing frickin Juicy Couture perfume?” He looks at me, rolls his eyes, and pulls me like, shut up and come on. LOL!!!! I laughed so hard. It was hilarious!

So we find Larry after he and Lau have a curse off over the phone and then I get to go off on him, which is what you see in the video. They wanted to go eat and so we do. They take us to the hotel Café where all the staff and the dancers get to eat. Larry comes back with some greasy dead looking asparagus, burnt beyond recognition seasoned fries, and two stale looking hot dogs. And of course, Laurent asks us if we wanted to eat and we tell him we already did. He insists that my daughter try his salad when he gets back. Aaaaaaaaand she was going to… until she saw all that bullshit he put on it. LOL!!!

We sit and chat for about two hours about any and everything. It was sooooooooo wonderful to finally get to know more about them. They were so sweet and attentive to everything that we wanted. They made us feel like family. They told my baby that she is their little sister. Larry kept pinching her cheeks and her arms the whole time and Lau kept saying how much he liked her teeth. LMAO!! As we’re finishing up, the other dancers from the show walk up and they’re all SUPER friendly. I ask them where they’re going after this and as expected, they’re going to the club. Larry TELLS me… “You come too”. I tell them I can’t… I can’t leave my baby like that. As much as I looooooooooong to see them dance, my child comes first. I can always see them dance. Lau says, “She come too”. I look at him like he’s crazy… I tell him she’s too young to get into the clubs, he was like, “so what. She can get in. I get her in.” Needless to say, I had to decline. So we walk back over to the lobby and take a few pics, give hugs, and Larry doesn’t want us to leave. And he didn’t want to go if we weren’t going. He proceeds to take my iPod and put all of his contact info in.

He asks me, “So when the next meeting? When we see you again?” I was surprised. Out of both of them, after all of the encounters that I had heard about, I was expecting ol Lar-bear to be a complete doucher! But he was so sweet. We stood there a while longer until they were getting ready to leave. We walk them to the vans that would be taking them to the club say our good byes and we leave!

I text Larry the next morning to with them a safe flight back to France and he responds… “Where you at? We go eat.” Unbeknownst to me, they were already gone and at the airport leaving back to Paris. Either way, if I never see them again, to which I doubt, this will be the best birthday of my life. And I got the double kiss on the cheek too when I told them it was my birthday but my daughter deleted the picture on accident.


15 thoughts on “My Meeting With Les Twins

  1. OMFG!!!! Love the Thing 2 reference to Larry! U had a YOLO moment at the very least…I’m so happy and glad u took that leap of faith! Awesome pics and looking for video now…oh and why didn’t u call Larry out by his Whole name when he was acting up!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. omg girl this is amazing im so happy for you, at first when you said he didn’t answer and stuff i was like wtf, but like you said it was understandable. than how you got dissed i was like lol what sounds like bad, but when you get to the part of how they eat with yall & all i was like aww this are the amazing dancers i love. I’m so happy for you you deserved it girl, after everyhthing you do for us the fans, and them just out of love is a-mazing! THANKS FOR SHARING THIS INCREDIBLE expirience!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. At least on LT Lady got her b day wish on her b day. I’m happy you both got to see them and hang out. Your a lucky lady & very pretty. Thank you for sharing and always keeping us updated!!

  4. Girl you had to get on them didn’t you!! I love how you all ending up eating together and you got your wish of meeting them. This is a great story and I’m sure it was an even greater experience for you! Thanks for sharing…Lau had on Juicy perfume…really?!? LMAO

  5. I would probably just die if I were to ever get to meet them!! I get so giddy watching them dance! So glad you had such a great experience and was able to share with the rest of us! Thank you!

  6. im not understanding something, how is it she had their number to call and text them if she was meeting them in person for the first time. how she get the numbers? did I miss something?

    • I’ve never met them in person until this weekend. I work with them on other projects but it’s always been through phone conversations, text, or emails.

      • It must have been amazing….if you dont mind my asking how old is your daughter…Im 16 and if she’s my age and Lau is willing to get her in a club maybe he can get me in LOL

      • Omg, thats awesome you got to meet them. Specially on you’re birthday! Talking about birthday’s….I want to book them for my Birthday, my quinceañera to be precise. Im part hispanic and a quinceañera is a HUGE deal for us hispanics. I have tryed 10000 ways to book them but nun work. I would like to know how much it is to book them. Whenever you can, or if you see this please can you reply. I really want to meet them.

  7. Hey there…first of I want to say Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am so happy your goal came true. I enjoyed reading your story and I wish I could also have that oppportunity as well. I own a business called Tastee Cookie Company and our goal is to be the cookie maker to the stars and celebrities. If you done mind talking with me please email me at Thank you so much!!!


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