Deception: Chapter 33 (Part 1)

The day was ours. No Cara, Nicole, Jamie, or Laurent. It was just me and my baby. I had Nicole’s car for the day because she was chilling with Cara and Laurent back at the hotel. Those 3 were getting rather close, but it was mainly Cara that Laurent was getting attached to. Nicole didn’t seem to be paying that any mind though.

“Babe,” Larry’s voice shook me out of my trance.  We were at the beach relaxing, lying side by side. “I ask you a question. You okay?” He rubbed the small of my back, tracing the top of the small bikini I had on.

I rolled over and blocked my eyes from the bright sun. “Yeah, I’m cool. Wussup?” Larry was leaning on his elbow, his hand resting under his lips brushing them softly. I watched them intently, zoning out for  totally different reason.

“Your phone.” He waved it in front of my face.

“Oh shit,” I hissed. It was my grandmother. I’d been in town 3 days, staying down the street and I had not gone to visit her once let alone give her a simple call. “Hey nana.” My voice was sweet and inviting.

“So what’s this I hear about you being in town? Why have I not seen or heard from you?” Her words were in all fun but her voice was hurt.

“Nana, I’m sorry. I just got caught up with … no you know what I don’t have an excuse. I have Nicole’s car now and I’m leaving the beach to come see you.” I looked at Larry signaling him to pack up our stuff. He smiled, and helped me off the hot sandy towel. “I’ll see you soon, love you.”

“Ok bambina ti amo troppo (Okay baby, I love you too).” My grandmother’s Italian was always interesting to hear. I smiled and fixed the string on my top. Larry had undone it while I was tanning, thinking it was funny.

“So I finally meet your grandmother?” He was fanning out the towels, I grabbed our bags with our clothes in them and nodded. “Mom too?”

I groaned, “Honestly I love you’re gonna meet my grandma, my mom on the other hand, I hope she’s off in the streets somewhere. I don’t want you to meet her.”

“But she is your mother.” He shaded me from the sun with his tall figure following behind me.

“Yeah and? She’s not even worthy to be called my mom.” I scoffed and picked my pace up.

“Chey, you can not think like that. She birth you, you would not be here had she not done that.” He was trying to reason but I had nothing to say. I stood on the pavement with my arms folded tightly around my chest. “She may have done you and your siblings wrong but she still loves you Chey.” He took the bags from my shoulders. I was standing there; hair floating in the cool wind, as much as I hated to admit it, Larry was right but today wasn’t going to be the day I forgave her. She was the reason our dad left, she was the reason I was so fucked up with trusting people sometimes, she was just the biggest fuck up I’d ever met and the fact she was my mom made it easier and harder to hate her all at the same time. Larry saw the tears of pain building up and without hesitation he pulled me into his chest, stoking my head. “Cheyenne, it’s cool. It’s fine. I know she isn’t the best mother but how would I have you without her? Come; let’s go meet your grandmother.” He broke the embrace and wiped the few tears I’d let fall off my cheeks.

“CHEYENNE!” My grandmother welcomed me into the house with open arms, her body was so familiar, all the nights I’d cry in her arms because of my mom came rushing back to memory. I hated that’s what I related her hugs to, but those hugs were also the ones that comforted me most.

“Hey nana. I missed you so much.” Tears were racing down my cheeks; Larry was standing outside the doorway waiting to be invited inside. “Come on.” I pulled at his t-shirt. He stepped in meekly, head hung low, and eyes not meeting my grandmother’s.

“Who is this fine young man?” She eyed him and how he looked at me.

“My boyfriend.” I said kissing his cheek. “Larry this is my grandma.” I peeked around the house discreetly, checking to see if my mom was around.

“She’s not here. I didn’t tell her you were coming but I don’t know how long she’ll be.” It was sad she knew how much I despised my mom at this point. “Sit, sit, sit. Here,” She ordered us to sit on the couch across from her chair. “So you leave for Paris for 4 months and you already have a boyfriend?”

I gave a sheepish smile and nodded, “Well I mean, he was so cute I just couldn’t help it.”

“How old are you son?” My grandmother didn’t play games when it came to me or Christopher.

“23.” His accent was in full effect and my grandma gave a huge grin.

“Oh, I see, I see. What do you do?” I slapped my hand to my face and giggled.

“Granny, stop it. You don’t have to do a background check. Daddy definitely handled that in Paris.” I leaned on Larry’s shoulder.

“Well I want to make sure you only have the best sweetheart.”

“No, trust me, he is.” I was holding his hand and the door sudden busted open. My eyes diverted from watching my grandma to looking at my mom, clothes stripped and tattered, her hair a mess, skin blotchy, and her eyes hanging low. “Oh god no.” I stood up.

“Chey-Cheyenne. Sweetheart.” Her words were slurred as she stumbled to us. “Hi.” She tripped over Larry and fell in his lap. He looked up at me unsure of what to say or think. I knew this was a bad idea, I knew I should have just met my grandma by myself without Larry being there for the simple fact I knew my mom was gonna pop up and be the embarrassment that she is. I felt the tears building up and I couldn’t fight them back. “Oh, he’s cute.” She rubbed her hand along his crotch; Larry snatched her hand away and stood up, backing away quickly. “What’s your name sexy?” She followed him, he stumbled over furniture.

“Yvonne, STOP IT.” My grandmother stood up next. I watched on in shock, my body didn’t know what to do at that point. Should I go help Larry or stand there and watch what was happening?

“No, mom you stay out of this. I want him.” She pulled Larry’s belt and began pulling him towards the back of the house to her bedroom.

“No, you psychotic bitch!” I belted, my mom turned and looked at me. Larry rushed from the corner he was in and next to my grandmother, “What the hell mom? This is the reason why I was dreading to come see you guys. I missed grandma, hell I kinda missed you. Only when you weren’t fucking doped up of course. This is fucking bogus that I can’t even come home for my birthday without seeing you like this. You need to fucking stop. I can’t handle this shit. I’m leaving. Grandma if you wanna see me, just meet me somewhere else so I won’t have to see that piece of shit.” My tear filled eyes glared at my mom’s figure. It was all distorted and my nose began to burn. My hands were shaking, my face was numb, I didn’t now what I was feeling more, was it anger or fear, embarrassment or sadness? “Mom I swear to god I fucking hate you.” I could tell my words stung my mother but I didn’t care. I was too far past anger and her feelings didn’t mean shit to me just like mine didn’t mean shit to her. I stormed out of the house. I heard Larry’s loud feet behind me. “Larry why? Why would she do that? I was right there Larry why?” I banged my fist into his chest. I wasn’t hitting him hard enough to hurt him, I was just hitting with weak energy. “Bro, I don’t understand, I don’t. You want me to love that? No it’s no way.”

“Baby, baby, baby,” he cooed, “Chey it’s fine. She’s obviously not in her right mind. I don’t care.” He was trying hard to comfort me.

NO FUCK THAT! SHE JUST MADE A MOVE ON YOU! SHE’S A SICK ASS SORRY PIECE OF SHIT LARRY! I HATE HER! SHE SHOULD BURN IN HELL! FUCK HER! FUCK HER! FUCK HER TO HELL!” My knees gave out under me and Larry caught me.  “Larry, that’s not my mom. She wasn’t like that before, she was actually someone I used to look up too. I fucking hate her ass Larry.”

“Chey, calm down. Come on.” He walked me down the driveway. “I notice a park up the way, let’s walk and clear your mind okay?”

“Fine, I don’t care anymore. My birthday is shit already. It’s too early for this shit.” I checked my phone, it was only 2 in the afternoon. My birthday wasn’t going to get any better, she ruined it all. everything.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.

2 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 33 (Part 1)

  1. Well then O_O…What do u say to that…Mom ruined everything…including Larry’s getting his freak on!!!! Damn Damn Damn her mother!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Is it that obvious I was really talking about me O_O I’m done what else could happen…that’s what she gets for waiting 4 days!!

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