Deception: Chapter 32

I was walking around in the vacant lobby of the high end dance studio. Larry had disappeared on me and I was trying my hardest to find him. “Larry? Where are you?” I called out looking around carefully.

“What?” He sounded angry but I still didn’t see him anywhere.

“Larry,” I looked even harder, he sounded closer than I thought but he was still invisible to my eyes, “Come out. Look I didn’t ask for that. Blame Laurent.” I turned my back and headed back towards the studio everyone was occupying when I didn’t see him emerge from his hiding place, then I felt his hand wrap around my wrist causing me to spin back in his direction. “Look, I’m sorry if you’re mad at me but I didn’t tell Laurent to get Chris to do that. I didn’t want Chris to do that. If anything the only person I want doing that is you.” I poked his chest playfully, trying my best to cheer him up.

“But you sat there and let him.” His brows were furrowed and made a wrinkle in the center of his forehead.

“I mean, what was I gonna do … his big strong ass. I can’t man handle him. Larry, don’t trip. After all the shit we been through and all the bullshit I overlooked with you, I’m definitely not gonna be the one to fuck it up. I promise.” I leaned into him, “Come on, let’s go have some fun.” I pulled the corners of his mouth up trying to force a smile.

“D’accord, mais je me sens toujours comme ça a été une certaine droite conneries (Okay, but I still feel like that was some straight bullshit).” He mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist as he walked behind me.

My French had picked up quite a bit. I could understand you for the most part if you spoke it, now as for ME speaking it, I still had a little issue. My mouth just didn’t cooperate with me, so I just spoke in English and had the twins translate to the other person. “Shut up loser, I bet you won’t do shit. Matter fact, don’t. I’m not gonna let someone who doesn’t matter ruin your chance. This isn’t an everyday situation Larry, you and Laurent worked hard to get here. I shouldn’t be reason for you to fly off the deep end and mess it up okay?” We stopped by the door, my back against the walls, with his hands pinning mine down by my sides. I let him kiss his way up my neck and back to my lips, smiling as he did so. “So you have anything special for me Friday?” I looked him in the eyes.

“I don’t know. I see what I have up my sleeve.” He grinned before pressing his lips on mine, allowing me to drape my arms around his shoulders.

“Larry, Laurent come on! Everyone is waiting on you!” I shouted from outside Larry and Laurent’s hotel room. “OPEN THE DOOR!” I banged loudly causing an echo to form in the vacant halls.

“Whoa, calm down there.” I caught Gianinni out the corner of my eye approaching me.  “They’re in Pom’s room with Leeco.”

“Leeco?” I questioned, he nodded and pointed down the hall.

“Two rooms down, right side of the hall. Happy early birthday by the way.” Gianinni emerged silently back into his room. I walked down the hall, a roar of laughing and ruckus blowing up behind the door. I knocked softly at first, no answer. Knocked again, no answer. Then I took it upon myself to damn near bang down the door with my foot, then a tall bald white guy answered the door. He was frowning but then he turned and began to speak in Russian.

I looked at him like he had two heads, because who in the hell was he talking to in that room that knew Russian? Sure enough to my surprise though I heard Larry’s voice getting closer and closer to the doorway, he stopped at the door and smiled. “Cara and Nicole here?”

“Uh duh, why would I be here if they weren’t? Come on we’re gonna be late for the party.”  I drug him out of the room, “Nice seeing you, Leeco I assume.” Leeco nodded and  pushed Laurent out of the room. Laurent was with Emmy in the room but when he came with us she left and went back to her own room. “Come onnnnnn-uh!” I raced down the hall and to the elevator, my bright red Van’s accenting the dark washed ultra-skinnies on my lower half and red tank top covering the top half, my head covered in a throwback Arizona Cardinals snapback. I was second guessing my color choices for the night but Jamie said that since Katrina had moved the party was in a predominately good part of LA away from gangs.

“Cara, how are you?!” Larry hugged Cara when we met them in the lobby. She giggled and looked up at Laurent. “Oh, you did not meet my brother Laurent. Laurent this is Chey’s friend Cara.”

“Nice to meet you.” Laurent grabbed her into a hug rather than shaking her hand, making her gush and blush uncontrollably. Nicole stood back, suddenly star struck off Laurent and his presence. “Chey, who this ?” He asked with a smile.

“Laurent this is my monkey ass best friend Nicole.” I scoffed pushing everyone towards the car. “We don’t have time for greetings. Do that shit in the car. WE NEEDTO GO.” Larry, Cara, and I sat in the back with me in the middle. Nicole was driving and Laurent was up front of course with her.

“So you two are the two boys Cheyenne didn’t know how to shut the fuck up about? Especially you Larry, damn child don’t have no sense when it comes to you.” Nicole looked at me in the rearview.

“Bro, shut the fuck up!” I slapped at her head but she dodged it.

“Chey, you don’t have to front. I know I have that effect on people.” Larry was smiling down at me; with a wink he rubbed his hand across my upper thigh.

“Ugh, I hate the both of you.” I brushed his hand away, slightly uncomfortable with being put on the spot, Cara nudged me and gave me that ‘Girl stop fronting’ look. “Alright, I don’t hate Larry but dammit Nicole you worthless sack of ass crack, you irk me!” The whole car lit up in laughter. I wasn’t trying to be funny but I guess they didn’t care. Cara had tears streaming down her cheeks And Nicole damn near ran off the road. “BRUH WHAT? LOOK AT WHAT YOU DOING! I have a beautiful life let me live that shit dawg!” My heart was thumping in my chest and my eyes were stuck in my deer in headlights mode.  ”Shit, niggas can’t do shit together. Fuck.”

“But, I’m not.” Cara sat quietly. She seemed tensed and uncomfortable.

“Foo, you hang out with me and Nicole right?” Cara nodded, “Then you my friend are an exception, just as much a nigga as me and Nicole.”

“Shut the hell up. I got this man!” Nicole flipped me off from the front seat.

“Do you all fight like this all the time?” Larry was smiling but he sounded concerned still.

“Yeah, pretty much. Welcome to my life.” Cara answered for me since I was ripping Nicole a new one in our secret language.

“Womp! I swear you are the most ignorant thing ever.” Nicole parked the car in front of a crowded driveway. It was a nicely sized house, three floors, big backyard; about 20 cars were parked along the street, and music coming from inside the house. I could see the lights in the backyard illuminating off the water of a pool. Jamie did good about giving us the heads up about the party. I twisted the brim of my snapback from the front of my face to the back of my head, fixing my hair where it had messed up.

“Yo, Jamie ain’t say it was a pool party. Katrina lucky this is her party man.” I walked up the driveway holding Larry’s hand.

The overall vibe of the party was chill. I was sitting in a lawn chair with Larry and Laurent was hugged up with Cara and Nicole. This fool was just pulling females left and right, I shook my head and pulled Larry out of his seat. “I wanna get in the pool.”

“But you don’t have a suit.” He looked me up and down.

“It’s called bra and underwear and you got boxers for a reason.” I began stripping in front of Larry, tossing my hat at Laurent to clip on his waist. Larry smiled back at me, joining in on the devious act. There were other people in the pool splashing around, so it obviously wasn’t a big deal. I kicked my shoes and socks off; Larry slipped out of his jeans and threw them with the rest of our things. “See, I know you wanted to. You ain’t slick Larry.” I grabbed his hand and walked to the edge of the pool. “Jump on 3?” He nodded.

“Yee, we jump on three.” I did the countdown and jumped but not into the pool, letting him jump in by himself. I stood at the edge laughing wildly as he came back up with a sad pout. “You said 3!” He shouted swimming back in my direction.

“I mean, yeah but—.” Larry grabbed my ankles and pulled me into the water. “Ahh, what the hell?” I screeched coming back to the top choking on water I accidently swallowed.

“Récupération est une chienne.” He bit my lip gently. “Mais vous aurez votre retour sur investissement demain soir. Ne pas même petite fille voyage (But you’ll get your payback tomorrow night. Don’t even trip baby girl).” The way he whispered that into my ear was almost enough for me to take him right then and there. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him carry me around the pool until we sat on a ledge off from everyone else. “Cet âne sera le mien.”

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


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  1. Oh well then!!! Why is she being such a tease now!!! O_o Oops I’m still on Chey hating mode…Switch U go girl that boy love him some U!!! Ugh…just doesn’t roll off my tongue right O_O

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