Deception: Chapter 31

“So our date was for you to bring me to rehearsal?” I scoffed at Larry. I wasn’t upset, I just wasn’t expecting that.

“Fille si vous n’avez pas arrêter de se plaindre (Girl if you don’t stop complaining).” Larry rolled his eyes. I scanned the large room. It seemed to be about 20 maybe 30 dancers. I took a place on the wall and slid down it, my hair catching in a small groove of the paint.

“Okay, we’re gonna take it from the top guys!” There was a small woman standing the front of the mirror. I saw Emmy and Pom on the side with a man though. He seemed to be a second choreographer. A beat dropped and the group of dancers with the woman all took position, “1 and 2 and 3! BOOM, CAT CAT, BOOM!” Everyone was so uniformed. I watched on amused. It was almost like knowing a secret no one else knew about. My eyes stayed focused on the figures of Larry and Laurent though. Larry was looking at me from in the mirror, smiling and blowing me discreet kisses in between slight breaks in the dance routine while Laurent was focused solely on getting the steps to the choreography down.

A door opened next to me and I looked back up again, Chris walked in, suited up in a simple pair of grey sweats and black Vans, he walked in confidently, “Chris, you’re late!” The woman cut the music off and stepped up to him. Larry looked on with Laurent next to him showing no emotion. He still looked kind of off from the party last night.

“I know, Kim. See what had happened was my girl wanted to do all this stuff and we lost track of time. It ain’t gone happen no more.” Chris looked down at me, “Oh wussup Chey?”

As if I was some undesirable bug creeping and crawling on the floor in front of her, Kim made a disgusted face at me before turning from Chris to face me. “Uh, if you aren’t a dancer you’re not allowed in here.” Whatever anger it was she had for Chris she was taking it out on me.  “So I suggest you get your things and leave before I call security.”

I stood up, not because I was leaving but because she was stepping too close into my personal space. “Uh, I have a reason to be here.” I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible.

“I don’t care what reason you may have, you don’t need to be here. This is a private session and little groupies aren’t allowed in here. Wait a few months for the show before you come in here trying to sneak peeks at Chris and embarrass yourself trying to have sex with him.” She put her hand in my face and pulled the strap of my tan satchel. I jerked away unhappy that she took it there.

My blood began boiling. This woman was talking to me like she really knew me. “Look, I’m trying to be nice and not curse you out but don’t put your hands on me, okay? And you don’t know me. I’m not a groupie here for Chris. My boyfriend is one of the dancers. So I’m gone need you to learn facts before you assume something about me.” The whole room was now focused on us. Larry stepped forward and pulled me off to the side. “What the hell, why would you bring me if I’m not allowed here?” I jerked out of Larry’s grasp, mad he’d gotten me in this uncomfortable situation.

“I didn’t know. I figured that you could come since you with me.” He lowered his face down to mine, looking me in my eyes. “I’m sorry babe; if you want I take you out tomorrow. A real date.” He pressed his lips to my cheek.

“Kimberly, you goin a bit far ya know.” I could hear Chris stepping up the plate now. “She’s cool to stay.”

I looked over as Kimberly gave a loud frustrated grunt. “Fine, back to work ladies and gentlemen!” She glared at me before returning to the speaker system hooked up to the iPod she had with the music on it.

“Nah, I think they’re good for today. You can leave … don’t bother about comin back tomorrow either. I don’t care who you are and what you do; don’t ever disrespect a fan in front of me. Deuces ma.” Chris opened the studio door for her, “Bye, you can leave. I’ll have my people drop your shit off at the hotel later with your plane ticket.” Kimberly stood there stunned. Her jaw was hanging and her eyes were darting back and forth between the dancers and myself. Without a word she turned on her heels and stormed out of the studio. “So, wussup?” Chris was focused on Larry.

“Huh?” Larry cocked his head to the side.

“Bruh, forget it.” With a brief chuckle Chris walked over to where the second choreographer stood with Laurent, Emmy, and Pom. Larry and Gianinni were standing with me holding their own conversation. I noticed Laurent speaking quietly about something with Chris and his eyes meeting mine every couple seconds. Then Chris proceeded to walk over to me and Larry, a smile creeping on his face.

“So I hear your birthday is Friday?” He wrapped an arm around Larry’s shoulder. I always imagined Chris as being taller than everyone but Larry and Laurent ruined that because they were a good 2 or 3 inches taller than him. I nodded shooting Laurent a very angry glare because whatever Chris had cooking in up his sleeve I was going to see it soon. “Well if your boyfriend here doesn’t mind…” Chris glanced at Larry who shrugged just as confused as I was, “Well then, follow me.” He grabbed my wrist and grabbed a chair placing it in the middle of the room.

“No, I’m fine, please don’t it’s cool.” I couldn’t even form a complete sentence for the thoughts racing through my head. Chris placed his finger over my lips and got Laurent to turn on a slow song. My face began to run hot and could tell I was blushing so I put my hands over my face. “Please, OH MY GOD.”

Chris stroked his pelvis in my lap to the song, playing in my hair and running his lips across my cheek. My threw my head back trying to separate myself from him as much as I could, all the dancers were cheering him on, Larry stood off to the side, I tried reading his body language and his facial expressions, but it was proving impossible because he was showing no emotion whatsoever. After I was done being pretty much raped with my clothes on I hopped up from the chair, my body feeling all types of hot and bothered. “Happy Birthday lil mama.” Chris said with a big smile as he stood upright and kissed my cheek. I smiled politely and scurried back to Larry’s side, pulling the sleeve of his jean cover shirt over my face, hiding everything but my eyes.

“Thank you.” I said hiding my face.

“Awe, come on Chey, stop being shy.” Laurent egged me on. “Liven up. It’s all fun and games.” He nudged me. Larry wasn’t smiling, he wasn’t frowning, he wasn’t angry nor was he happy. It was almost like he wasn’t there, just his body. Laurent snatched me away and pulled me to the center of the floor, manipulating my arms in the air forcing me to dance. I looked back over to where Larry was but he was gone. Disappeared, as if he vanished in thin air.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


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