Deception: Chapter 29

I sat in the darkly lit living room with Jaime. We decided that it was cool to sneak him out and go to the club with the boys. It was still a school night for him but I wanted him to get to meet Larry and Laurent for himself, just as Cara had met Larry earlier. I was in a form fitting sequined dress with a pair of silver shimmering heels. I made Jaime put on something that would make him seem a little older than what he was. He wasn’t quite 18 yet and I didn’t know what kind of club Chris and the boys were taking me. I let my wild curls fall freely to either side of my face and pinned the bangs to the left side of my face. My wrist and neck were laced in the faint smell of perfume my dad bought me before I came out to LA. I smiled at my appearance and was satisfied with Jaime’s.

“So you have to tell me about this guy before I meet him.” Jaime eyeballed me and bit his lip.

I ignored his gesture, “Well, he’s my boyfriend for starters and I can’t explain anything with him. You just need to see for yourself okay.” I popped Jaime’s head and sat quietly on the couch. I made sure I took a seat where I could see out of the window. The blinds were closed and the street lights were extremely dim at this time so if a car pulled up I would just assume they were coming for us.

“But is he like us? You know chill and cool?” Jaime was pressing on and I was still blowing him off, giving all my attention to the window. “Chey—.” A pair of bright lights blared through the house causing me to squint.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” I grabbed his hand and led him out of the back door. He locked the doors and we crept back around front and into the large black Navigator with tinted windows. I pulled the back of my dress to sit down. I didn’t see the Twins but I saw a vaguely familiar face.

“Uh, Hi.” I said shyly. In front of me was a light brown figure, black shades adorned his face, and he had on a black t-shirt covered my by a cream colored coat. Next to him sat a shorter guy. He had what seemed to look like a birthmark on the upper right side of his lip. He gave me a warm smile and pulled me in the seat next to him. I giggled and watched as Jaime made his way into the already crowded back seats. “I’m Cheyenne.”

“Pom.” The shorter one retorted. “This is Gianinni.” He pointed playfully at the initial guy I saw when I got in. Then it dawned on me where I’d seen him from. He’d danced for Rihanna and Shakira once before.

“Helloooo?” Jaime stared me down, waiting on me to introduce him.

“Oh, this is my friend Jaime.” Pom reached for Jaime’s hand and shook it.

“So where are the twins?” I was curious and confused as to why they weren’t there.

“Oh, that’s who you were looking for? They are with Chris. We’ll meet them at the club.” Pom smiled, since the moment I joined them, that’s all he seemed to have been doing.

“Oh. Okay, which club are we going to?” I sat back and relaxed, pulling out my phone to check the time.

“Avalon I think they say.” This time Gianinni was the one who spoke up.


I stepped out of the truck after Pom; he was holding my hand making sure I didn’t fall out of the truck and onto my face. Jaime stepped out with ease and took his place next to me. I glanced up and saw Larry and Laurent standing there looking at me. Larry and a glint in his eyes and Laurent stood next to a girl with her hair pulled up into a neat pony tail, skin tight jeans and a shiny flowing tank top that was cut very risqué down her chest. His hand was resting dangerously low on her hips while he smiled at me.

“BEST FRIEND!” I yelled and ran as fast as I could to Laurent. He held out his arms and pulled me up into the air, laughing while the girl stood quietly until Pom and Gianinni stepped forward toward her. “What hell are you growing some muscle?” I teased pinching at his biceps.

“Chey, how you been?” He placed a friendly kiss on my cheeks and stepped backwards taking in my appearance.  “Cheyenne meet Emmy, Emmy meet Cheyenne my best friend … next to my brother of course.” He smiled and looked over at Larry who shook his head playfully.

“Hi.” She bounced up as she greeted me, seeming really hyper and chipper. I smiled; at least she wasn’t like Dina, all jealous whenever Laurent talked to another girl.

“Hey.” Larry was staring at me, chewing on his bottom lip and hands digging deep in his pockets. “Hey baby girl.” I separated myself from Laurent and Emmy long enough to walk up to him and wrap my arms around his wrist.

“Hey there.” He leaned down just enough so his lips brushed across mine but he didn’t kiss me. He simply smiled and licked his lips, his tongue brushed slightly across mine. I pulled back and scrunched my face up playfully.

“Larry, this is my friend Jaime. It’s Nicole’s little brother, I figured I’d drag him along.” I focused in on Jaime standing off to the side by himself. “Fool bring yo ass over here.” I motioned him over.

“What foo?” He said in playful anger. I raised my hand, waving him off and gave him that look like ‘Boy don’t make me cut you’.

“What’s up man?” Larry and Laurent both greeted him at the same time, slapping the palms of their hands together and meeting Jaime in a quick embrace.

“I’m Laurent.” Stepping forward he shook Jaime’s hand, Jamie nodded.

I was guessing he didn’t need Larry to introduce himself because one could only assume Larry was Larry since I was hugged up under him. Goofily, he beamed down at me, his hands getting lost in my hair. “So you the Jaime that Chey couldn’t shut up about when she first get to Paris?” He questioned breaking his glance with me to look at Jaime.

“I guess.” Jaime chuckled but as he was about to speak again, a loud engine roared muffling everyone’s conversations to the point, we all stopped and looked to where the loud noise was coming from. A Lamborghini painted in the style of a fighter jet stopped right in front of the club. A cream colored leg emerged first, then his shoulder, and finally his head, decorated in a vintage Chicago Bulls snapback. A small Asian looking girl emerged from the passenger side and Chris handed the valet the keys, smiling and shaking the younger kid’s hand.

“I guess we can go in now.” Pom urged quietly.

Chris stepped up to our big group and greeted me first out of everyone. “Hey shorty,” he pulled the shades down off his face low enough for me to see the deep set, dark brown orbs he possessed, “Nice to see you again.”

“Hey, Chris.” I held out my hand, he pulled me into a hug. I felt eyes burning the side of my face, the girl he had gotten out of the car with was shooting me units. I blew it off; it wasn’t like I wanted Chris. I mean, if I wasn’t with Larry I would have hopped on him, but that’s a different story so yeah, Operation: Lay Down With Chris Brown was a definite no go. Larry looked up at Chris with a smirk.

“Y’all ready to go in? VIP is set up for us.” Chris had already planned I guess.

We all walked in a large group, past door security, the music blasting loudly around us. Of course because the DJ realized Chris had come in they began playing his music. One by one we, as a group, began to deplete because some of us started doing our own things. Larry was holding my waist and Laurent had gone up to VIP with Emmy. Jaime was somewhere dancing with some girl that caught his attention, and Pom and Gianinni were up on the stage with Chris and that girl. I was looking around in the dark lighting searching for Jaime; I didn’t want to lose him because after all he was still underage.

“Don’t worry, I see him.” Larry leaned over and spoke into my ear. I smiled happy he was looking out for Jaime. He was sort of like a brother to me and lord knows I’d kill someone for Jaime, so the fact Larry seemed to understand that made me happier that I was with him. “Let’s go dance.” He pulled me to the dance floor.

“But I don’t want to!” I shouted over the music. “I just—.” Larry pressed his lips on mine making me shut up and kiss him back. “Okay, fine, just a few songs and that’s it.

I watched as Larry completely let he beat take over his body. He wasn’t the Larry I saw on a regular. His feet were moving at the speed of light and his face was reflecting a weird wrinkled up ball of passion. It was, if anything, scary. I couldn’t bring myself to look away though. I rocked back in forth, steadily rocking to the beat as he watched me. The music did a quick change and like that his expression was back to normal. I froze, shocked at how fast he changed his demeanor. Seductively he beckoned me over, his smile warm and enticing. I eased over to him, slipping my heels off my feet because my feet were hurting. In the midst of an embrace between Larry and I, the DJ put on Rock With You by Michael Jackson, hoping to get Chris up and dancing. It did the opposite actually; Chris stayed in the VIP while Larry playfully lip sank and serenaded me to the vibrato of Michael’s voice. There was no one else on the floor with us at that point. Simply me and Larry.

“Come on, let’s go.” Larry pulled me up to VIP, a secluded corner hidden from Chris and his entourage. I spotted Jaime on the other end, an older woman all in his grill, smiling and feeling him up. I wasn’t even mad. I was gonna let Jamie have his fun because it was time for me to have mine.

Larry and I sat in a small booth off away from the crowd of VIP. An arm wrapped around my waist and the other on my shoulder, Larry placed hungry kisses along my lips and neck. I sat there, enjoying every last one as my body temperature rose gradually. I felt a few droplets of liquid spray on my shoulders and neck, I looked up to see Chris and Laurent standing there holding bottles of some expensive champagne that I couldn’t even pronounce.

“Drink up Cheyenne!” Chris’s eyes were glazed over already; Laurent looked like he was just starting to reach the difference of a simple feel of being tipsy to just straight GONE. I shook my head, not because I didn’t drink, but because I found this all a bit surreal. Chris handed me a bottle, I took it only because you only live once, right? And how many normal people can say they partied in VIP with Chris Brown? As I was about to take the bottle to the head, Larry snatched it out of my hand and gave it back to Chris. “Why you ain’t gone let lil mama drank bruh?” Chris looked me over with a thirsty glare. I ignored it, as much as I had always dreamed of the moment, at this point i wasn’t even worrying about him.

“She isn’t old enough.” Larry defended me, I smiled and quietly took the bottle back, tilting my head back and raising the bottle just over my mouth. I gulped it down, I felt a slight tingle in the back of my throat but I ignored it and kept on until I felt it reaching the brim of my mouth. I wiped away at my lips and handed the bottle back to Chris; Larry was just sitting there, staring. Not angry, more like amazed. I assumed he didn’t know about the party girl side of me.

“Shots?” I asked Chris. Chris got me started and until I was feeling numb to the world, I wasn’t going to stop drinking.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


5 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 29

    • U know u took the words right out of my mouth…Sloppy has the potential to sleep with Chris…swear down it was Larry… but play like she didn’t know it was Laurent O_o

  1. Messy Back Yep…Cause she don’t know how to act Yep!!! Since it sounds like a gang bang about to happen…Can we please spare the fight between Larry and Chris…really she is sooooo not worth it!!! Let her have her walk of shame…trying to play grown…really!!! UGH!!!

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