Deception: Chapter 28

I had been ripping and running for the last 3 hours with Jamie and Cara and time had come to go meet up with Larry at the hotel. I texted him while we dropped Jaime off and found out which hotel he was staying in, when he told me I made a quick change and freshened up at Jamie’s, hopping in the car with Cara after I’d finished. I told her to drive because the closer we got to seeing him the more of a nervous wreck I became. My palms were sweating, my heart was racing, my nerves were bad, and I was shaking. Everything, it was the whole nine yards. You would have thought I was actually going to meet Chris instead of someone I already knew. Cara pulled up into the drop off area of the hotel and told me she’d be in in a few and that she was going to find a parking space. I walked through the electric sliding doors, scoping the lobby to see a familiar face, figure, hear a familiar voice, just something. I started to go to the help desk and ask the lady where the Twins’ rooms were but as I walked up there, I was picked up by a set of strong hands. I smiled and waited for them to put me down.

“Chey!” Larry screeched playfully.

“Larry!” I mimicked with a smile. “Shit, you smell good.” I noticed as I grabbed him into a hug.

“Of course, I always smell good.” I made a face at him and he cut me a look, “Oh my god, shut up. That was one time and I forgot my deodorant at my place.”

I broke down into a fit of laughter as I made him recall that day; he only stared at me with an angry smile. “Awe, I’m sorry stank ass.” I giggled and pulled his face to my lips. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He said against my lips with a smile.

“So this is Mr. Bourgeois huh?” Cara strolled up casually next to me and cleared her throat.

“Yes, this is Larry.” I wrapped an arm around his waist and rested my cheek on his chest.

“He’s cute Mimi. Kudos on this one, he’s damn near perfect.” Cara held out her hand to shake his, Larry beamed in pride.

“Hello.” He politely took her hand into his and pecked at the back of it. “Nice to meet you…” He was fishing for her name.

“Cara, I’m Cara.” Cara’s face turned bright red and I laughed.

“Okay Cara time for you to back off.” I said it with a giggle and smile but after all the bullshit I went through to even get back to this point with Larry I was dead serious.

Larry turned his attention back to me. “Awe shit. Chey you mad?” He played in my hair and smiled back down at me.

“No.” I lied. “I’m just saying.” I pouted, Cara laughed even harder than I had earlier and poked me in the stomach making me jump and bump into Larry. He caught me and wrapped his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. I felt so comfortable and free in his arms. “Okay, maybe a little.” I mumbled ashamed I was even letting it bother me.


Cara, Larry, and I were sitting in the lobby. I was sitting in his lap resting my head in the crook of his neck, just listening to the conversation he was having with Cara. I didn’t feel a need to talk. I just wanted to dwell in his presence. “Larry!” A strong voice called out for him, “Who is that?” I had my eyes closed but when I realized how familiar the voice was my eyes popped open and there he was, Chris Brown, hand on Larry’s shoulder looking me over with that gorgeous smile he had. I smiled back up at him, a gang of butterflies attacking my stomach. “Hey gorgeous.” He winked playfully at me.

“Oh, this is my girl Cheyenne. And Cheyenne, well you already know who this is.” I glanced over at Cara; she was trying just as hard not to spaz out and jump on Chris.

“Oh, your girl, huh?” It took Chris repeating what Larry had said for it to get to my brain to be processed.

I only looked at Larry with a smile, “Yeah, his girl.” Larry wrapped his arms around me even tighter and kissed my lips.

“Ew.” Chris chuckled and popped Larry’s shoulder, “Come on man, can’t be late for rehearsal.” I slid off Larry’s lap and smiled.

“I see you later.” His tone was more of him questioning if I was gonna see him again rather than him telling me. I nodded and got on my tippy-toes to kiss him. He smiled against my lips again. Something about that drove me crazy.

“Yeah, I’ll text you later Larry.” I took Cara’s hand in mine and walked out of the lobby, floating. I was beyond happy.

“Cheyenne, he’s ADORABLE!” Cara squealed and started the car.

I just sat there, smiling hard. “Yeah, he is.”

Cara dropped me back off at Jamie and Nicole’s. It was just after 7 when I got to the house. Cara stayed for another hour or so, catching me up on what I’d missed in the months I’d been gone. After she left though, I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, the moment with Chris and Larry still playing in my mind. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes, attempting to fall asleep but just then my phone rang loudly next to my face.


We go out tonight, I want you to come since I miss you when you were here earlier.

I slid the unlock button and responded saying I didn’t have a car to meet them back at the hotel and that I would see him when Nicole came in town Thursday.


It’s fine. We come pick you up. Bring a friend if you want.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.



5 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 28

  1. I really love to hate Chey…but I forgot all about her messiness in this…it was all kind of sweet…*throwing up a little in my mouth O_o ROTFLMAO!!!

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