Deception: Chapter 26

“What the fuck is your fucking problem?” Dina raised her voice at me pushing herself through the door.

“No, the question is, what the fuck is YOUR problem?” I pushed her out of my way so I could walk out to the store.

“Uhhhh.” Alex stood off at the sidelines, watching not quite sure what she should do.

“Don’t fucking touch me you dirty bitch!” Dina hissed in my direction.

“Look, we’re at work. This is neither the time nor place to wanna fight so whatever the hell you got going on in your sick ass mind you NEED to cool the fuck out.” I turned around with my arms folded over my chest.

“Only thing that’s sick is you. How could you? I thought we were girls.” Dina stepped up in my face and I raised my hand up to mush her, knocking her back into Alex.

“Uhm, guys can we— can we not do this now?” Alex’s voice was shaking in nervous tension. “I’m sure we can settle this like the grown women we are.

“Fuck that!” Dina clawed at my face but only managed to grab my shirt.

“Yo, I know you bout to get the fuck off me bro!” I shouted. There were a couple customers standing by looking on at the spectacle. “I told you I’m not gonna fucking fight you and we’re all working. If you actually had some fucking sense you would have already talked to me about the fact that you’re FUCKING JEALOUS FOR NO GOD GIVEN REASON!” I shouted, using brute force to yank her hand from my shoulder and knocking her back on her ass.

“OKAY, no. You two need to stop!” Alex’s voice came with a motherly tone in it and I froze from my stance, about to pick Dina up and start beating the shit out of her.

“Fuck you Alex.” Dina’s face was blood red and her eyes held so much anger behind them. I was positive that I looked no different. “We’re gonna settle this right now.”

“Well come the fuck on then!” I shouted even louder than I had before. “Dina you talking all this shit but you ain’t did nothing but TRY and slap me. Stop fucking around and really do some shit then! FUCKING IDIOT!” I pushed her, still egging her on.

“Nope, uh-uh, nobody is doing anything. Dina go clock out, Cheyenne you go take your ass outside. I got this shit.” Alex pushed me out the back door locking me out. I pulled out my phone and dialed up Laurent’s number. I wasn’t having this shit. He needed to talk to this female because she was about to get hurt and I wasn’t gonna care who the fuck she was to Lau if he ain’t catch her ass and put her in check.

The phone rang twice on my end before I heard a rustle and a hushed female voice on the other end. “Hell-hello?” Laurent sounded tired. I hung up.

The phone hummed in my hand, a picture of me and Laurent hugging and BestFriend(: popped up on the screen. “Yes.” I answered shortly.

“You call?” He sounded confused.

I knew they were sharing a hotel room, but I had this idea that maybe Larry was the one harboring a girl in the room. “Larry there?” I asked. If he said no then I was just gonna assume the girl was there for Laurent, if he was, then well. You get the drift of my thought process.

“No, he practicing. Why you need me to get him?”

“No, no, I actually called because we need to talk.” I cleared my throat, I heard the girl in the background still. It was bugging me. I don’t care how the hell Dina was acting; if Laurent was cheating on her she still didn’t deserve it.

“What is wrong? It is Chanee?” The fact she was the first person he could think of wasn’t a shocker.

“No, it’s your girlfriend.” He groaned and I could tell he was dragging his hand down his face.

“What she do now? Do I need to talk to her now?

“Well, you can call her your fucking self. We just almost fought at work because she’s still acting jealous. Didn’t you tell her there was nothing between us? I got you two together for a reason, like what the hell man. This shit is pointless.” I sighed and sat on the curb of the docking station behind the shoe store.

“YES! I only tell her so many time. I cannot take this shit. She call me every day and check on me. She think I’m cheating over here.” My mind quickly reverted back to that voice I heard when I first called him. I was starting to believe so as well, but it wasn’t my place to make a big deal about it.

“Well are you?” I waited after the long pause he held. “You can tell me Laurent; at this point if I tell Dina, she’s only gonna think I’m trying to break you up so I’m not gonna say anything. She can find out on her fucking own and not a shit will be given from me. I’m so fucking through with her ass.”

He was silent for another second. “I’m not cheating but I find someone else here in LA. I still care for Dina but…” Laurent’s voice trailed off, “I have to go. They call practice for everyone. I text you.”

“Okay, I’ll be here waiting.” I sat on the ledge waiting for Alex to open the door again. This shit was getting out of control. I’m just chilling and the drama is still following me. At this point LA was looking extremely good because I wouldn’t have the drama with me there.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 26

  1. LOL! i swear this bitch needs to get her acts together, either talk to dina and stoop acting tough. i know she cause she likes lau too.

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