Announcement: Chris Brown Panama Concert Cancelled

Yeaaaaaaaaah… I want to cry too! Apparently the concert promoter for this event, Big Apple Entertainment, has sited a “breach of contract” on the part of Chris Brown and his management.

Although the event organizers and promoters are working feverishly to refund the money to all of those who paid for their tickets in advance, there is so no definitive date as to when the concert will actually take place.

Initially, there was word that the concert had been rescheduled to June 1st but was debunked.

So here we are, no Chris Brown and all his magnificence, nor no Les Twins at least performing with Chris at the same venue.

So… where does that leave us?

It leaves us with a battle! Yes… a bonafide battle between two different dance styles hip hop vs krump. Earlier today, Regi from Criminalz Crew tweeted the following:

“Tonight gonna get ready for the battle krump vs hip hop with les twins criminalz and our friends shaun ightt”

I guess we could all conclude that there will be some great videos and awesome pics from this event! Something is better than nothing right?


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