Deception: Chapter 25

“Hello?” I picked up highly unsure of myself.

“Yeah, this is Chanee. I need to talk to you.”

I pulled the phone from my ear, taken aback by the fact she was calling, me totally disregarding I had no clue how she got my number. “Why?” My voice was bleeding with attitude. I went from the nostalgic feeling of going back home to full blown anger.

“Look here Chey. I really don’t want any issues okay. I just want to talk to you. Meet me at the mall, the main entrance … in an hour.”

“Uh, what the hell makes you think I’m gonna—.” She hung up in my face. I walked back to the table, my dad reading my expression.

“You okay princess?” He watched me closely; I simply nodded and went to text Diablo but changed my mind.

“Yeah I’m okay. Just an unexpected call, that’s all dad.” I looked at Chris, “Wanna chill at the mall today bro?” He gave me a funky look. “Man grow a pair and bring yo self.” He looked at me longer, “Alright fine, I’ll buy you lunch and  some clothes, just come with me. Okay?”

“Brother/sister bonding time with you two? Oh Lord, the world must be ending soon. You sure you’ll make it to LA for your birthday Chey?” My dad joked slapping at his stomach. I gave him a glare and he stopped, still chuckling a little.

“Dad, SHUT UP!” Chris and I both belted out.

“I’m down then.” Chris acknowledged my offer about buying him stuff. It was a shame that was the only way I could get him to come with me anywhere. “When we going?”

“Go get dressed now.” I stood up and walked to my room. I wasn’t gonna dress up. If anything I was going ready to fight if it came to blows.

I stood at the entrance of the mall with Chris waiting to see Chanee walk up. Then I spotted her. She arrived wearing a pair of jeans and a form fitting T-shirt that accentuated her full figure. I rolled my eyes, annoyed she came trying to look cute. Chris stared on licking his lips. “Hell no.” I murmured before she got close enough to hear. Chris just kissed his teeth and stepped off into a nearby corner, listening secretively. “So what was so important I had to meet you up here?”

“I just wanted to drop this drama.”

I looked at her suspiciously. “And you decided to do this now, why?”

“Because, Larry obviously really liked you. We got off on the wrong foot to be honest. You seem like a cool ass bitch.”

“Don’t call me a bitch.” Stepping back from her I squinted my eyes; she was too close in my personal space. “Look, I’m not tryna get all buddy buddy with you. So what do you really want to talk about? I don’t have time to play games with you.” I remained calm and kept my composure.

“That’s what I wanna do. I want us to start off the right way. I was jealous of you because Larry ONLY talked about you. Then all of a sudden he didn’t even wanna have sex with me because he said it didn’t feel the same. I was angry. I was hurt. I loved Larry. He was somewhat like my best friend and when you came you took that. You became his best friend; you were what his world revolved around, it wasn’t me anymore, even though I was just sex.” I listened as her voice choked up. “It took me that to realize that I was just a toy to him and him leaving that you were better off with him than I would have been.”

“I—I mean—What?” I was thrown off because coming from her I didn’t expect to hear that.

“If you don’t want to talk to me I get it. I just want to know we’re on mutual grounds.” She brushed at her eye trying to hide she’d started crying.

“Nah, I can do that. It’s cool.” I beckoned Chris over so we could go inside.

Chanee, Chris, and I walked around in the mall for a good 2 or 3 hours. She was actually cool people and I actually got along with her. We had a lot of the same views on life, and stuff in general. I had to take Chris back home so someone could watch Chels while I was at work. We parted ways and I made sure to save her number in my phone. I wasn’t too keen on working though. I had 4-9 shift with Dina and my patience for her was wearing thin.

I walked into the store, Alex was sitting in the back eating a sandwich and looking at something on her phone. “HEY!” She said with a mouthful.

“Hey.” I clocked in and slid my personal belongings into my locker. “You off yet?” I sat down with her; I had about 4 minutes left before I had to physically be out on the floor.

“Nope, it’s me, you, and Dina tonight.” She finished up her sandwich and balled the paper up, shooting it into the trash can a few feet away.

“Oh.” I said, not the slight bit amused at the news.

“Girl, what’s up with you two?” We both stood up and made our way to the door leading to the floor.

We paused before I opened the door. “Tuh, she’s jealous.” I opened the door and there she was, standing there with the look of death smeared all over her face.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


3 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 25

  1. Dina needs Snap Crackle and Pop that azz…I tell no lies!!! Chey should have some kind of tact…she know she wrong as hell…and she is guiltier by the minute!!! Chanee is cool at least she knew where she was coming from…and maybe found a little self esteem in the process…still more of a woman than Chey!!! She so doesn’t deserve either of the boys!!! Ohhhhhhhh I hate her!!!! Just Messy!!!

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