Les Fan ArtWork

This picture speaks so much to me. I found it on another social networking site and it was created by a fan who goes by the name of “Leandro215”. I felt totally compelled to not just upload it amongst the other fan artwork, but to give it it’s own post. 

Look at Larry; leg kicked up and I think we all know what comes next- the foot wiggle. LOL! It’s funny to be able to tell from just one glance what is going to be the improvised next move in just a picture. But it’s his signature move. They both have them. Lau’s signature, actually, I think he has a few. From the always mind-blowing “death drop”, to the tippy toe twirl, to the b-boy spin with an embellished rise, they are all fabulously superb!

Although I love the picture, I must point out one flaw here (because I’m anal like that sometimes); the artist put the chain on Lau when it is Larry who commonly wears the chain. Just my observation. Nevertheless… I love it! It is easily in my favorites of Les Fan ArtWork.


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