Deception: Chapter 23

I swayed slowly to the soft music playing in the background. I didn’t know what it was about this boy and music but he always had it playing. I smiled up at him; he kissed along my neck, stopping every other kiss to kiss my lips and smile at me. I played with a curl that stuck out like a sore thumb in his afro.

Summer nights on the beach, underneath the raindrops, wind blowing through your hair; this is what it feels like.

Rose petals in the Tub, listening to your favorite song, every time our bodies touch; this is what it feels like.

Larry’s touch had a different feel to it. It was an over the top sensual vibe that was driving me beyond crazy. I groaned to myself and pulled his face to mine. “Stop playing games Larry.” I eased off his shirt, and leaned back in the bed.

“Who said I was playing?” He laughed and gripped my waist.

“I did.” I giggled and pulled roughly at his belt buckle. This was the only time I hated they wore their pants backwards. I unbuckled it and slid it from his belt loops, and then I stood up and walked to behind him, unbuttoning the jeans and sliding them down to his ankles. I pushed him on the bed; he was only in his boxers while I stood fully clothed.

“Take something off.” I urged sitting back up and pulling me between his open legs, I glanced down and saw the growth he had under the loose boxers.

Slowly I laid him back down, one hand on his chest the other propping my body up to unbutton my flannel shirt to reveal the cute little Hello Kitty bra I was wearing. Larry groped at me chest, fighting to reach the clasps of my bra to take it off. “Need help there?” I playfully slapped at his hand and leaned back long enough to slide the straps off my shoulder and ultimately thrown across room.

“Cheyenne.” Larry’s low baritone was nearly inaudible.

“Mhm?” I rolled over onto my back and brushed a hand along the length of his torso, his abs toned, he seemed to be more built than two months before.

“Do you regret giving me your virginity?” Larry was being more talkative than normal but I didn’t mind it.

“No?” I thought long and hard, his lips caressing the skin on my collarbone. “I mean I always thought it would have been with someone I really cared about but you know, life is unpredictable and shit happens.” I shrugged it off as he lowered his head to my waist.

He suddenly stopped and sat back up. “Never mind this. I don’t want to do this anymore.” I read his expression. It was sad and hurt more than anything.

“What I say?” I stood up to go get my bra and put my shirt back on.

“Nothing, I’m not in the mood anymore … maybe some other time.”

Honestly I didn’t care. I had gotten used to the mind game by now so I simply buttoned my top back up and excused myself back to the kitchen to get something to eat. Soon after Larry was standing in the doorway, still shirtless and his pants hanging lower than normal because he didn’t bother to put his belt back on. I looked past him and bumped him out of my way so I could go eat on the couch.

“You not mad are you?” Falling to the couch with a thud he sat down.

“Nope.” I stuffed the forkful of food in my mouth and looked at him. He smiled sweetly and draped his arm around my shoulder.

“Tell the truth.” He urged, pulling a piece of chicken off my plate and crunching down on it. I glared at him and pulled my plate away.

“I am now you pig. But if you’re referring to what just happened, no I’m not mad. If you didn’t wanna do it you don’t have to. I’m not gonna be mad.” I stated looking back and forth between the TV and my plate.

“There was something you said though that threw it off.” I looked up and sustained from eating so I could hear it loud and clear. “I take your virginity, which is big deal for me. I want it to really mean something when you do it again. I never forget my first time, I still cherish it. It is bad enough I took that from you and it means nothing now.” He frowned looking for the right words. I nodded getting the drift of where he was going with it.

“So you’re saying that we should just chill out. Let you go do you in America and let me handle me here? See where stuff goes and we take it from there?” I placed my plate on the table and wiped my hands off on a napkin nearby. “I’m cool with that Larry. I really wasn’t looking for a relationship right now. But I will say this, I do care about you and I’m really happy for you and your brother.” I nudged him and watched as his frown slowly flipped and he sat there grinning at me his eyes forming slants from smiling so hard.

“Merci, it means a lot.”


“Goodbye guys!” The tears were running freely down my cheeks as I hugged the twins before the left to go in the terminal to catch their flight. “I’ll be here chilling, killing, you know, waiting.” I smiled and wiped my eyes.

“Chey stop it, you gonna make me cry.” Laurent wrapped his arms tightly around my waist triggering me to squeal and wince. Dina stood off to the side eyeballing me hard. Larry was standing there solemnly. “I miss you so much once we go. You make sure you keep Dina good company.” He glanced over his shoulder and Dina flashed a false smile, only to return back to that glare. Laurent sensed she was tripping so he tore himself away from me and let me and his brother have a moment.

“I’ll miss you Cheyenne.” Smoothly he kissed my lips and pulled away smiling, his forehead resting against mine. I stood there with my eyes closed, the tears dropping silently.

“Yeah, me too.” I sighed and pulled him closer to me. “Remember what we said last night though. You go do you and I’ll do me. Have fun this is your time to shine.” He glanced up, his eyes glazed over in tears not yet fallen.

“Flight 109 to Los Angeles, California boarding in … 5 minutes.” The automated woman over the intercom sounded off ruining the moment I was having with Larry.

“I remember Chey. I remember.” I watched sadly as he walked into the terminal leaving me there to stand in tears.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


2 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 23

  1. Did she really just say that O_o Message… always listen to what some tells u not how u feel…She is undeserving of what he is offering!!! MESSY!!! Please let their be someone else that takes him away!!!

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