Well I’ll Be…

Well call me sunshine and smack a big ol’ beaming smile across my face!!! I love how Larry is sloooowly coming out of his shell and posting more pictures and tweeting more tweets on Twitter. 

He really started to step his tweet game up back in early April during their stint in L.A. for the World of Dance, and he’s progressively gotten better. He’s responding to a few of the tweets from the fans, he’s even tweeting celebs, and now, more than ever, he’s posting more pictures of himself… and to that we all say THANK YOU MR. BOURGEOIS! 

We all that Larry is the one that doesn’t call for a lot of “shine” like Laurent! Larry plays the back and isn’t clamoring to be in the spotlight like ol’ diva Lau! But that’s is one of the reasons why we love Laurent though right? If it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t know as much about them as we do. Nevertheless, we are thankful for them being as open with their lives as they have been as of late… especially when they give us all this gourgeoisness (yes, I meant to misspell this… if you look closely, you’ll see what I did). 


5 thoughts on “Well I’ll Be…

  1. I admire their spunk, charm, TALENT, innocence re:Americas sellout to most young talent… and their confidence radiates like the morning sunrise… this is how beautiful dance, people, life, momeents to treasure. sweeet, not pompous. mj is a legend, always will be. Les Twins are a sight for soure eyes. I wish them all the best, yhey got it, so pleeeeze SHOW THIS PLANET, how to live in rythym.. All the internet luv i can give you both (haha). i still love salah too. he was / is my biggest inspiraton, but you twins make me smile every single day. love you for that!! u will never know how much smiling changed my path… thank you from my souls center. please translate to french? i just want you to know, your gorgeous, BUT YOUR LOVE FOR DANCE IS WHAT I LOVE THE MOST i could write a few more pages of how awesome you both can be. (and are).. just dont want to swell your egos toooo much.. (haha..) pompous. thats not a cute word, and you are so dam cute, sexy, yep. from just another one in the north california redwoods, sharing every video of you to everyone i see.

    see, i am making you out yo be like super heros. NOT. you are just the bet dancers in the WORLD. remember us little little people out here, when you are ever feeling overwhelmed…. its quiet, privacy abounds the largest redwoods in the world… climb up one and it reminds you how big you really are. fresh air to clear any static. and REAL people, with no TV, who will treat you likethe shining sparling souls you are.
    just saying.

    peace n love n granola

    let me know.. haha….

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