Let’s all show our love and support for two of the hardest working cats in the dance world; Jacob and Clayton of Step X Step Dance. These two awesome gents have given us the best insight into the mind of Laurent Bourgeois and we should all be eternally grateful for that. Through great interviews, outstanding patience and tenacity, Jacob and Clayton have brought to light some of the best talent that the dance world has to offer.
Check out their latest project which is an LT Fans video project that they are going to put together.

Thanks again Jacob and Clayton- you guys are simply amazing!

Step X Step Dance

Want to give a big shout out to Jacob for conducting the interview, editing the videos, and just being awesome! Also a big shout out to you fans for your support and patience! Make sure to check out !


We would like you LT FANS to put together some short clips of you shouting out the Twins, getting crazy to any of their favorite songs, and just showing you love for them! Download the clips to YouTube and send them to us via Twitter or Facebook or YouTube! We will download the clips and make a LT Shout Out Fan Video to post on SxS Dance’s YouTube – GET WORKING LT FANS =D

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