Videos: Les Twins, Legend Da Beatslaya and International Dance Festival Committee at Press Conference

Summation of the video as told by article in

Bishkek, May 10 / Shirin Torogeldieva – Kabar /. dancers world-famous French group «Les twins» kyrgyzskoe struck by the hospitality. This was announced today at a press conference at the agency “Kabar” said one of the band members Larry Bourgeois.

According to him, they are very pleased to participate in such a grand show. “We are very surprised by the cleanliness in the city, fresh air and cheerful people. To be honest, we did not expect that the organization of the festival will be held at such a high level. In fact, the small country of Kyrgyzstan, but the way you organized everything, tells a different story, “- said the dancer.

Larry Bourgeois also said that he was glad to share my experience with Kyrgyz dancers, as well as look at their abilities. “All the fun I’m delighted to learn from and share it has in France,” – he added.


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