Deception: Chapter 21

“So are you two excited about leaving?” I was walking with Laurent and Larry; Diablo decided the last minute he didn’t want to hang out, which made me a little uncomfortable that I’d have to spend that much more time with Larry.

“Yes.” Laurent was a ball of excitement; he hadn’t stopped smiling since I’d initially told him how happy I was for him. “I can’t wait.”

“What about you Larry?” Larry had barely uttered a word all day. It really was like it was the old days, only stares and smiles here and there but I knew there was something else behind them.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged and sat down on a bench nearby.

I looked at Laurent, he shrugged, “I’m gonna leave you two alone, I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” He walked away before I could even think about protesting.

“What’s up Larry, like what’s really up?” I sat next to him and played with my fingers.

“I wanna be happy but I’m not happy.” He admitted.

“Why?” I played with the chain hanging from his hip. “This is a freaking life changing moment. Think of all the calls you and Laurent are gonna get now. Shit’s gonna get so crazy.” I was trying my best to cheer him up, there was always gonna be some soft spot for him with me, as much as I was angry he fucked me over, I could only be there for him. I owed him that for the times he was there for me.

“It’s hard to explain.” I turned to look at him but he avoided eye contact.

“I got plenty of time.” When I smiled he finally looked at me and smiled back.

“So I’m happy that I leave to go tour, but I’m gonna miss this girl here.” I frowned, if he was gonna talk to me about Chanee I was gonna blow my head off. “I messed up bad with her and I miss her. She sweet and caring and she might just be too good for me but that don’t keep me from wanting to be with her.” He continued on and I could feel my heart jumping through my chest. “I just want her to know that but I don’t know how to say it. I think she’s still mad at me.”

“Well I say you tell her straight up like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna miss you and I want to be with you but I think you still might be mad at me. What can I do to fix it?’ I’m sure she’ll talk to you then.” I looked off at the people walking around in the mall.

“Oki, Chey I’m gonna miss you and I want to be with you but I think you still might be mad at me. What can I do to fix it?” He laughed and looked down at his feet.

“Damn, you not even gonna switch it up?” I shook my head and brushed nervously at my jeans. “I am still a little mad at you. All I wanted to hear you say was I’m done with Chanee and anyone else I was fucking with. Say that and I’ll think about it.” I looked up waiting to hear him speak up again.

“I cut Chanee off long time ago. She started acting like we were a couple and I kept telling her I didn’t like her like that and I wanted to be with you. I wasn’t sure if you hated me or not so I didn’t tell you.” He sighed and leaned back resting his head in his hands.

“I never hated you Larry, I was just confused about us  and mad that …” I stopped talking, not wanting to dwell on the past anymore, “whatever that’s old. Let’s talk about something else please.”

“You no answer the question.” He eyed me with a half-smile.

“What question, you ain’t ask me nothing.” I was honestly confused off my ass.

“Will you—?”  Laurent walked back up to us, smiling from ear to ear so Larry held off on what he was about to say.

“Why you look so cheesy nerd?” I laughed at Laurent while he danced in the middle of the corridor of the mall.

“What? I cannot be happy and dance?” He popped his butt with his hands on his knees laughing all at the same time. I couldn’t help but laugh with him. He was so cute with the spontaneous fuckery made up his personality. I was sure to always smile with him around.

“Oh my god Lau stop, people are looking!”

“No, join me!” He pulled me from my spot next to Larry and grabbed my hands making me wiggle with him.

“Oh I get no love?” Larry broke into our little dance session gripping my waist and damn near dry humping me. I looked over my shoulder, mouth agape and thrown off by his actions and he only grinned back, not skipping a beat.

“But there’s no music! We look creepy!” I was trying hard not to join in but it was too funny, so sooner than later there I was dancing like I was on drugs or something, slinging my hair back and forth, no rhythm at all whatsoever, laughing the whole time. When we finally tired ourselves out we sat back on the bench and giggled some more. “You guys, I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out. We had all these people in here looking at us like we’re aliens or something.”

“Like we’re aliens, we ARE aliens.” Larry made a creepy face and Laurent added fuel to the fire by making a noise.

“You guys need help, really you do.” I stood up and ran to a door nearby, “I’m hungry now.”

Larry and Laurent cut each other a look and followed after me, “We go get ice cream.” They both said together. That wasn’t the first twin moment I’d witnessed but that one seemed cuter for some reason, I guess the identical smiles they gave afterward made it sweeter. I shrugged and led them back to the car.

We walked a strip of little shops in the center of Paris until we came to the ice cream shop. It was small and intimate, I didn’t know what to get so I told them to pick for me. I sat in the little booth, I knew what Larry was gonna ask me back at the mall but I couldn’t help but wonder was he still playing games or did he mean it. Why would I say yes if I know he’s leaving and he’s gonna be around other girls that are there when things get, well, ‘hot’. I know it won’t be me so who was it? The twins walked up to the table, smiling and laughing between each other, I looked up and smiled, my joy had faded because I was over thinking things again but I faked it the best i could, knowing that my tormented mind shouldn’t be ruining something that they had been working so hard for.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


One thought on “Deception: Chapter 21

  1. Wow she has a brain…must have gone to see the wizard of oz! O_O Can’t help but think she is plotting to get at Larry before having a slip of mind and body with Laurent. Don’t judge me…I know she up to something O_o

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