Deception: Chapter 19

My dad was standing over me giving me that look. I avoided eye contact for as long as I could. “Cheyenne Naomi Baxter, LOOK AT ME!”

I jumped and made eye contact as fast as I could.

“What was that?” He probed. I stood there not saying anything. “ANSWER ME!”

“Nothing dad. We were just, it was just a little miscommunication, that’s all.” I lied and turned on my heels, heading towards my bed.

“What’s that?” I looked over my shoulder and saw he was looking at that gash. I immediately sighed. “And why is Laurent in the living room with bandages all over his chest? What the hell happened for the week we’ve been gone Cheyenne. And you best not lie. I don’t care how old you are, you ain’t never too old to get that ass whooped.”

I took a deep breath, “It’s a long story dad.”

“I got time Princess.” His tone had softened once he saw the tear that I let slide down my cheek before I swept it away.

“Okay, so the other night I brought a girl from work over here. She’s cool and she likes Laurent so I was trying to hook her up with him since me and Larry had a thing.” My dad nodded listening carefully to my words. “So then Larry came down here and told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner along with Laurent and the girl so I was like that’s cool. So we went to dinner and then he and Lau said that they had more plans for us to go to a party. I had told Chris before we left make sure Chels was in bed at a decent time because I didn’t know when I’d be back in.” I stopped because the closer I go to telling my dad about that guy, the more the memory came back and the fear of him knowing grew stronger.

“It’s okay Cheyenne, whatever happened just come out with it.” He rubbed my back and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, I was feeling like a kid again and even though it wasn’t the best of situations to feel like that, I liked it.

“Okay, so after dinner we went to this … this I guess you can say club. So I’m watching Larry and Laurent dance and the girl is with me the whole time and then me and Larry dance to a few songs and he gets pulled into the middle of this big dance circle and then I hear these loud screams so I go to see and he’s in the middle kissing some female.” My blood boiled thinking about that again. “So I ran out and he chased after me but I hid in some dark alley and some guy came up and tried to rape me but I fought back and he cut my shoulder and I ran and Laurent found me and brought me back home. Then a few days later Laurent went looking for the guy and he found him and he fought him and the guy stabbed him and here we both are now.” I knew the story was choppy but my mind wasn’t trying to process and make it seem like it was well thought out. I just let the facts drip out and to my father’s ears for him to hear.

He stared down at me, “Baby girl.” He seemed at loss for words, “Why didn’t you— you should have called and told me Chey.” He went into instant dad mode and began to lecture me.

“Look dad I know. But I didn’t wanna call you and bother you with my shit.” On a normal day I would NEVER in my life disrespect my dad by cursing in front of him, but today just wasn’t that day. I was a ball of emotions and I wasn’t holding feelings back anymore.

“Chey, you’re my first born, I would never think you’re bothering me with something as serious as that was sweetheart. That’s a serious matter. Now my next question is, where the fuck do I find this piece of shit and how do I go about getting his worthless ass locked up behind bars to rot?” He stood up and I could tell he was on his way to see Laurent but when we got upstairs he wasn’t there. I looked around and found a note sitting peacefully on the coffee table

Chey, Diablo take me and Larry back home. Give us few hours; I will try to talk to Larry for you. I’m sorry about him saying that. I hear everything. But like I say, give me few hours, I text you and tell you when to come over.


I didn’t know why but his note made me smile. The neat scribbles on the paper and the little smiley he left by his name, I went from the ball of emotions to one happy one and turned to face my dad. “Daddy, he went back home with Larry and Diablo, Laurent said he’d text me when he’s ready for us to come over.


I sat in the kitchen, staring Larry down while he talked to my dad about today’s incident. Laurent was next to me texting back and forth with Dina, a small smile appearing every now and again with little chuckles. He was adorable, ALMOST making me second guess my decision on which twin it was I wanted.

“Son, I don’t know who the hell you think you are to talk to my daughter the way you did, but if I ever hear about it again, I will hurt you. I don’t care how she feels towards you.” My dad’s voice was stern but he wasn’t trying to be scary, he was just fighting to get his point across.

“Sir, I know. I’m sorry; I just let the heat of the moment take over. It won’t happen again … I promise.” Larry looked over at me briefly before looking back at my dad.

“Now you,” My dad turned toward Laurent,he looked up promptly, sliding his phone in his pocket and giving my dad his full attention.

Larry looked up and stared at me. Then my phone buzzed in my hand.

meet me in my room please Chey.

I looked onwards as he stood up and walked to the back of the apartment. 5 minutes later I stood up and followed suit. He was sitting in the window. He looked up, regret playing a key role in his expression.

“Cheyenne, I’m sorry about today.” I only looked at him, unmoved by his words. “I should not have called you a bitch, never.” I nodded, still peering past him. “Chey speak please.”

“Why, so you can keep playing games? What do you want from me? What do I have to do for you to stop treating me like I’m your girl but you still mess with other females Larry? Huh? What? Just tell me.” He walked forward and I stepped back holding my hands up, still not wanting to be close to him at this point.

“I just want you to say it and not be so roundabout with it.” Larry sat down on the edge of his bed. “Look I know you care about me, I just want to hear you say it. I’m not purposefully trying to make you jealous,” he stopped, “at least I don’t think I am.”

“So what is Chanee?” I sat next to him, feeling that he was finally gonna open up.

“Chanee is nothing, she is just Chanee.” He reached out and took my hand into his. It was warm and comforting and his eyes flashed in the dim lighting of the sunset.

“So why can’t you just tell her to be gone. Larry I like you. We already act like we’re together. You’re there when I need you. You’re there to hold me close when I’m in pain. Larry what more was there really for me to say? I’m not the type of girl that wants to express how much I care about you when it’s already obvious. I’m just not.”

Larry was sitting there, smiling. I, on the other hand, sat somberly. I hated opening up about feelings. I had trust issues; it wasn’t my thing to tell you how I felt when I feel you already know.  “Really Chey, I’m sorry.” He pulled me into a hug but I didn’t hug back. I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I wasn’t feeling like it was worth the the fighting. I was done. I just wanted to go talk to Laurent, vent. He was the only one that knew Larry and could tell me what I needed to do.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels

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  1. This girl Niggah he apologized i don;t give a damn about you as soon as he did all that for your ass, damn hahaha i wish i was chey cause damn.. lol

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