Deception: Chapter 18

“Daddy,” I picked up my phone with cheer, “When are you and Madeline coming home?”.

“We’ll be back in the next hour or so. We decided to get a few more hours out and about in the city. How have your siblings been?” He asked knowing Chris was an ass and Chelsey was a trouble maker sometimes.

“Good actually, they surprised me.” I smiled and looked at Chelsey sitting on the couch with Laurent. They had discharged him a day ago and Diablo let him stay with us until he was for the most part fully recovered.

“Okay, you guys didn’t tear up the house did you?”

“Dad, no! everything is perfectly fine.” I looked at my toes and wiggled them.

“Okay, well I can’t wait to see you all again.” I waited for the phone to click on his end before I pulled it away from my ear.

“I have a question Lau.” He looked up and shooed Chelsey upstairs. I guess he could sense things were about to get serious. He nodded, silently urging me to go on and ask. “Okay, so what really happened?”

“What you mean what happen? I get stabbed.” He pointed to his chest in a joking way but I knew he was just as upset about it as I still was.

“No, WHY did that happen?” I asked clearing up my question.

“I went to find the guy.” He kept giving me these short and abrupt answers that were rubbing me the wrong way, but I knew I had to respect that he didn’t have to ‘go find’ the guy so I didn’t push it any further than what he told me.

“How did you know who to look for?” That was the last question I planned to ask. If anything, that’s what was bugging me most.

“I didn’t. I saw him in the same alley that we got your clothes from. And he had a girl there, I assume that was him. And there you have it.” He stared at his chest and sighed.

“Thank you?” I wasn’t sure what to say. I think he could tell.

“It’s no big deal. I don’t want to see you get hurt, whether it is random guy on street or by my brother.” He stared peacefully at the ceiling.

“Wait, your brother? Why would you say that?” I leaned back to get a full view of Laurent and his reaction.

“Shit.” He cursed under his breath. “Nothing, I say nothing.” He quickly tried to cover it up.

“No, you can’t just say something like that and expect me not to want to know what you mean.”

“Fine, I just think this whole Chanee thing is dumb. My brother has good girl on his side and sometime he let pride get in the way and won’t admit it. He wants to think he always have control of something and when he see he don’t he act stupid.” My whole attitude softened and a smile crept up on my face. “You’re beautiful and you good hearted. Chanee is just a girl, she not nice, I never like her.” Laurent continued. My heart melted a little inside.

“Really Lau?” I pulled my knees to my chest and linked my fingers together, curling into a little ball of joy.

“Yes really. Larry is lucky to have you.” That rare glint reappeared in Laurent’s eyes again and knew what it was but as quickly as it appeared it disappeared and I was stuck looking at a Lau that exhibited a mix of emotions on his face. “Look, I am sorry for all of what I did too. I should not have tried to push myself on you. And that show you good. Chanee never say no. She let us do whatever.”

I sighed, and looked up at the door, excited to see who stepped inside, “Hey.” Larry walked in with Diablo, Chris walking in along with them. I was guessing they picked him up from school. “Can we talk Larry?” I stood up and pulled him to my room.

“What?” He glared at me.

“I take it you’re still mad at me about yesterday.” I sighed and sat in my chair, elbows on my computer desk and head hung over.

“Why wouldn’t I be Chey? You try and make me jealous by flirting with Willy. FUCK YES, I AM MAD.” He gave me a look that made my blood boil.

“Oh so you can fuck with Chanee and make me jealous but I can’t do that shit to you?WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD THAT YOU CAN’T SEE THAT BITCH IS SKETCHY?!” I shouted as I jumped up and got in his face.

He backed up, “You need to chill the fuck out.” His brows furrowed; he gripped my wrists with force as soon as I raised my hand to hit him.

“I will when you stop treating me like I’m stupid Larry. I know you not stupid, I know you know I like you. I KNOW for a fact that you know I wanna be with you but you up here playing games and shit. I don’t have time for that. I TOLD you that last week when I found out about Chanee, yet you still out here fucking with my emotions Larry. PICK! Either you drop her ass or I’m through with you. I’ll go find someone else to be happy with cause this bullshit is too much. We’re not even officially together and I got drama like we been together for years.”

“Oh is that so? How you wanna be with me when YOU won’t just come out and say it? I play games? BITCH YOU DO TOO!”

All I saw was black as soon as the word bitch even made its way out his mouth.


I started kicking and screaming, directing all my anger towards his chest, sobbing loudly. I felt a strong pair of hands pull me off of Larry, and then the familiar scent of his cologne took to my senses. It was my dad. He grabbed me up, his presence enveloping mine. I glared at Larry and he stood back up and walked with Diablo out of the house.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels

14 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 18

  1. Did I miss a chapter…Who is Willy? And I could have sworn Lau was all messed up the last time…What?! Where?! How did we get here?…I’m feeling confused! I thought she was going to chew him out for calling her a good friend! Hold up it just hit me…Did Lau just tell Chey that he and Larry shared Charee…Really! I don’t know if I’m mad or jealous O_O

    • no you didn’t miss a chapter. Lau is still messed up … physically but he’s staying at Diablo’s house.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Willy? What really happened there? Now Lau at home. We still dont know why D and Lau was killing each other on the sofa. So many unanswered questions. Daaaaaaaaang. Lololol

      • well lets remember, the writer isnt a professional writer so she misses things here and there but I give her credit for trying and posting it. practice makes perfect. I took a writing class at college and you’d be surprise at the simple and most common mistakes made when you write. its very hard to stay focused and not “drift off”.
        sometimes a writer thinks faster than they write and they tend to “mash” ideas together and forget to fill in holes leaving the reader a bit lossed. I would have liked her to explain a little more in depth lau’s stay at the ER and why they sent him home and how it effected him as a dancer having been stabbed. In the real world when a dancer is stabbed in the torso area, the will feel those wounds when they dance even though they heal. some wounds stay with you for life when inside organs are involved and when you move your body certain ways, you will feel it more.
        so maybe she’ll read our comments and learn from them thus becoming a better writter.

        did you know that when you start a story or a research, the whole idea itself is suppose to open up in the thesis? It’s what tells the reader what ALL to expect when they read. you try to capture the reader from the start. other wise we tend to to write the way we “talk”. sometimes getting off the subject.

        there’s alot to writing and its alot of work but its so interesting to learn. i love to write so this is why i took up writing and such. but i never had the guts to write a story and post it like here. still makes a great read when larry and lau are in it, LOL.

        if i knew how to post a writing here, i would write larry and lau as hitman and make them kill my enemies (beyonce and jayz). or a horror story like larry gets killed and comes back in laurents car (like the movie “christine” or “The Car”) and the haunted automobile (larry’s spirit) protects lau and gets even with the world. like i said, i aint got the guts. but i got IDEAS!

  2. and after she hit larry and larry walk out the room with diablo, he went home and went to sleep when a dream came to him via a unicorn smoking weed. and the unicorn said, “yo dude, stop trippen and just hit that, son!” and larry said “are you a unicorn?” and the horsey said “Duh! yeah!” and larry said “why am I freakin dreamin about a unicorn, is that a blunt in your mouth?” and the unicorn said “Fo sure, son!” and larry said “I thought unicorns only came to gay guys in dreams.” and the unicorn said “we do! SURPRISE!!!” and larry said “surprise what?!?!” and the horsey said “your gay, dude!” and larry said “how can you even roll a blunt with no thumbs.” and the horsey said ” cause I’m a fricken unicorn, man! its magic!” and then larry woke up and realized he was masturbating with his bad arm he sprained years ago. you know, the one where he always wears the arm brace!


    Yes folk! I’m a HOOT!

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