Patiently Waiting…

I’m about to go stir crazy folks! Les Twins, either together, or solo, have been seen at 3-4 events over the 2 weeks and we have yet to see an influx of pictures of videos. Okay, we got pictures from the Cercle Underground battle; we got ONE video from the battle between Crminalz and the krumpers at the Underground mall, and here we are, day two of the Uragano festivities and we’ve only seen one picture thus far.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but maybe it’s just me- whenever I go out to an event and I’ve taken pictures or captured videos, especially if I was able to get a celebrity or two, I usually upload them to facebook, twitter, or where ever, as soon as I get in and get settled. Mainly because I know that people love to see these things. And with such a dedicated and hungry fanbase as the LT fans, the immediate upload of these vital pieces of media are a must!

Okay, I might be over doing it a little bit. I understand that you guys have lives to live, things to do, and people to see, but give us something.

C’mon Italian LT fans… where are the pics/vids of the Uragano events??? I’m about to go through withdraws around this piece! Yes, call me thirsty, desperate or whatever you want… but I need new LT content! It is what it is. You guys know you want it too! Don’t front… keep it real. *wink*




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