Deception: Chapter 17

“Girl she came up in there like she was fucking Mother Mary reincarnated!” I slapped at my thigh loudly sitting with Dina and Alex, a new friend I’d made since working in the shoe store. She too was a military brat but even though her parents had moved back stateside, she decided to stay here in Paris because she’d grown to love it. Alex snickered noisily, the water in her mouth dribbling on her lips. “What,” I paused, “she did. I mean I wasn’t acting no better. When she walked in I recognized her and BOOM! Bitch mode le activated.” I smiled, even though I was 100% serious.

“So what are you gonna do?” Alex finally spoke up once she’d finished drinking her water. “I say you body slam her and then drag her by her weave and call it a day.” I gave her a crazy look, she smiled slyly, “I mean … if you don’t want to you don’t have to. That was just my idea.”

“I am NOT a wrestler, I don’t know how to body slam folk!” I snorted out between laughter.

“But you admit, if you could you’d do that shit and no fucks will be given on that amazing day. Am I right or am I right. Bruh you ain’t even gotta tell me, I KNOW I’m right.” Alex rolled her neck around causing the twists she had in her hair to sling back and slap Dina in the eye. “Oh, oh, oooh! I’m sorry!” Dina sat there shitfaced for a second before popping Alex on the arm.

“What the hell you dweeb!?” Dina’s voice rung in an annoying high pitch range, causing Alex and I to cringe and cover our ears momentarily. “So are we going to see Lau today?” Dina hadn’t been able to see him since he went in 3 days before because Margie had her working doubles and covering for me because I stayed at the hospital while Larry went to work pretty much all day. “Today is my first day off since everything has happened and I want to see him and make sure he’s okay at least.” Dina sighed and rested her head in her hand.

“Yeah, you wanna go now? Me, you, and Alex?” Alex just nodded. Dina perked up so I took that as a definite yes. “Alright, lemme get a to go box and we can—.”

“WAITER! TO GO BAG PLEASE?!” Dina screamed across the restaurant, flagging the young kid down.

“You. Ignorant. Ass.” Alex looked at Dina in disbelief. “I use to thank it was the black folk, but this child here is making me question ALL my theories man.” Alex slid out the booth, “I’m gonna head to the bathroom, meet you guys back here and then we leave.”


Laurent was sitting up in his bed watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Chuckling every now and again but then regretting it soon after when the pain shot through his upper body. We were standing at door of the room creeping on him because Dina was acting like the damn boy had died and this was him on his deathbed.

“NIGGA, calm yo got damn tits!” I hissed elbowing her in the gut before walking inside. “Wait here.” I whispered turning slightly. “Hey Sweetheart!” I greeted him, kissing his cheek in a friendly manner. He smiled up at me and returned the favor. “I got someone here who wants to see you.” He looked up to see Dina walking in slowly, a smile etched onto her slightly tanned skin. “Larry off work yet?” I asked before those two got into the whole lovey dovey crap I’d rather not watch.

“Yeah, downstairs in the café.” Laurent pulled Dina on the bed and into his lap, placing a sweet kiss on her cheek. “Hi.” He smiled; Dina brushed her hand across his cheek and touched the fresh bandage on his chest, making sure to be very gentle.

I walked out and pulled Alex with me. I walked past doctors and nurses, all throwing me cheerful but exhausted smiles. Then I saw him. My heart skipped, my eyes wouldn’t blink, I didn’t want to miss the cuteness that was Larry. I saw him look up at me and smile, causing me to smile back because his smile was so infectious.  Alex nudged me and I looked to his left, Chanee again. Right there, smiling, happy, her arm seemed to be resting on his thigh while he turned back to face her again. My happiness flew out the window. I started to turn back around and go back to where I came from but Alex blocked me and turned me back around. Larry beckoned me over so now I had no choice but to go sit at the small round table with them.

“Hey.” I said with jealousy hinting in my tone. Larry rolled his eyes and eyeballed Alex.

“Who is this?” He held out his hand and reached for Alex’s.

“Alex. I’m Cheyenne’s co-worker.”

“So nice to see you again Shannon.” Chanee  hit me with that evil eye and smiled to give it icing on the cake. I heard Alex clear her throat as if to say, ‘if you need me I got you’. I smiled back sweetly masking my feelings.

“It’s CHEYENNE, but hi to you too, Bianca.” I cut my eye at her knowing I went COMPLETELY off with her name. Two could play the game bitch, and if she thought she was gonna win … she definitely didn’t know about me. There was a long moment of awkward silence. Larry sat staring between the two of us.

“It’s Chanee.” She rolled her eyes and smiled in a phony manner.

“Cheyenne, you come with me really quick?” Larry scooted his seat back and grabbed my hand, leading me to a discreet corner. “What is with you?”

“I don’t like that bitch. I don’t like her.” I just came straight out and told him, no point in lying right?  Because it was completely obvious, at least to me it was.

“Why? I told you I don’t like her like that.”

“Well that bitch doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. I’m sorry I just wanna protect what’s mine.” I stopped suddenly, and thought about what I’d let slip from my mind and airborne straight to Larry’s overactive ears.

“What you say?” He asked leaning in close to my face. I stood there, looking stupid.

“I ain’t say anything.” I lied.

“Nope, say it. I want to hear you say. You protect what’s what?” He smirked at me and grabbed my hips, slamming me against his body.

“Uh-uh. I know you heard it. Why you want me to repeat it? I’m not a tape recorder.” I stared up at him being defiant half because I was serious, the other half because I just felt like being difficult.

“Stop playing Cheyenne. You always gotta play games when it comes to us.” He was getting annoyed, but at this point I didn’t care.

“I don’t care nigga. I said I wasn’t gonna repeat it and give you the satisfaction of telling you how I feel.”

“Why? Because you think I’m gonna fuck Chanee? Or you think I just don’t give a fuck about how you feel? Which one it is? Tell me. I’ll be happy to know, oki?” He stood there and waited, his eyes never wavering from their connection with mine.

I. Want. To. Protect. What. Is. MINE!” With that I walked away, Larry followed behind me and sat down again, a smirk painted on his face that wouldn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Chanee sat there looking confused and skeptical. If I had to play Larry to get this female to see that that was mine and not hers, then that was what I was gonna do until she caught the drift and skated her sketchy ass out the picture to someone that really wanted her ass.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels


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