Les Twins Russian Workshop Tour Cancelled?

Yes, it’s true. It has been confirmed by Larry and Laurent themselves. I’m sure many of you have heard/read the latest LT news- the Russian workshop tour has been cancelled. I know I know… how did this happen? Why did this happen? Who caused this to happen? Sadly there are many things that come into play when going to work in another country.

When attempting to travel to Russia, it is required that you have an entry visa. The Consulate General issues different categories of visas to Russia based upon the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay in Russia. Recently, as of May 2nd, the process for applying for a Russian Visa has changed. I don’t know if the guys’ management team thought that they had enough time to apply and expedite the visa’s or if this is an act of neglect; whatever the case may be, it’s a costly mistake, one that could have easily been avoided, especially since this isn’t their first time working in Russia.

Nevertheless, we all hope that things are straightened out soon and the boys can get back to business as usual.


8 thoughts on “Les Twins Russian Workshop Tour Cancelled?

  1. Am I the only one who thinks they have crappy management? I asked about workshops dates almost 2 weeks ago and heard nothing back. I feel like they are losing money.

    • No, you are definitely not alone! Their management feels that the fans do not need to know their schedule! They have said it before! It’s a shame.

      • They are having them lose money because of that shit. You know some people can not schedule to go to a workshop at the last minute. Like WTF? I don’t know which entertainer does that and what is the reasoning behind it? Just urrghh. I am hoping with this fuckery that happened with Russia, it was management’s fault and someone gets fired. They really need someone who is up on their game. Mind you who schedules workshops when the visa has not been approved? That’s like to unprofessional and disappointing to fans. The management should know they are where they are because of their Talents, yes but also because of their fans. Incompetence/arrogance removes opportunities.

  2. i feel bad for the fans who anxiously waited for them i know the feeling when i bought the cirque du soile tickets to go see them, and later left the show. i was like mad & unsure why they left idk but i agree with everyone we all desrve to know about the guys schelude, or else how we gona keep on track on what they doing? is like the management team doesnt care about us!!

  3. Just saw this
    “Les Twins are not coming to Russia in May because their manager can’t obtain business visas for them in time” [http://vk.com/clublestwins]”

    Is their manager are friend? Smh I swear I am sorry but if she is then they need to have a long talk or fire her regardless of friendship. No one should mess up your hustle/business like that. I bet other people could do a better job, including me and in my sleep at that. LOL. I am not a fan of incompetence, as you can tell LOL. They need to get it together. That is all.

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