Deception: Chapter 16


Larry and I sat in the waiting room of the hospital. I had been trying to call and get in contact with Dina for the last 30 minutes. Not so much because she was the one that was building a relationship with Laurent, but because I felt like all of this was partially my fault and I needed to vent more than anything. When Diablo told me that he had been out at that same abandoned warehouse that doubled as a club that night I could only imagine what happened. In fact I had a general idea. I figured that Laurent went looking for trouble because of what happened, but what I couldn’t wrap my head around was how did he know who to look for? Then I thought, maybe he got the wrong guy and they jumped him. My mind was racing and the tears flowed continuously. Larry stood up from the seat he sat in next to me to take a phone call right when my phone buzzed.

Girl what’s up? Why you blowing up my phone?

I thought about how I could easily break this down to her so she wouldn’t freak out. Thoughtfully I typed ‘Call me when you’re on break or as soon as you can.’ She responded with a simple okay and I didn’t bother to send her a response. Larry reappeared next to me, anger controlling his whole being, and tears sitting on the brim of his eyes. There was certain darkness to them, one I wasn’t used to, one that was in all actuality a scary thing to witness. I brushed his shoulder gently, thinking maybe that would make him look at me.

“What?” His voice was low and raspy.

“I know you’re not okay, so are you sure you can handle this?” I gave him a sincere smile, I had to force myself to do it, but it was sincere nonetheless.

“I’m oki. I’m just worried about my brother. What is taking so long in there?” He was referring to Lau being in emergency surgery. “It was only a stab wound, no?”

I nodded in agreement and then a tall man with creamy olive colored skin appeared in front of us. Diablo, Speedy, and Willy stood front and center as well putting two and two together that that was Laurent’s surgeon. He had a bloody surgical apron on and his hands were tinted with the powder inside the gloves they wear. “Votre frère sera bien. Quelle que soit un couteau ils ont utilisé pour lui couper a provoqué des dégâts assez mauvais. Nous semblait avoir cessé de le début d’une éventuelle infection. La pointe rouillée a rompu dans la plaie. Voudriez-vous tous de le voir avant que nous l’envoyer dans sa chamber (Your brother will be fine. Whatever knife they used to cut him up did pretty bad damage. We seemed to have stopped the very beginning of a possible infection. The rusted tip broke off in the wound. Would you all like to see him before we send him up to his room)?” I looked up dazed and confused, Larry nodded and grabbed my hand so I assumed it was decent news, seeing as how the doctor smiled at the both of us. “Seulement deux à la fois. Donc, je suppose que vous voulez passer en premier (Only two at a time. So I would assume you want to go first).” Larry pulled me out of my seat and pulled me close to him as the doctor led us through the double doors of the ER rooms.

I heard beeping from all types of different gadgets as we walked back further and further, I heard a couple flat lines, making me shiver and grab hold of Larry tighter than normal, then we came to room 110, small and secluded, all white, no windows, no sound, just Laurent sleeping peacefully in his bed. I felt my heart drop when I saw where the bandages seemed to be concentrated at … his chest, almost in the center next to his heart. I dug my face into Larry’s shoulder while He stood there, leaning over Lau, tears dropping on the crisp white sheets.

“Laurent, c’est moi Larry. Cheyenne est là aussi. Qu’est-il arrivé l’homme? Vous m’avez dit que vous alliez sortir et maintenant ça? Le médecin a dit que vous serez très bien, mais je ne peux pas supporter de te voir comme ça (Laurent, It is me Larry. Cheyenne is here too. What happened man? You told me you were going out and now this? The doctor said you’ll be fine but I can’t stand to see you like this).” Larry’s voice cracked and I stood there watching him break down in front of me.

I let Larry have his moment, I didn’t speak. I didn’t question. I didn’t interrupt. I simply let him do & say what he needed to. I looked back at Laurent while we stepped back out of the doors. “He is gonna be okay, right Larry?” My voice shook and my eyes never left the perfectly colored white tile that was the floor of the hospital.

“Yeah, just a stab wound. They only went in surgery to get the tip of that rusty knife.”

Rusty knife. I quickly flashed back to that night in the alley, the knife etched into my brain. Did Laurent really find the guy or was this some freak coincidence? When we reached the waiting room doors again, my mind went blank for a completely different reason. There she was, Chanee, sitting with Speedy and Diablo just giggling as if nothing was wrong for us to be conjugated up at this hospital. Then she spotted us, her eyes meeting mine but quickly shooting over to Larry. She arose, a small pair of jean shorts that fit perfect on her plump behind with a top that showed off her toned and fit abs. Her skin was a sweet chocolate brown and she had hair the flowed freely to her upper shoulders, light brown eyes danced in the florescent lighting of the waiting room. I stopped where I was and watched as Larry rushed to her, wrapping her in his arms and his lips meeting hers. Then I saw it, she flashed me a look that read off to me as ‘Aha, yes that’s right. This is mine.’ I stared at her hard, my face began to boil and my eyes began to focus out everything around me to the point everything was getting black.

“Qui est ce (Who is this)?” Her voice was quiet and sweet but her eyes said otherwise. Larry turned to look at me but I focused on Diablo watching me intently.

“Cheyenne. Elle est ma,” his voice trailed off as he looked at me and back to Chanee, “Elle est mon bon ami (She’s my good friend).” She flashed an ecstatic smile and rushed to me.

“Bonjour! Bonjour!” I smiled because everyone could see me; she on the other hand scowled and rolled her eyes.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


8 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 16

  1. WoW!!! WTF!!!! This is soooo not the time for Drama!!!! Lau is laid up in the bed!!! Scarred up for What and Who!!! That’s some bull ish! Larry run!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. OMG I feel some drama in the air I’m getting all heated. I can already see Cheyenne fighting with this girl. I can not wait
    WOW SERIOUSLY. Haaaaaaaa lord

  3. I can so imagine Chayenne’s smile when Chanee hugged her SO FAKE like in this story Larry should def not do that. If you wanna see cat fight scratching, pulling hair, and all of that stuff I’ll tell you to. Fucking kiss your old gf

  4. I hope Cheyenne is not like the girl in the once in a lifetime stories, get slapped and do nothing. I hope this babe right here fights back.
    I’m serious I’m not playing

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