Deception: Chapter 15

‘And I just wanna hold you, touch you, feel you, be near you, I miss you baby, baby, baby. I’m tired of tryin’ to fake through, but there’s nothing I can do. Boy I can’t wait to hate you.’

I sang along with Mariah, my headphones pushed deep into my ears to the point I couldn’t hear anything around me. “I can’t wait to H.A.T.E U ‘cause right now I need you. I can’t wait to make you go.” I couldn’t hear myself over the slow melodic pulse that I felt through the music. I stood in the center of my room and swayed my hips slowly to the beat, as if I was in my own music video. My eyes were shut tight; I was fighting back tears for what reason I didn’t know. Then I felt a pair of hands snake their way to my hips from behind and the whoever the person was jump right in on beat with me. I looked up to see Larry standing behind me leaning his head against mine while I grabbed his hands and leaned back into him.

“I hope you don’t mean me.” Larry’s English was picking up and his sentences were more structured, while my French was still in shambles.

I slid the ear bud out of my ear, still keeping the left one in, “What?” I gave him a quizzical glance and continued humming silently.

“I said, I hope you don’t mean me.” He chortled and let his lips meet the side of my neck.

“Maybe I am Larry.” I smile up at him and twirled around so I could see him face to face. He, in turn, threw his head back and stepped backwards, taken aback by my statement.

“Oh so you wanna play huh?” He gave me a half smirk causing my stomach to do somersaults.

“Yeah I wanna play.” I smirked back and walked over to him pulling on his belt loops. His jeans hang just right off his square hips, a pair of batman boxers showing just above the brim of his jeans. “So what’s up?” I traced my finger down the center of his chest to the buckle of his belt. “What kinda game you wanna play?” Larry tensed up under my weight as I pushed him back on my bed.

“I—I don’t know.” He stammered and bit his lip nervously.

“Why so nervous?” I straddled myself over him and leaned on my hands allowing my face to hang directly over his.

“Be-Because I just— I just am.” He rested his head back as I leaned in closer to his face, our breath colliding with each other’s. “Why you doing this?” He finally mustered up the courage to try and gain his masculinity back into this situation.

“Cause I want to.” I rolled over and lay next to him, giggling at the fact I’d gotten him to lose control of his otherwise, calm, cool, and collected manner. “Larry, what is this?”

Larry was petting my hurt shoulder gently, making sure not to hurt it. I’d kinda given up on finding that guy since the incident but every now and then throughout the day I’d have a brief flashback that sent bone chilling shivers down my spine. “What do you mean?” I glanced up at him and laid my head back down on his chest.

“I don’t know. Dina and Lau hooked up finally, and then here we are. What are we?” I asked genuinely curious, waiting patiently to hear his answer.

“Why you ask?” His voice rang, he was playing games and I knew it but it was cute so I allowed it.

“I’m asking because I want to know Larry.” My voice had tinged with a small amount of irritation.

“But why is it a big deal to know where we stand.” I could tell he was trying to force it out of me. But I wasn’t the type of girl to just up and voice out my emotions like that. I was gonna hold out on saying it as long as I could.

I groaned and pressed my face into Larry’s shoulder, “JUST TELL MEEEEEE-AH!” I drug my hand down my face and sulked playfully.

“No.” He smirked again, obviously loving he was fully in control again.

“Get out.” I sat up and gave him the death stare.

“Wh-What?” He sat up and panned his vision to the door. “You can’t be serious.” He gave me a perplexed squint and stood up.

“No, I’m not but I just wanna know. I wanna know why you can’t say you like me. Or you won’t say it because you really don’t? Is that it?” I shook my head wildly and paced in my room. Larry stood afar watching me with worry.

“Listen you yourself Chey. I LIKE YOU!  I really like you. I didn’t think I had to tell you that for you to know. Why is it such big deal for me to say that?” His voice boomed causing me to freeze where I stood at.

I looked up at him, my head hanging and eyes darting back and forth like a guilty puppy who just did something they knew was wrong but had nowhere to run, complying silently to his anger. “I-I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Just stop with all this jealous shit. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I know you need to stop tripping.” He strolled over to me, his forehead meeting mine, and nose brushing against my cheek while he brushed his lips across my skin.

“No. You’re right though. I’m on some other shit right now.” I smiled, happy to be in his arms.

CHEYENNE! Are you in here?” Diablo came rushing down the steps of my bedroom coming to a halt after sliding on the carpet.

“What?” I ripped myself out of Larry’s embrace and faced him. I turned to look at Larry once more, he shrugged.  Then, not long after doing that, Laurent was in my room, bleeding and panting as if he was damn near death.

With no hesitation, Laurent fell to his knees. Larry and I rushed to his side; waterworks burning in my eyes and my heartbeat thumping out loud as if it were going to burst out of my chest.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels


3 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 15

  1. O hell no who hurt Lau!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ROTFLMAO!! Now this has just gone to far…first Lau gets a bad rap, then has no game, oki now he got a token piece…Why is he near death! All the while Larry is just living it up. U know Larry is getting ready to loss his mind!!! This is Chey’s fault some way some how! If not I blame her! They need to run!

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