Throwback: Les Twins, Speedylegz, Diablo, Regi, & BouBou

It is awesome to be witness to the evolution of dance! Whether it’s hip hop dance, break dance, tap dance, ballet, classical, what have you; the opportunity to witness the ebb and flow of it’s rhythms and the change of it’s course is a sight to behold. All of the guys and girls in Criminalz Crew are a classic example of the greatness of the art.

This video is from 2008. It showcases the talents of both Laurent and Larry, as well as Crew members, Speedylegz, Diablo, Regi (then Lil Regi) and BouBou King. Notice how their styles have all grown from what they used to be up to what they are today. You still see glimmers of their old techniques and moves in their flow today, but they’ve all grown tremendously. Their confidence has grown; their swag has grown; and their talent has gone through the roof.



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