Les Twins Back With Beyonce For “Revel Concert” Series

Talk about a match made in heaven! This would definitely fit the bill. Les Twins are back with the Queen! Queen Bey that is. Yes ladies and gents, Larry and Laurent will be performing with Beyonce for the grand opening of the Revel Casino/Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. at the end of May. It has not been officially confirmed, and I’m sure many of you are going to wait for an actual confirmation from Les Twins Organization Official before you run off to buy your tickets, but trust me when I tell you, it’s already said and done.

The tickets for the concert are pretty pricey this time around. I assume because the Revel is a swanky resort in N.J. and they don’t want just anybody coming to the event, especially a grand opening. I know it sounds crass but that’s just the way things work sometimes. The soft opening occurred last month in April and the grand opening, as stated will be Memorial Day weekend. Details below.

Revel Casino Atlantic City
Connecticut Ave & Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Call 1-866-468-8961 for reservations

Beyonce Revel Concert  Series Ticket Info


3 thoughts on “Les Twins Back With Beyonce For “Revel Concert” Series

  1. Oh god, they’re back with the illuminati skank? God i hope they dont worship satan along with her. but with all those hand gestures they keep throwing up in their pics, they must have made some sort of satanic deal to be working with beyonce period!

    I pray the blood of Jesus around my boys! Dont need them dying out there and lost in eternity on account of hollywood and it’s crap!

    • Those hands sign that you are talking about has nothing to do with satan. LOL… All they doing is representing their crew… Criminalz Crew

  2. Sorry I just wanted to comment on the article that was made about Beyonce’s tickets being pricey and that the resort didn’t want just anyone in could have been left out. Either you can afford the tickets or not. When she was in Cali the nose bleed seats were over $100 . That’s not including the service fee and taxes and this was at the Staples Center not at some swanky hotel resort. Sorry if I seem a little crass myself, but it came off kind of disrespectful.

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