Deception: Chapter 14

“You have to talk to him sometime Cheyenne. Stop being so fucking stubborn and talk to the damn boy, he’s obviously sorry.” Dina was following me around while I cleaned up the store for closing.

“I don’t want to. That shit is beyond me Dina. You can’t fuck me and then go fuck a bitch at a damn party pretty much. He was tonguing her down like my ass wasn’t there and like I couldn’t do just what I did and wander up and see it. At least go somewhere private. The middle of the dance floor? Come on now. That shit is just…” My voice trailed off when I saw Larry and Laurent walk through the doors of the store.

“Just talk to him, I’ll clock you out and handle the store, you pretty much got everything girl.” Dina pushed me towards the two brothers and escorted Laurent towards the back of the store with her.

“But I —,” I realized I was too far in at that point and there was no turning back on finally talking to Larry about what I saw a few days ago.

“Hi.” Larry stood at the door, his hands shaking and eyes darting back and forth trying to avoid eye contact with me.

“Yeah?” I cocked my weight to one side and folded one arm behind my back, leaving my right hand free to play with the curls in my hair.

“Can we go talk, outside?” He looked up and noticed Dina and Laurent giggling in the back like little children, what they were doing back there … no one knows but they were loud. I nodded in agreement but when he reached out to touch me I jerked away and brushed past him. “Look about Friday, I know her from back in school.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean? I don’t care. I’m not your girlfriend so you really don’t have to explain shit to me. I just don’t like you fucked me and treated me like I was your girlfriend but then you going round dry humping and tonging down females at a party you took me to. Got me hanging on your arm at dinner and shit but soon as I’m outta sight you find it okay to do that shit. I LIKE YOU! I really didn’t even have to choose you, I could have been like ‘Fuck Larry I’ll see what Laurent’s all about,’ seeing as how he was trying so hard to get me before I introduced him to Dina. Larry you ain’t shit for that.”

“I get it Chey, I do. But listen I swear it wasn’t like that. She just … I was … We were … It was just a dance. And I like you Chey. I’m sorry for messing with you r emotions. I really am.” He stumbled over his words, nerves taking part in his apology.

I had my back turned to him and I saw Dina and Laurent in the store, lip-locked. I felt accomplished in a sense but then I felt like my own shit got fucked up in the process. “Do you really or are you just saying that because you wanna make me feel better?” I turned and looked him in the eyes, tears forming. “Look, I know it’s only been a month and some change since I’ve been here but I’ve been through too got damn much before now Larry. I don’t just have sex with guys because it’s just not me. I REALLY, really like you which is why I did what I did knowing where we stood wasn’t even on a seriously intimate level. I’m not gonna let you sit up here and fuck me over. I’m not. It’s either you with me and we make something out of this or we don’t and we just keep the distance cause I can’t handle this shit.  At least not when I’m just getting used to all of this.” I stepped back away from him and brushed at the hair that was blowing in my face.

Larry stepped forward his arms outstretched and opened in my direction, “Cheyenne. I’m sorry. Forgive me?” He finally pulled me to him and kissed my lips. “Maybe we should start this over and really get to know each other. That is all I can think of. I don’t want you to regret nothing so, you do that for me?” He was talking extremely low to the point his voice was barely audible. I understood him nevertheless so I simply nodded and let my head rest in his chest. “Good. We start tonight. Come over?” I had to smile at him because he was too damn cute to stay mad at.


“Get off me you creep!” I screamed rolling all over the floor with Larry.

“No, you said that you would answer everything I ask you and if you didn’t you would let me pluck your eyebrows.” Larry held up a pair of tweezers near my face. “The first question I ask and you try to bullshit your way out.”

“NO! NO! GET OFF!” I kicked him a little too hard in the gut and he doubled over, his face burning red in pain. “Oh my god, Larry I’m sorry.” I ran to his side to help him.

“Damn, you kick hard.” His voice was weak and his eyes were watering up. “You know what, how bout we go eat ice cream and watch movie. You dangerous.” Larry tried to smile as he struggled to his feet and out of the room. I smiled to myself, glad I saved my eyebrows.

“Larry I said I’m sorry!” I plopped down on the couch and waited for Larry to come back with two bowls of ice cream. Instead this fool came back with the whole gallon, two big spoons, and a cake dish that had a whole freshly backed Dutch chocolate cake sitting there looking like sex itself. I looked at him and shook my head. “Boy, what the hell is this?” I asked while I pulled my feet under me and leaned on the arm of the couch.

“We eat it, if you don’t want it, I will eat it by myself.” He sat down far away from me and opened the ice cream container.

“No, nigga you gone share with me!” I launched myself in his lap and snatched a spoon out of his hand. “What kind of ice cream is this?” He stared back at me slightly disturbed at how rough I was being tonight.

“You know when you say you hurt me and I told you I think you hurt yourself?” I nodded, “Yeah, I think if I keep fucking with you, you just might hurt me.”

“Oh my god shut up fool. You know you like it.”

“No, I don’t.” He chuckled and flipped the channels on the TV. “So what we do?”

“I don’t know. I guess we can play the question game. I ask you something, you answer and then you ask me, something and I answer you.” I rested my head in his lap and stared up at him.

“Oki, you start.” He looked down at me and slipped the spoon in my mouth so I could enjoy the sweet, cold, delicious, cookies & cream ice cream.

“Oki,” I giggled mimicking his accent, “How old are you?” I watched him closely and played with his hand.


“Damn you old as shit!” I blurted without thinking first. “I mean, oh, that’s nice.” I closed my eyes and chuckled quietly.

“No, you just young.” He cut me a look, “What is you ethnicity?”

“Black, Italian, French, and Native American … I know that’s some weird combo.” I was getting bored with the PG-13 questions so I decided to turn it up a few notches, “So when was your first time?”

“What you mean?” He looked down at me dazed.

“Like, when did you lose your virginity?”

“Oh, I was 15.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me and bit his lip. “How about you?”

I hid behind my hands and sighed, “Uh, last week.”

“Last week? Wait you were—,” He looked down at me astonished, “nah, you lyin.”

I shook my head, “Nope. Drop dead serious. I mean I’ve fooled around … but I’ve never gone THAT far until with you.”

“So I took it?” Larry moved causing me to sit up and face him.

“Yeah, pretty much. That’s why it bothered me with what I saw in the party. Who was that girl? Was she like and ex or something?”

“Chanee? No, well, yes,” he looked away, “Well no not really. We just fuck around a lot. She always liked me but I never really saw her like that.”

I nodded my head and picked my spoon back up. “Oh.”

“Is that a problem?” Larry eyed me cautiously.

“No, it’s fine. Is she the jealous type?” I asked. Right as he was going to answer his cell phone rand and ironically Chanee popped up on the screen. I rolled my eyes and walked back to his room. This bitch, I had bad vibes about her. I knew I had no place to get mad and hate on her, but I wanted Larry for myself. There was no denying that, and I wasn’t gonna let her stand in my way.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels.


4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 14

  1. Wow!!! I called it!!! But she still messy as hell…Why she playing…I’m mad for Lau!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Couldn’t even imagine Larry shaking…but oki! I might be rutting for the baddest chick the ex!!! Larry says no…but kissing and grinding on the dance floor sounds like…well…Like I said Chey is messy girl fight! Poor Lau…Larry gaming again!!

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