Deception: Chapter 13

Dina and I were standing off to the side with Speedy and Diablo. Larry and Laurent had been pulled into the middle of some big dance circle that they couldn’t seem to escape. The excitement and oohs never seemed to stop when they were dancing so I took this opportunity to ask Diablo what happened in the house earlier. I squeezed my way through the packed space to stand in front him, he wasn’t much taller than me so the communication wasn’t too difficult.

“What was all that earlier at the house D?” I leaned into him so he could hear me.

“What you mean? It was nothing like Laurent said.” He wouldn’t make eye contact with me though. He just peered menacingly into the cypher circle. I eyed him suspiciously, “What? I tell you, nothing happen damn.” Diablo stormed off and left me there by myself, but Dina came to my rescue.

“What crawled up his ass and died?” Her face was twisted and contorted while she looked at me confused.

“I don’t know. He told me nothing. Just like Lau said earlier. I give girl, I give up.” An extremely loud roar of screams powered over the music. I had to see what the twins were doing that was so amazing but when I got there I wished I would have just stayed put where I was.


“Cheyenne!” Larry raced after me. “Cheyenne!” I made a quick turn into a dark alley trying to avoid him seeing me. My eyes were burning and my chest was tight from running for God knows how far from the warehouse, I leaned over and rested my hands on my knees.

As I stood there tears welling up in my eyes, I began to zone out and forget I was in the middle of nowhere with no one around to help me if something were to happen. I dropped to my knees and balled up in an upright fetal position. I didn’t notice the dark figure standing directly before me. “Dénudez (Strip).” The raspy voice cut through the cool night sky. I looked up and wiped my eyes, “STRIP! Je l’ai dit DÉNUDEZ (I said STRIP)!” I looked at the knife that caught the moonlight on its blade. “Dieu me damne! J’ai dit à DÉNUDEZ (God damn it! I said to STRIP)!” He pressed the blade up to the bottom of my jaw as I slid my way back to my normal height.

Little by little I eased the jacket off, then the tank top, next my shoes, moving as slow as possible as I sobbed loudly in the dimly lit back street. “Why are you doing this?” I questioned looking them in the eyes from what I could see.

“You American? Oh yes, this is very nice.” I watched as he began to slide his jeans off. I noted he had medium length strawberry blonde hair from the light that caught it when he bent over. “Kneel.” I looked down at his groin and did what he told me. As soon as my face was within inches of it when he pulled me by my hair close my face wrinkled up, it smelled horrible.

I gagged a little and tried to hide my face. “LARRY!” I screamed out in hopes that maybe he was still outside of the party looking for me. I choked on air from crying so hard, “Larry where are you?” My voice cracked I yelled so loud.

“Shut UP!” I felt the knife scrape across my back and subsequently the blood dripping down shoulder blade where he initially started to slice, I let out a squeal. “If you do not shut up I will gut you like pig.” He took my head into the palm of his hand. I bowed down causing him to lose grip. He stumbled slightly so I took that as opportunity. I hoped up and ran out of the alley, half naked, shivering, and cold. My knees were bloody from him dragging me to his genitals and a painful burning sensation took over in my shoulder. “You BITCH!” He shouted from behind me. I didn’t turn around, I just ran.

“Larry!” I shouted, stumbling back onto my knees. Innocent bystanders walked by, all crowing around me. Silent whispers began to emerge while I lay there. I didn’t want to fight anymore. I was heartbroken, I almost got raped, and I was being totally humiliated in from of HUNDREDS of people that didn’t know me. I lay there and cried. I let everything out.

“DÉPLACER! DÉPLACER! DÉPLACER (MOVE! MOVE! MOVE)!”  I listened as someone pushed through the crowds. “Cheyenne, oh mi gad.” Laurent appeared before me and grabbed me up wrapping his arms around my body to hide what everyone had seen already. “Where your clothes at?” He held me tight making me breakdown in his arms. It felt right and wrong at the same time because here I am, liking and wanting to be with Larry, trying to hook Laurent up with Dina, and BAM, I’m half naked crying in his arms in the middle of Paris. He stood on a sidewalk his back facing the streets so no one could see me. “Cheyenne you oki?” He brushed his finger across the wound on my shoulder. “Talk to me, I know I’ve been an ass but I want to help you.”

“There in that alley. I don’t want to go back down there Lau.” I choked on my tears and hid my face in his chest. “Don’t make me go back.”

“I sure as hell no leave you in the street alone. Come, I got you.” He smiled warmly and me, his hair blowing in the wind. Finally I was feeling connected to Laurent again and I wasn’t hating him. “You safe with me Chey.”

I looked down the street, and squinted trying to pinpoint where I was before. “It was the alley right after this one.”


“So are you gonna be okay tonight Chey?” Laurent was standing at the doorway of my bedroom. I rode back with Diablo instead of the twins because I couldn’t look at Larry right now.

“Yes, I’ll be cool tonight Laurent.” I smiled at him and pulled at my bangs, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” He pecked my forehead and turned away from me. “Larry said he want to talk as well. I say at least let him explain.” I rolled my eyes but I was taking his point into consideration. I would have let Larry talk to me had he found me instead of Laurent, but he didn’t and I was still shaken up from tonight events. I didn’t even change; I just stripped my sheets back and climbed under them, scowling every time I missed and rolled onto the side I got cut on.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels

4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 13

  1. Drama just Drama…U know someone is always kissing Larry…I’m leaning on an EX…that’s the only drama that hasn’t come up! Why she playing O_o she just needed an excuse to make a move on Laurent…she could have saved herself some time! New title… Drama times Two!

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