Deception: Chapter 12

“What is this?” Dina tugged at the dress I had sitting on my bed for her to wear. “I don’t want to wear this.”

I cut her a glare and smacked my lips. “Put it on. Laurent is gonna love it on you.” I held it up to her body. It honestly wasn’t all that bad. It was a simple black strapless dress; adorned in multicolored rhinestones on the  bust of the dress. I figured she’d look gorgeous in it. I was working on her make up and hair a little bit. Just something subtle, I wanted her to look better than me honestly because I wanted Lau to be focused on her and not me for once since she’d been at my house. A simple smoky eye here, a shimmery nude lip there, and some black peep-toe pumps; I was about to put this girl on a runway if I could. The look was simple, yet flawless. “Dina, you’ll look fine. I’m trying to get you some play with Laurent just chill yo ass ma.” I took my flat iron to her hair and let it sizzle as I eased it from root to tip, wrapping her hair around it in mid-tress so I could give it a nice beach curl.

“You think?” She looked at my reflection in the mirror. “I mean, look at him, and then look at me.” I could hear her self-esteem take a huge plummet to the pits of hell as soon as she finished that statement. “Look at you even. Why would he want me?”

I looked at her from in the mirror; my sympathy went out to her wholly.  “Dina, girl you’re beautiful. If Laurent doesn’t snatch you up looking like you’re gonna look tonight then he can go kick a few boulders and fall off an everlasting cliff … I mean it.” I gave her a warm smile and brushed her shoulder trying to make her feel better. “I promise.” I finished curling the last lock of her hair, “How bout sometime next week I dye your hair too. The brown is pretty but I think a jet black on you and a short bob would make you drop dead gorgeous. I mean only if you want me to do it.”

“You can do all that?” She looked up at me wide eyed.

“Yeah, my aunt had a hair salon and I used to help her in the shop every summer. I was her apprentice I guess.” I watched as she stood up, I ran my fingers through her hair a couple times to get the volume I wanted out of it. “Perfect. I’ll be out in a few minutes, just wait in my room.”

I pulled my outfit off the back of the bathroom door. I was gonna play it simple tonight. a gray and lavender tank top, purple letterman jacket, and gray skirt. I didn’t know where we were going so I threw something together that was versatile I guess.  I pulled on the outfit and walked into the bedroom to see Larry waiting at my desk holding a friendly conversation with who was Dina sitting on the bed. He smiled in my direction and walked over as soon as he was done cheesing. “You look nice, but how about you just chill tonight. Go put on something more comfortable.” He grabbed me by my waist and walked me to my closet. “Here, you wear this.” I looked at the new attire he handed me. A pair of ripped skinny jeans and a cropped black and hot pink top was hanging delicately from his fingertip. I liked that better. “Wear your Jordans too.”

I looked at him surprised at how he was ordering me around. “Uh, okay daddy.” I smirked and pulled the jeans on under my skirt before slipping it off. “I’d rather wear my tank and jacket though.” I stared up at him while struggling to slip the Jordans on and keep steady eye contact with him.

“Oki, come on, you and Dina ride with me and Lau. Everyone else meet us there later.”

“Where?” I stopped abruptly and looked at Dina.

“I won’t say, just bring your ass on.” He but his lip and gave me a stern glare. Dina giggled over to the side of me finally letting the full blown laugh take control after several seconds.

“What you NOT gone do is talk to me like you’re my dad Larry.” I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

“That’s not what you said a week ago.” He let out one chuckle and walked ahead of me. The blood instantly rushed to my face and I glued my hands to my face. “Oh so you embarrassed now, huh?” He pulled me into a hug with my hands still covering my face. “Come ‘ere Chey,” He pried my hands from my face and looked me square in the eyes, “Je serai votre papa ce soir si tu me laisses belle (I will be your daddy tonight if you let me gorgeous).” He planted a kiss on the tip of my nose and led me back up the steps to see Laurent and Diablo on the couch punching each other like mad men. “Hey, hey, HEY! C’est quoi ce bordel qui se passé (Hey, hey, HEY! What the fuck is going on)?” Larry rushed from my side to pull Laurent off Diablo.

“Je ne veux pas en parler. Il n’y a rien (I don’t want to talk about it. It’s nothing.” Laurent brushed off his shirt and walked over next to Dina. “You look incredible.” He squinted his eyes just a little and eyed her from head to toe.

I looked at her as a smile crept slowly on my face. One, my plan seemed like it might be working. And two, Dina was genuinely excited which made me happy that this was all on my account.

Diablo glared at Laurent just a little while longer before racing up the steps only to come back down seconds later. “Let’s go.”

I hopped in the car with Larry, Dina, and Laurent. I was in the back with Dina, Laurent was driving and Larry was in the passenger’s seat.  They seemed to be in a heated discussion and I only picked up certain words but the words I understood didn’t make any sense, almost like it was second language. So I simply ignored and went on to hold a separate conversation with Dina.


I sat back in my chair staring at Larry. Dina was nest to me and Laurent across from her. Diablo never came to the restaurant so I figured he was either going somewhere else or he was gonna meet back up with us later.

“So are you ever going to tell me where we’re going?” I whispered to Larry. I felt Laurent’s eyes on me, but I never wavered my attention from Larry.

“Stop asking so many question.” He chuckled and grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. “You will see.” Suddenly he jumped in his seat and I saw him give Laurent a pissed off glare.

“Well can we hurry please?” I begged with a meek smile.

“Yes, let’s go. I want to hurry and get there before it gets too crowded.” Laurent piped in, Larry only ignored him. “I know you hear me ass. We can’t keep the lady waiting.” He smiled at me and I frowned in return. Dina sat back confused; I, as well as Larry, knew all there was to know as far as Laurent and his shady attempts to win me over went.

“Let’s go.” Larry stood up annoyance his main emotion. I followed behind him with Dina and Lau a couple steps behind me. making an abrupt turn, I began walking to the car but Larry stopped me, “No, we walk from here. Just follow me, oki?”

I nodded and took his hand in mine. Music began to blast the closer we got to a building. Drunken people wobbled like ducks on the corners, shady men stood nearby waiting on opportunities to pounce on unsuspecting girls that were too tipsy to even tell the front of their hands from the back, all as I looked around dumbfounded. Larry pulled me to the back of the building. We were met by a GIANT heavily built man. With a simple nod he slid open the huge decrepit wooden door that led inside. The music blared even louder at this point making me cuddle up next to Larry. He looked down and pulled me closer. I looked over out the corner of my eye and saw Diana alone so I reached out my hand and grabbed hers so she wouldn’t get lost in the crowd we were about to encounter.

“Larry!” I shouted as best I could so he would hear me.

“QUI?!” He leaned over a little to ensure he would hear.

“What is this?” We stopped in the middle of what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse with drones of people all bouncing around to the music. Most were off beat and others stood around holding the walls up. I squinted as bright LED lights flashed and strobe light blinked brightly making it hard to see.

“No worry. I just want you to see this.” He threw his hand up towards the DJ. Then almost like he was magician Diablo appeared with Speedy by his side. Laurent finally showed up in front of all of us later.

“Oh, nous avons des invités spéciaux à la maison ce soir (Oh, we have special guests in the house tonight)!” The DJ looked down from on the makeshift stage he was set up on and motioned for the twins to come up. Diablo and Speedy followed leaving Dina and I to admire them from afar on ground level. “Crew Criminalz dans le monde bâtiment! Y renoncer, faire du bruit (Criminalz Crew in the building everyone! Give it up, make some noise)!” He shouted through the mic, everyone let out loud yelps and whistles.

“Dina, are you just and nervous as I am?” I turned for a second to look at her, heels in her hand and hair pulled over one shoulder because most of the curls had fallen out by the time we’d gotten into the building good.

“Yeah, a little bit!” She coughed on the smoke coming from somewhere in the corner where we stood.

A beat dropped and my attention shot from the ground I was staring at to Larry and Laurent. The baseline was vicious with intricate adlibs to the music. The fact that Larry was hitting every part of the beat possible amazed me. I knew they danced, they told me that the first day I met them, but I’d never seen myself. I figured they were just ‘okay’ you know? Nothing extremely special, but they were proving all my assumptions to be completely wrong. Not only that but how they danced together was spectacular. Larry might be doing a move over here and Laurent would just slide on in and accompany his brother in murdering the move or accenting some crazy move Larry would do. I didn’t think I’d ever have a jaw dropping moment in my life until that moment. Diablo was just as good. He was almost like rubber, like he didn’t have a solid bone in his body. My eyes were locked on all four of them on the stage, never blinking, never wanting to miss the moment, and never wanting to miss some quick move they did. I stood there, even after they left the stage, I was still in utter shock.  Larry walked up to me first and snatched me up in his arms, his hands holding me up by my butt, whereas my arms were hanging loosely around his neck.

“You like?” He let his lips brush across my ear. All I could manage to do was stare him down, “I take that as yes.” He grinned and pecked my lips before putting me down and pulling me into the middle of the dance floor. I finally composed myself and realized Dina and Laurent were next to us dancing as well. I turned so that Larry was behind me as he gripped my waist while I grinded into him to the mid tempo song booming through the speakers.

I’m so high. You just might be the sexiest thing off in the club. I’m just trying so damn hard to get you hooked. I’m so addicted to you, girl you got me hooked and I’m so high.’

Those words seemed to be the only ones that actually stuck with me. Maybe it was because I always had this feeling of this gratifying sensation whenever I was near Larry. I smiled to myself and let the beat eventually take over, our bodies meshing as one for that small part of my life. A moment I wanted to dwell in forever because it just felt so damn good.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels


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  1. Ok what time zone are we using…I’ve read this twice and I confused…I’ve been a little off schedule and I keep feeling I’m missing something! Now I just sound all kinds of crazy when I talk about not being to far from the computer.

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