Island of Sexual Frustration – Part 1


Island of Sexual Frustration

I think we have some of the most creative and talented fans in all the history of fandoms. I’m serious! Throughout the various social networks, there are tons of Les Twins fans who offer some great photo edits, trivia games, gifs, fan fictions, etc. In addition to the mash up of artistic ingenuity presented by les fans, we even have cartoon drawings of our dynamic French duo in, shall we say “awkward” situations. Check out this hilarious series by fan Cara Ford titled, “The Island of Sexual Frustration”.

Please keep in mind that everything presented by fans are not done with serious intent. They are all comprised of ideas, inside jokes, and friendly, humorous discourse amongst one another.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Island of Sexual Frustration – Part 1

  1. Now that was funny!

    I read on tumblr that les twins claim to be moving to NYC for life. I hope they try out for casting on Saturday Night Live.

    this was funny, good work and good drawings!

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