Deception: Chapter 9

♫In the glow of candlelight, I will show you you’re the lady of my life♫

Michael Jackson played softly in the background from Larry’s speakers somewhere in the apartment. I hummed quietly staring at Laurent, letting the simple beat pulse through my body while I swayed to the melody he watched me in silence.

“So, you have nothing to say?” Laurent looked up at me flicking through channels on the TV. I glared back at him. I was angry with him because I know he’s not stupid and I know he knows I like Larry and he’s my friend, so I simply stared at him then looked back down at my nails. “Why you no answer? You mad with me?” I looked up again beginning to get annoyed.

“The fuck Lau? What you think?” I hissed at him trying to keep quiet. Without hesitation he stood up and sat down next to me, his arm draped on the back of the couch with his fingertips grazing my shoulder. I quickly scooted away. “Will you STOP?”

“Why you act like this?” He stared at me and gently brushed a hand across my thigh. I stared at him and stood up, my face burning hot. “Just say you like me too. I am not stupid. I can tell you like me.” He gave me an all knowing glance and walked up in my face. His body towered over me slightly with his chest heaving up and down on my nose, “Tell me you like you like me and I leave you alone.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I backed away only to have him step forward again.

“You.” He was being a smart ass.

“Get away from me Laurent.” I warned him as I held out my hands pushing him away from me. As if he could sense something was going on, rapidly Larry was standing in the doorway, his eyes focused on me and Laurent.

“Lau, qu’est-ce qui se passé (Lau, what is going on)?” Larry’s eyes were dancing between the two of us still.

I felt a pang of shame take over and my head dropped. The ring in his voice when he looked at Lau let me know he was feeling like “something” was about to happen. Laurent finally backed away from me and faced his brother. “Rien (Nothing).” And like that with no remorse for what he was trying to do, he walked away and pushed past his brother, his eyes never leaving the connection they had with mine.

“What was that?” Larry walked to me and pulled me in his lap. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything at all even though I wanted to blurt everything out at that very moment; I just sat there looking like a fool. My nose began to burn and my eyes became cloudy with tears that corrupted my vision of Larry’s face. “Cheyenne, what happen?” His voice deepened with worry.

I shook my head and laid it in his chest letting the tears break free. Instantaneously, Larry wrapped his long arms around me. Softly he hummed in my ear trying to calm me down. I sniffled and brushed my hands across my eyes. “I’m sorry.” I whispered, in that moment I felt so guilty.

“Why?” He broke his embrace to look me in the eyes. His dark brown orbs burned with curiosity.

“Because I’m stupid; just take me and my sister home … please?” I pleaded, standing back up.

He shook his head and got up as well. Moments later Chelsey came running to me with Larry by her side staring at me with certain softness in his demeanor towards me. I sighed and unlocked the door to walk out.

“Bye Cheyenne!” Laurent was standing in the doorway again, an eerie grin painted onto his face.

I rolled my eyes. “Bye.” I bit back the rest of what I wanted to say and rushed to the car


I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. Diablo’s girlfriend had left about an hour ago and my dad and Madeline decided to have a date night. I dragged myself out of the bed and wiped the dried up tears from my eyes off. I’ve been here a month, a fucking month and I’m already in the middle of drama. A commotion of dished falling led me to the kitchen to see Chris pushing through the fridge trying to find something to eat. I stood in the doorway, head resting there, arms folded, and all my weight focused into one hip.

“Hey.” I said simply.

“Chey,” My brother’s eyes met mine and he went from happy to worry in less than a second. One thing about my brother I loved was that he always knew when I was sad, “what happened?” He eased away from the fridge and sat down.

“The twins Chris.” I held my held down and looked back up. “I had sex with one today, and the other one likes me & I kinda like him too.”

“Awe, damn. This is some fuckery. Nigga I am a 15 year old BOY, ion wanna hear about my big sister fucking dudes and shit like that.” He screwed his face up showing his disgust.

I could tell he was trying to make me feel better, but all he got was half smile. “I’m serious Christopher. I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell daddy because I know he’ll go crazy, I can’t talk to Diablo because those are his friends, and Madeline … she’s cool but I still don’t trust her like that. Chris you all I got right now and I just need to vent. Can you at least do that for me?” Chris’ eyes blazed in the moonlight the kitchen window allowed in.

“Mkay, I guess I can.” He scooted his chair over and let me rest my head in his shoulder.

“Okay, here goes …”

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan, Alexis Daniels


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