A Day In The Life…


I don’t know about you guys, but I’d sure like to see a video of the guys in their natural state. Meaning, sort of a documentary of how they spend their days. Something that captures them from the moment they wake up, until the time they go to sleep. Something like “A Day In The Life of Les Twins”.

I’d like to see the process of Larry getting his twists done. I know that his sister is the only person that he allows to do his twists and I think that’s so cute. No one can do them but her. I want to see the process though. These two boys have a head full of beautiful hair and I’m sure that it takes her a while to get it under control. I just want to see the washing of it, what products they use, and how the twists are formed. They always come out so nice and perfect. Okay… enough of that. As you can see I’m fascinated with the twists more so than the afro’s.

I also want to see how they interact with family. We’ve all seen tons of Criminalz Crew videos where the guys are hanging out rapping, dancing and just joking around. But we never get to see their more personal side with their family. They are always so playful with friends; I wonder if they’re more subdued with family? Do they have any family games that they play? Since there are other brothers and sisters that dance, do they have competitions amongst one another? I’d also like to hear from Mama Bourgeois. I know she’s proud of them, but I’d like to hear her take on their upbringing. Were they bad little kids? Did they fight all the time? Did they pester their older brothers and sisters?

All of these things are what the fans would love to see. I know I’m not alone in this. We can watch countless videos of Les Twins battling and playing around with friends; but I’d like to see something a bit more in depth to give us a clearer vantage point of who they are and the origins of how they became such dynamic individuals.

4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. Yeah…U have a lot of time on your hands thinking about the twist…Trust it doesn’t take that long. I love the wild child look…now that’s a question of how do they keep that up with out blowing it out! As for the family I could understand why they might not want to do it…they said themselves that it was getting crazy…so whatever keeps them normal and happy…but an interview with mom sounds great! But the whole day in a life thing would be Awesome…even in a controlled since…U know just them and no one else…cause private life means private.

  2. That would be so awesome I agree I would love to just see what the rest of their fam looks like…esp the brothers and dad

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