Deception: Chapter 8 (part 2)

“Wait so you’re from California too?!” Dina hopped up in her seat across from me.

“Yeah, LA.” I took a sip out of my cup.

“Oh, why did you move out here? Well obviously you’re in a military family; I guess I’m asking who’s in Uncle Sam’s gang.”

I snorted loudly at the Uncle Sam comment. “My dad, I moved over here last month.” My phone buzzed in my hand. Laurent was calling me. “Hold on this is Laurent now.”

Dina nodded.

“Hey, is Chelsey okay?” I asked getting straight to the point.

“Yeah, I went back to the store, they say you leave with some Dina girl.” He sounded a bit pressed.

“I’m fine; we’re down the street at the McDonald’s.”

“Oh, be there in 5.” I hung up the phone and looked at Dina staring at me again.

“So what is he to you?” She raised an eyebrow and leaned forward, ready to hear my response. “Is he boyfriend or what? What? What? What?”

“Just a friend to me. He’s my stepbrother’s best friend.”

A familiar figure walked past the window we sat at. I had to admit, Laurent was a very attractive man. Aside from his physical attributes he was just as attractive with his personality and confidence. I watched him as he strolled into the building, his head held high, dark shades sitting at the tip of his nose, his hair coiled at the tips and stuck up randomly all over his head. He smiled back at me and set Chelsey down on the ground, allowing her to run to me. I tried to avoid making eye contact again though so I looked at my sister.

“Hello,” he started to sit down next to me and put Chelsey on his lap, “Je m’appelle Laurent.” He looked Dina dead in the eyes while she sat there speechless, just staring at him in a nerdy manner. “Hello?” His voice rang out a little louder trying to snap her out of the trance.

Dina shook her head and covered her face. “Uh, Cheyenne, my break is over. I have to go back. I’m pretty sure you got the job though, Margie and your dad are really good friends.” She shot up for the stool in front of me and sprinted out of the door in a blur.

“Uh bye.” Laurent waved at her as if she could really see him.

“What’s up with her?” Chelsey’s little face wrinkled up and she let out a high pitched giggle.

“I don’t know. She might have been nervous.” I defended her because she wasn’t a bad girl. She was humorous, beautiful, and witty. Maybe Laurent was just too hot to handle at that point for her.

“You ready to go home?” Laurent stood up and grabbed me by my waist.

“Uh, yeah sure.” I pulled out my phone again and called the house. No one picked up. I waited a minute or two as we walked to the car, called again. Still no answer. Tried once more, then someone picked up and hung right back up. But they weren’t fast enough to disguise the moan I heard. “Yeah, ha, about that … I don’t want to go home.”

Laurent gave a confused expression, “Why not?”

“Diablo and his girl are still,” my voice trailed off when I realized my sister was still with us. “Uh, Diablo and his girlfriend are still … you know … having fun with hot dogs and doughnuts.” I struggled trying to find a clean innuendo.

“OH!” He caught on quickly and laughed loudly. “My house? Only if it is okay with you.” He looked at me, his eyes sparkled slightly.

“Yeah, is Larry there?” When I mentioned his brother jealously reared its ugly head for a second and disappeared again.

“Qui.” I watched his jaw clench as he put the car in drive and pulled off.

I wasn’t stupid, I knew what was wrong but I wasn’t about to have 2 brothers fighting over me, twins at that. Not saying I didn’t find it attractive, I did, but it was wrong. I sat quietly in the passenger’s seat, arms folded, eyes closed, head tilted back, letting my thoughts torture me.

You can’t just have sex with someone and then go and start having feelings for the man’s twin brother. What the hell is wrong with you Cheyenne? That’s dirty and cold hearted. You not just messing with two people emotions but you’re destroying a bond that’s rare between people. Why did I have sex with Larry anyway? You barely even know the damn kid. He doesn’t know anything about you—

“Are you oki?” Laurent’s voice made me jump so hard I hit my head on the window.

“FUCK!” I shouted rubbing my forehead.

“OOOOOOOOH!” Chelsey shouted in the backseat. “That’s a bad word!”

“I know what it is Chelsey. It slipped.” I rubbed my forehead vigorously. “What?” I turned my head back to Laurent who looked me up and down.

“I asked if you were okay. I call your name all this time to tell you we here.” He began to open the door to the driver’s side and got out. Chelsey shot out the backseat to the front door like a flash of lightening.

I rolled my eyes and dragged myself out of the car slowly. Right as I started walking towards the door Laurent pulled me off the side of the house.

“I like you Chey.” Laurent blurted out right. He didn ‘t even seem to think about what he said. It just came out. My jaw dropped.

Shit fuck ass DAMN! I’m screwed. I’m fucking screwed. What the hell?’ I thought to myself.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels

4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 8 (part 2)

  1. I literally check 4/5 times a day to see if you have posted the next chapter! I know you can’t be trying to write 24/7 but ah! so good! keep it coming!

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