Deception: Chapter 8 (Part 1)


I was getting dressed for my job interview as fast as I could. After that situationearlier I was in a rush. Larry was sitting in my bed watching me silently. I connected eyes with him from before I pulled on a black pencil skirt with a short spilt in the back, soft pink button up top, and some silver heels Madeline let me have. I overlooked my reflection in my bathroom mirror and smiled, pleased with what was in front of me.

“Cheyenne?” I heard Laurent call for me from in my room.

“Yeah Lau?” I brushed my freshly straightened hair into a loose side ponytail and put a silver pin in to keep my bangs in place. As soon as I walked out to my room and saw Laurent and Diablo at my computer with no signs of Larry anymore. “What the hell you guys? Get off.” I pushed them away and snatched up my laptop.

“Je pense qu’elle a des choses sales sur ce portable. Que pensez-vous de Diablo (I think she has dirty things on that laptop. What you think Diablo)?” Laurent stood up and stretched.

“Whatever you just said about dirty, SCREW YOU LAU!” I picked out what was probably the only word I knew in his sentence. Diablo’s eyes shut tight as he doubled over in laughter, leaning on Laurent who stood there shocked I even understood that much. “Yes, Larry is a good teacher. I’m getting better at knowing when you talking all that shit boy.” I teased as I brushed a finger across Laurent’s dropped jaw.

“Dammit. How I talk shit about you now? I beat Larry’s ass when I see him.” Laurent grabbed my waist and hugged me, his fingertips lingering longer than they should have as far as a friendly hug goes. “I miss you Cheyenne. Larry’s been keeping you away lately.” After he kissed my cheek he stepped back. I caught a certain look in his eyes, forcing me to look away briefly before looking back at his nose instead. I refused to look him in the eyes at that point because I was getting a vibe I knew I shouldn’t be feeling. “I take you to the interview, Diablo said his girlfriend come over and he won’t be able to pick you up and Larry had to go back home to babysit. He took Chelsey with him too.”

I nodded acknowledging why Larry was gone, then my eyes met Diablo’s. “Damn, I thought it was bros before hoes D.” I teased Diablo and put my computer back down. Diablo cut me a look that scared me damn near out my clothes. “I was playing. I haven’t even met the girl to call her a hoe, chill.” I nudged him playfully and the glare turned into the smile I’d gotten know so well the past month.

“I’m trying to get it in Cheyenne.” He cut me a smirk and I felt my stomach churn because right then and there I KNEW for a fact he figured out what was happening earlier. “Now you two leave before she come.” Diablo pushed Laurent and I out of my own room and out the front door, slamming and locking it the first chance he got.

“Damn, he really just kicked us out. I guess we can head on over to the interview then.” I glanced up and walked carefully on the uneven pathway that led to where the Diablo’s car was. “How do I look?” I asked looking for an honest opinion from Laurent. He wasn’t one to hold back his thoughts because half the time he never thought about what he said before it came out. “This doesn’t look too dressy or casual or nothing right?” I shook my head and started walking back to the house.

Quickly he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back towards the car. “You look beautiful Cheyenne.” He unlocked my door and opened it for me. “Hurry up we have 45 minutes to get you there.”


Laurent and I walked into the store. I was 15 minutes early for the interview but my dad always preached When you’re on time, you’re late. When you’re early, you’re on time. I looked around, the store was pretty general. It had a balance of men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoes. What caught my eye first was a pair of black Jordan’s in the men’s section. I walked over without thinking about it then realized they were the same shoes Larry and Laurent wore. I looked down at Lau’s feet and looked back up at the shoe smiling for some odd reason. I left Laurent behind for a minute to look around the store. Then I bumped into a girl around my age, shorter stature, long brown hair pulled back into a French bun, and oddly colored eyes. Not odd as in weird but more like rare. They had a green hue to them but still managed to burn with a shimmer of silver.

“Cheyenne?” She spoke quietly, reaching out her hand.

“Ah, yes.” I gave her a look basically egging her on to reveal who she was. She obviously didn’t catch on so I finally came out and spoke again. “And you are …?” I threw her the line waiting for her to respond.

“Oh, Dina,” Her lips curved into a smile. “Margie is ready for you in the back.” She led me to the back room where an older Hispanic woman waited.

I sat in the chair across from Margie for almost an hour. The fact she scared the shit out of me made me kind of reluctant to work there, especially with how she explained that the new workers can only work with her for the first two months. After drilling me with questions about why I wanted to work there and how would I be a good asset to the company she started filling me on expectations that they held all the employees to. I listened carefully but after another 10 minutes of her dragging on I zoned out and only came back to focus every now and again.

“Nice meeting you Ms. Baxter. I’ll call you sometime this week and let you know if you got the job. I think you have this in the bag though.” She stood up and leaned over the desk. She held out her finely manicured hand and attempted to give me a friendly wink that actually translated into reason for me to think she was bullshitting me. I smiled back anyway and thanked her before I walked back out to the main floor.

I looked around the store and couldn’t find Laurent. No one was in the store and Dina wasn’t at the register or anything. “Hello?” I called out quietly; I didn’t wanna be all loud and ignorant so I said it loud enough for someone to hear if they were nearby. “Laurent?”

“He said he’d be back.” Dina popped up behind me. “Something about going to get your sister because she missed you or whatever.” She leaned against a display on the wall and eyed me closely.

“Oh,” I glanced around looking anywhere but at Dina, “when did he leave?” I wasn’t really up to talking to her because I didn’t know her and I’m not very friendly with people I don’t know.

“15 minutes ago. He said he’ll be back in an hour. I go on my lunch break in 5 minutes, you wanna go with me? I’ll pay.”

I stared at her, thrown off at her openness. “Uh—.”

She cut me off. “Look, it’s fine. I’m not gonna abduct you or nothin’. You just seem cool, and that guy is cute. I just wanna get the 411 on him.” She laughed a little, “I’m joking … but no really, I wanna get details on that fine piece of sexy chocolate.”

I laughed out loud, she wasn’t so bad. She almost reminded me of Nicole so I agreed to go with her.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels


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