Videos: 2012 World of Dance L.A. W/ Les Twins and Galpin Auto Sports

This video is another great look into the World of Dance 2012 show and some of the great vendors that were showcased at the event. At the event, Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) showed off some amazing cars to all event spectators.

Also showcased in the video are our boys. A close look at Lau’s facial expressions as Larry blazed the stage; Larry’s quirkiness as he playfully taunted his opponent and that amaaaaaaaaaazeballs footwork that Larry has.

Narrative from the video:

GAS treated World of  Dance 2012 in Los Angeles to some hot new vehicles as well as food and drinks in the Hospitality trailer to VIPs who were in attendance. With many cyphers, stage competitions and battles, the dancers who stood out the most were Les Twins out of France. These two individuals mesh just about every type of dance there is along with their signature mime style of storytelling blended into their, “World of Dance.”

Video by: Analigital™ for GAS
Music produced & remixed by Freeverse beats


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