Deception: Chapter 7

“Larry, stop!” I giggled as he brushed his hand across my bare stomach. “Chelsey is upstairs. No.” I begged and pleaded but Larry wasn’t giving up.

A week had passed since me and Larry first fooled around. We only did it when no one was home because I knew that if my dad found out he wouldn’t be happy about it and he’d probably tell me I could never see Larry or better yet either one one the twins ever again. I was sitting in my room waiting to get dressed for this interview that I had at 2 that afternoon and of course Larry was in my rom harassing me as usual but I thought nothing of it because I honestly I loved it.

“No, you have that interview in a couple hours right?” He asked kissing down my chest, leaving butterfly kisses to my stomach. I felt a throbbing sensation take over my lower half and all I could do was nod. “I make these 2 hours worth it.” Slowly he slipped off my basketball shorts revealing the dampness of my cheetah printed underwear.

“Buh-but, wha-what about my sister?” I stammered, his breath was hitting me right on my spot and I could feel the tension kicking up with every second. Looking up at my face Larry kissed along my inner thighs sending small chills through my body.

“Laurent watch her. I told him to.” He gave me a devilish smile and yanked my panties off. “I got this love.”

I gasped for air as soon as I felt his tongue slide across my center. I had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing so I grabbed a pillow and held it over my face for fear if anyone heard me screaming I’d be done for.

Every second of this felt like heaven on earth as my body clashed against his face making the pleasure build up faster. Quickly, my stomach tensed up and my back arched, I had a lump the size of a boulder in my throat as I tried to let the moan slip from my lips. I made sure to grab the pillow and push it closer down to my face. My body couldn’t take anymore but Larry didn’t want to stop. I felt my legs tighten up around Larry’s face and I just went weak. The tension, gone but the pleasure still there and then some.

“Cheyenne …” Larry’s voice dragged out as he kissed back up my stomach, his accent only seeming sexier to my ears. My body shook uncontrollably still riding on that euphoric high. I tried speaking but I still couldn’t bring myself to make any sound. “I want you. Right here, now.” His eyes burned holes into mine while he positioned himself on his hands and knees, hovering above me.

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed my hands across his bird chest. Normally I went for guys that were more muscular but it was something about Larry that I didn’t care about. Quite frankly, his bird chest made him sexier. I watched him as she struggled slightly to pull off his jeans. I giggled and he stood up in my bed, as the jeans flew across my room and onto the chair in from my computer desk. I was finally feeling back in control again so I pulled Larry back down on top of me and slipped his boxers off. “Oh damn,” was all I could manage to utter when I saw what “stood” before me. “Come ‘ere.” His back slammed down against my bed while I straddled him. Kissing down his stomach, I smiled up at him but was in for a rude awakening once he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back up.

“Uh-uh. I want in Chey.” He demanded before slinging me back onto my back and mashing his lips roughly against mine. He took his hands and spread my legs apart before slipping inside me. I bit down on my lip so hard to the point I think I might have drawn blood. “Good, no?” Larry groaned into my ear, taking it deeper and deeper.

I only squealed in response, gripping at the sheet and his back trying to find something to hold on to.

“Speak up.” A guttural noise escaped his mouth as he pushed roughly against my body causing the headboard to make a quick knock on the wall. “I can’t hear you … speak!” He gave another forceful pound causing me to yelp.

“Yes.” I growled up at him. “Harder.” I yanked his head back down to my face and bit his lip gently.

“You sure?” He snickered and pinned my hands down by my head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” I scoffed and pulled my hands free. “How about I hurt you?” I pushed him off me and got back on top, making sure I placed my hands strategically on his chest leaving him unable to move me. I grinded my hips in a circular motion, throwing my head back. I felt my bra straps slide off my shoulder as he reached for my breasts.  “Oh god. Yes.” I moaned aloud, not even caring my sister was somewhere upstairs. Larry’s strong hands held a firm grip on my hips, pulling me back down against his pelvic thrusts making me moan louder and louder.

“Cheyenne,” I heard another male voice scream.

“FUCK!” I belted at the top of my lungs, half out of frustration and the other out of pure unadulterated pleasure. “WHAT?” I screamed never stopping the stroke I had going with Larry. He stared at me while I looked him in the eyes, smiling hard and sweating even harder.

“Phone!” I could tell it was Diablo and I knew he knew what was going on. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed the house phone off the hook. “Hell—Hello?” I tried as best as I could to not sound so preoccupied.

“Yes, it’s Dina from the shoe store. I was able to push your interview up an hour.” She sounded highly unsure of what to think by how I answered the phone. “Uh, can you com e in at 1 or do you still need that 2 o’clock appointment?”

I leaned over trying to catch my breath again while Larry sucked on my nipples cause me to sigh into the phone. “Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can make it at 1. Thank—thank you for calling.” I slammed the phone back on the dock and let Larry have his way with me again. This time he pulled me by my ankles and rested them on his shoulders. His strokes went deeper and deeper; to the point I began to feel it in my chest. “FUCK YES! Right there babe, right there.” I begged, gasping for air and clawing my nails down his arms. “SHIT!” My body flew off the brim and I felt all my muscles collapse right there on the spot. Larry was still on his hands and knees smiling at me.

“Looks like you hurt yourself.” He smirked, standing up and walking butt naked to my bathroom to take a shower.


***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels

3 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 7

  1. Had to take a break an smoke a cigarette! I’m going to have to take this slower than her lucky ass! In my minds eye I will never be able to see Larry with clothes again…Not bad! LMAO!!

  2. I have read this damn thing twice and smoked up half a pack of cigarettes with a glass of wine…U have out done yourself! U should post chapter 8 just to cool us down…ROTFLMAO!!!

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