Deception: Chapter 6

“What?” I giggled. My best friend was dancing around in her bedroom while we sat on Oovoo together. “What the hell is wrong with you Nicki?” I was turning red from laughing so hard.

Abruptly her face was scrunched up and mashed her head into her camera. “Who is that?” She asked looking past me in the webcam.

“Who is who? I’m the only one in the room right now.” I looked at the screen that showed my picture, everything was in tact, and no one was in the frame other than me. I even stood up and looked around the room, but I still didn’t see anything. Right as I was about to sit back down and continue my video call with Nicole, it caught my attention. In a swift movement to avoid being seen, I saw a couple twists, long brown nose, and Raiders snapback fly back behind my door, I rolled my eyes playfully and sighed.

“You don’t see that guy at your door hiding or something? Girl you got a bat in that room or something. You alone? Where’s Chelsey and Chris? Nah, better yet where is Mr. Baxter. Do I need to call 911?” She asked furrowing her brows and looking worried.

I gave Nicole a dumbfounded look at her 911 reference. “Nigga, I’m not in America no more. The hell 911 gone do for me if I’m about to die?! You so simple sometimes child. Jesus needs to come down a a white fluffly cloud and BLESS YOU!” I laughed and focused back in on my door. “Larry, I know you’re in my room. You might as well make yourself visible.” I stared at the computer as his tall lanky figure eased from behind the door and eventually next to me. I pulled the headphones out of the jack so everyone could hear properly. “Nicole, this is Larry. Larry this is my best friend Nicole.”

“Bonjour!” Larry’s baritone took to my ears making me blush and of course Nicki caught on. “You live in the States, no?”

“Yes, New York.” I could tell she was looking at me because she gave me the “look”that I knew so well. “Chey, who is this cute young man?” Larry hid his face behind his hands.

“He’s my stepbrother’s friend. He has a twin.” I slapped Larry making him look up again. “He’s trying to teach me French and my lesson starts now.” Larry popped me back and gave me a look as if he was daring me to touch him again. I was a rebel so I punched him in the arm. Not hard, just enough to casually knock him out of his seat on on to the floor. My mouth blew up with air as I tried not to let out my obnoxious laugh. He stared back up at me and raised back on his feet.

“THERE’S TWO OF THEM?” She shouted.

“Yes, Laurent!” I rolled my eyes and smiled at Larry, not realizing I half yelled Laurent’s name trying to dodge Larry from hitting me back again.

“You call me?” I heard Laurent’s voice boom and his footsteps get closer to my room.

“Lord, what have I done?” I prayed letting my head fall into my hands and Larry sit on my lap, making room for Lau to sit down.

“HI HI!” Laurent knelt over my head and waved at Nicki.

“It really is two of them!” Nicki started to spaz out and her eyes widened.

“Look, I gotta go love. I’ll text you.” I was trying to rush her off because now the twins were trying to double team me and knock me out to the computer chair. “Stop it!” I half shouted, half giggled. “NO! Let me go! I’m sorry Larry, I promise I won’t punch you anymore!”

“Okay Cheyenne. I love you. Don’t have too much fun with those twins.” She raised her eyebrows at me and cackled, falling out of her computer chair.

“Oh God. I love you too Nicki. Bye.” I blew her a kiss before closing the laptop and hiding behind the half opened door of my bathroom. “Are you guys ready for me to butcher your language today?” Once they seemed to have calmed down I ran out of the bathroom and jumped on Laurent’s back, managing to wrap my legs around him while he held me up by my thighs.

“You do that anyway.” Laurent scoffed. “I leave with Diablo. It is just you and Larry today.” He stopped at the door long enough for me to slide off and fix my shirt before walking out.

“Vous prêt (You ready)?” Larry grabbed my hand and pulled me to the kitchen.

“Uh, I guess I am kinda hungry.” I wasn’t sure what he’d said so I assumed he was talking about food.

“No silly ass. Are you ready for the lesson.” Larry shook his head and pulled up a chair next to mine.

“Oh, yeah. What are we going over today?” I pulled out my chair, straddled it, and faced him smiling.

“What we go over last time?” He rested an elbow on the kitchen table and looked me up and down.

I’d been in Paris for about a month now. My dad was working on getting me a job at a shoe store not far from base, Chris was in school, and Chelsey was at a the daycare that Madeline had picked out a few months back before our arrival. I was getting used to things here. Larry, Laurent, Diablo, and I were getting close as well. They understood I was bored in the house all day so they’d always make an effort to take me out with them when they hung out. Or they just stayed in and kept me company. More importantly, in that month, Larry and I were getting closer on a different level. He spoke more and when Lau and D weren’t around we were like two lovesick puppies, flirting and playing around all day.

“Uh, I think greetings and simple conversations.” I knelt my head down, letting it rest on my folded arms.

“Oki,” Larry started, “Now we get into more complex phrases that are used everyday.”

“Can’t I learn all the bad words already? I’ve always learned those first. My first Spanish curse word was ass. Teach me some more French ones.” I laughed and pushed him slightly.

“What you know for yourself?” He egged on, provoking my bad behavior.

“I know coucher avec moi,” I paused as Larry wore a goofy grin. “What? I don’t even know what it means exactly, I just know it’s bad”

“You just ask me sleep with you.” He retorted, I shot back in the chair shocked and laughed aloud. “I mean I see no issue if you want.”

My jaw dropped to my ankles. Did he say what I think he did? Did I hear that correctly? “Huh?” I cocked my head at an angle and gave a shy chuckle.

“Nothing.” He gave a mischievous glare and licked his lips.

“No, what you say?” I stood up and played with the twists in his hair.

“I said nothing.” He was persistent with his lie.

“Nope, I want you to tell me what you said.” I proceeded to move to his ear and bring my lips close to his cheek, letting them brush gently across his baby soft skin. His eyes closed and his body relaxed.

“I-I said, if you want I don’t care.” He stammered.

“You’re nasty Larry.” I walked back to my chair and eyed him.

“You start it.” He defended with a pout.

“Uh huh, you say that because you just got put on blast.”

“Nigga, please. How bout I teach this,” Larry scooted his chair closer to mine and leaned over, his face virtually 2 inches away from my lips, “Say after me … embrasse-moi.” He gave a conniving smile and leaned back in his seat, licking his lips and smirking slightly.


“Will do.” Before I could analyze anything Larry had leaned forward again letting his lips meet mine. My eyes shot open in shock. At first it started off as a little peck but then I got to feeling a certain way and wrapped my arms around his neck, allowing myself to get more into it. His hands snaked their way around my waist, his lips soft and his touch warm. I smiled in between kisses allowing him to open his mouth and let his tongue play with mine. He was teaching me the true definition of a Frenchkiss. After 2 or 3 minutes he pulled away, my arms still draped around his neck and smiling. My lip-gloss was shining on his lips so I wiped it away gently. “You have really nice lips.” I smiled and let my head drop down, trying to hide how badly I was blushing. Gently, he took his index finger and lifted my head by my chin, our lips meeting once more. “Stop being nervous.”

“I can’t help it.” I smiled and bit my lip. “You used to be like this too.” I pulled off his snapback and put it on my head.

“So, I was like that for different reason. You just shy cause you can’t handle all the sexy that is moi.” He brushed his shoulder and chuckled.

“SAVE IT!” I pushed him into the chair only to have him pull me along with him. I sat in his lap looking down on him, while his hands rested on my hips. I couldn’t’ help but slip his leather jacket off his shoulders, revealing a bright yellow Jordan t-shirt. His deep honey brown arms flexed a little while he brushed his hands up and down my sides. I leaned back down, my lips meeting his neck, then his chin, and then eventually his lips.

“Cheyenne.” He groaned, I stopped and looked him in the eyes.

“Uh huh.” I asked.


I smiled and stood up. “I’m down.” I eased off his lap and pulled him up by the pockets of his backward pants, smiling and staring him deep in his eyes. “My dad will be home in a few minutes … nothing too serious right now.”

“That is fine.” Swiftly he swept me off my feet and carried me to my room and threw me down on my bed before climbing on top of me.

“Ohhh, I like em strong Larry.” I giggled and pulled his face back down to mine, enjoying every second of what I was feeling.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels


4 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 6

  1. Why u playing…Laurent must be jealous now…Larry has all the game!!! Hey I thought it was Laurent turn o_O I had to read this twice…Laughing as well at the sexy that is moi!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

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