Deception: Chapter 5

My father sat at one end of the dining room table, his wife on the other, Larry on my left, Laurent on my right, Chris across from Larry, and Diablo next to Chris. Chelsey was asleep in her bed because she’d excused herself in the middle of the meal. I thought that conversation during dinner would be a little awkward but because Madeline spoke both English and French fluently, it caused the conversations to flow fairly easily. Even for my brother, who’s never been one to talk a lot unless it was with me or he was with his best friend Terrence. To watch him actively participate in conversation blew my mind. My dad picked up dishes after everyone had finished their meals. I sat back rubbing my stomach, full to the brim I felt like I was going to burst if Madeline tried to make me eat anymore.

“That was really good Madeline. What a way to be welcomed to your home.” I complimented with a closed mouth smile.

“Oh it isn’t a problem. I wanted to welcome you and your siblings the right way. It’s not everyday we gain such beautiful children in my house with such respectful manners.” She directed her attention to the twins.

“Why you look at me?” Larry fussed, his eyes widening to the point they looked as if they might pop out of their sockets. “I am respectable.”

“Pft.” Laurent chuckled skeptically. “You’re rude Larry. Stop trying to act innocent for the new guests.”

“I don’t know why you don’t think you’re not included LAURENT!” Madeline scooted her seat back and walked to the kitchen where my dad was, leaving Laurent speechless and Larry snickering quietly to himself, his hand slapping the table loudly.

Laurent threw a napkin across my face onto the side of Larry’s face. “WHAT?! She playing, I’m not rude.” He slapped his hand across his chest in sarcasm and playing shocked.

“Yo, Chey, I’m gonna go to sleep now. Jet lag is a pain.” Chris stood up and gave me a brief hug and walked upstairs to his room. I looked around wanting to speak but changed my mind.

“Quelle heure est-il (What time is it)?” Laurent stood up next. I just looked down at my phone ignoring their conversation but listening absentmindedly to certain words.

“C’est 9:15 (It’s 9:15).” I watched as Larry pulled out his Iphone and pressed the home button. “Sa fin de D. Je n’ai pas envie de rentrer à la maison en ce moment. Pouvons-nous passer la nuit (Its late D. I don’t feel like going home right now. Can we stay the night)?”

“Ouais, c’est très bien. Tu as toujours des vêtements plus ici de la dernière fois (Yeah, that’s fine. you still got clothes over here from last time).” Diablo yawned a little bit while trying to speak.

“Uh, I think I’m just gonna go to bed too.” I rushed to leave and go to my room.

I could feel their eyes on me but I ignored it and kept walking down the steps and ultimately straight to my bed. I laid there staring at my ceiling for a good 20 maybe 30 minutes before I walked over to my duffle bag and pulled out my basketball shorts and a pale blue sports bra. Sighing, I pulled my covers back and eased into the bed after I’d changed. My eyes started getting heavy and closing but then I heard a soft knock on my door. I figured it was my dad so I just offered them to come in without thinking twice to open my eyes. Then I felt someone climb in the bed with me and that was when I knew it wasn’t who I thought it was. I looked up and saw Larry sitting there smiling. I felt a gang of butterflies take over my stomach.

“Uh, can I help you?” My voice cracked slightly.

Larry smiled showing that he had rabbit teeth, which in turn made me gush and smile back. I felt the heat rush to my face and fade away. “Why you leave so quick just now?” He asked getting straight to the point.

I blushed out of humiliation, “Oh, I’m just really tired.”

“No you not. I think I know exactly what it is …” Larry decided it was fine to just lie back in my bed, “It is not oki for me to rest my head? I can leave if you mind.”

“No, it’s fine. My bed is definitely big enough for the both of us.” I scooted over a little more so we had ample space between us. “So why do you think I left?” I asked lying back and turning on my side to face him.

“Because you no like when we speak French. I see how you change when it come up.” I eyed him watching my reaction. “If you wish we speak more English we can try and learn.”

“No, no. I’m the one who should be trying to learn French. After all I am in YOUR country and people aren’t gonna be like Oh she’s American, we have to speak English for her.” I huffed quietly to myself.

He chuckled a bit; his eyes focused on mine and then he closed his eyes, facing towards the ceiling. “Oh, I teach you French.” Larry offered finally opening his eyes and staring at the ceiling.

He rolled on a side to face me completely. “I don’t know. If you want to I don’t mind.” Without hesitation he placed his hand on the side of my face biting his lip a little bit. I tensed up and he pulled it away, rolling on his back again. “That was fine Larry. It just caught me off guard.”

“No, you don’t know me I shouldn’t do that anyway.” Larry rolled out of the bed and walked towards the door. “Goodnight Cheyenne.” He turned slightly as he walked up the steps.

I pouted a little bit and fell back with a thud into my pillow. “Goodnight Larry.” I mumbled.

Larry seemed so shy and reserved. I guess I was going to make it a mission for him to feel more comfortable with me. Laurent seemed to be feeling comfortable around me already. I rolled onto my stomach and closed my eyes, letting sleep take over, allowing my mind to simmer down and let me rest.
***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels

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