Where Oh Where Are Our Boys?

All is silent in the land of LT. So where oh where can Les Twins be? I did a bit of searching via this glorious technological medium, aka the Internet, and found that the guys have left the U.S., and are currently back in Germany, Nuremburg, Germany to be exact, and are in the midst of rehearsals for an upcoming Adidas show. I’m really hoping, for the sake of all of the faithful fans who would like the chance to attend said event, that their team puts out an early enough announcement of when and where this show will be taking place. This would surely give those who can attend enough time to prepare whatever financial resources they can, ask for time off of work, find babysitters, etc.

I will do my best to keep you all informed on this particular event. Hopefully I can find out more information about it. If any of you happen to come across this information before I do, please let us know so that we can update other fans as well *smile*


One thought on “Where Oh Where Are Our Boys?

  1. well God knows if its anything our black men need more of is a damn sneaker show!

    all the talent they have from dance to those gosh darn funny facial expressions they make to their handsome looks and demanding height you’d think they’d be offered something “real” and “better” and God forbid NEW!

    they should be hired at SNL so I can laugh. they should be in movies like comedy or horror films. They’d sure have their own “special effects” movements for a ghost movie,LOL. Larry’s always been the “creepy one” to me, LOL.

    Two things are obvious. Hollywood has no imagination anymore at all and black men today are still discriminated against. After having showed up in beyonce’s crap video, I though they’d be on a roll by now. But as I said in previous posts, God has something better and safer for them because they have alot of saved born again fans out there praying for their souls and that they will do God’s will and not thier own nor man’s. God save the twins!

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