Deception: Chapter 4

“Dad I’m fine. No, I’m not out here alone. Why? Dad what? I’m with Diablo and his friends. Dad! MY GOD I’m 18 I can handle my own.” I groaned into my cell and plopped down on a bench nearby. “Well I didn-. Tell her I’m fine. Dad,” he cut me off mid statement, “DAD! Tell Chelsey I didn’t leave her and to calm down. I’ll be home when me and Diablo leave.” I pressed end and slapped my phone on my thigh. Annoyed, I rubbed my fingertips across my temples. “GAH, he’s so annoying sometimes.”

“Do we need to go?” Diablo stood in front of me. Larry and Laurent sat on either side of me looking sympathetic of me.

“Eh, I guess. My dad just called and said that my sister is running around the house screaming and crying because she thinks I left her to go back to America.” I stood up giving hugs and handshakes to those that parted ways with Diablo, the twins, and I.

“You must be really close to your sister then.” Laurent assumed sitting in the back with me this time.

“Yeah, she’s my baby girl in a sense.” This warm fuzzy feeling took over me causing me to smile and beam from the inside out.

“Awe, that’s cute.” Laurent gave me a ‘fro hug’ causing me to choke on some of his hair. “I’m sorry.” He apologized sweetly.

Still hacking, I managed to speak, “It’s fine.” I forced a smile through some tears. Laurent gently brushed them away with his thumb. It threw me for a little loop so I stared him back wide eyed unsure of what to say for a second. “Uhm, thanks.”

Lau jerked his hand back, “No problem.” Larry gave a small frown from the front seat and fidgeted in his seat a little, his head down and eyes focused on  his feet.

20 minutes later we found ourselves back at the house. I followed behind the boys. In one of the windows I saw my little sister creeping, her little hands pulling down the blinds and her eyes focused on Diablo and the twins. The boys were too caught up in whatever it was they were talking about to see her. Once she spotted me her eyes widened like she saw a ghost and she vanished from the window. Diablo didn’t even have a chance to put his foot over the threshold before Chelsey bulldozed through them to me. I knelt down and caught her in my arms snatching her up and kissing her forehead.

“SISSY!” She shouted. I put her down and let her pull me back into the house. Larry and Laurent just smiled at me as I turned back around and gave them a sorry shrug. “Daddy and I made something for you but when we went to your room to give you it, you weren’t there. Why did you leave me? I thought you went back home to mommy.” She was speaking frantically, not taking a breath between words, and started to cry. I caught the tears that slipped from her eyes and wiped them away.

I pulled her into hug and laid her head on my chest, stroking her hair, trying my best to calm her down. “Awe, Chels. You know if I ever leave, I’m gonna take you with me. You’re my baby sister and I could never leave you behind.” I hugged her tight.

“Promise?” She whispered in my ear.

“I pinky promise boo.” I held out my pinky and intertwined mine with hers. “Now what you make me?”

“I made you lunch, but you were gone so me and daddy ate it.” She pointed to her stomach.

“Awe, shucks. What good is it gonna do me in there?” I poked her in her belly and she fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. “Get up, and stop being so silly,” I chuckled and picked her up. “Crazy self.”

“I don’t know. Sissy, who are they?” She directed her attention to Larry standing behind me with Laurent and Diablo on either side of him.

“Well he is you’re new big brother Diablo,” I pushed D forward and made him hug her, “and these are his friends Larry and Laurent.”

“Bonjour-il un peu (Hello little one).” They both greeted kissing her cheeks as I picked her up.

“Sissy, they look alike.” She observed. “Why?”

“Awe they’re twins.” Larry and Laurent mashed their faces together making my sister giggle.

They’re funny Sissy.” She stared at them a little longer, “Cute too.” She tried to whisper, but she failed miserably.

Laurent gasped and Larry crossed his hand over his heart. “Merci belle.” Laurent put his fingertips to his lips, puckered them, and brushed them across Chelsey’s cheek making her blush.

I smiled at them because they were so sweet and obviously flirting in a friendly manner with my baby sister. “Where’s daddy?” I pondered putting her down.

She shrugged, and then the front door opened again. A thin framed woman with a copper skin tone walk through the door, big brown paper bags in both hands. Diablo immediately rushed to her side as well as the twins each grabbing a bag & setting them down on the kitchen table. She was beautiful. Her hair fell in loose curly waves, her suave skin glowed brightly. Golden brown eyes blazed in my direction and her small and petite figure fit her fuchsia dress perfectly, her hips neither too wide nor small and her bust full and perky. I smiled at her assuming it was my dad’s wife. When she smiled back, that was when I knew why my dad married her. Her smile was breathtaking. Her eyes curved at the edges causing them to give a slanted effect. Her teeth were freakishly white and it seemed she had a hundred teeth that fit into her mouth judging my how wide her smile was.

“Hello, I’m assuming that you are Christian’s daughter Cheyenne?” Her English was perfect but you still could hear the accent in her tone.

“Yes ma’am,” I reached my hand out to shake it, instead she pulled me into a tight embrace. I towered over her but it didn’t stop her from making me feel like a little kid though.

“Please, call me Madeline. You are a grown woman. There’s no need to be so formal with me.” She gave that smile again and I smiled back out of nervousness. “I see you’ve met my son Diablo and his crazy friends Larry and Lau. They didn’t give you a hard time did they?” Diablo poked his mom’s shoulder while the twins gave a baffled look as though they could do no wrong.  Oh, ne me donne pas ce garçon regard, autant que vous restez dans ma maison je sais que vos moyens folles (Oh don’t give me that look boy, as much as you stay in my house I know your crazy ways).”  She gave Larry a playful slap across the head.

“Yes, yes I have. And no, they were quite the chauffeurs today.” I laughed a little and sat down in the seat she urged me to sit in.

“Well, don’t be surprised. The boys get pretty crazy … especially with their friends. I should know, they’re like my sons.”

I sat on the couch, a tad bit nervous. It was my first time meeting the lady; she appeared to be a nice woman all in all from first impressions. Chelsey wriggled her way into my lap while Larry and Laurent teased her playfully by tugging at her fingers and plucking at her curly hair. I was beginning to see that they must have really liked kids. When my dad heard all the laughter and talking he made his way downstairs. When he saw Madeline his whole demeanor changed. He went from a middle aged man to a teenager again. Joining in on the fun he sat next to her. Placing kisses on her lips and cheek while I smiled, happy to see him happy for once.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels


2 thoughts on “Deception: Chapter 4

  1. I am over the hills in love with this story all ready…Love the detail…and the subtitles…I’m trying to learn french and find that when I read I catch on faster and hold it to memory longer…Btw I won’t be rushing u so much…I’m reading and rereading…Now if I could get audio…I remember some french from school…guess I’ll pick up a program! Yay u have me all excited…Best part ever is this whole story sound just like some ish I’d say!!! LMAO!!!

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