Deception: Chapter 3

There was a loud boom of laughter that took over the silence of my bedroom. I was sleeping peacefully until I heard it. Then, came the conversation that let me know it wasn’t my dad nor did it have anything to do with him. Slowly I rolled out of the bed and fixed my clothes. I walked up the steps that led to the rest of the house. To my surprise stood 3 young men. One with curly hair just as curly as my own pulled back into a bun. He had an eyebrow piercing in his right eyebrow, a small hoop piercing in his right nostril as well, and a small silver stud La-Bret piercing in his bottom lip. The other bodies were a set of twins with massively large Afros. One wearing a Jordan arm band and silver chain on his right hip, the other a collection of multi-colored wristbands and large black beads on his wrists. I bit my lip and cocked my head back making an intrigued face, not even thinking about the fact we all were staring each other down. Once the twins spoke up breaking the silence, I was even more curious about them.

“Diablo, chômage complet dans l’enfer est-ce (Diablo, who the hell is that)?” One twin piped up. He wore a pair of faded light blue jeans, a patch starting to form in the knee of the material where it had been wearing out. His scrawny upper body was clearly visible through the skintight light gray tank top he wore as well. The other only stood there silently, eying me, slowly licking his lips, and smiling slightly.

“Uh, what?” I spoke up genuinely confused. Then I realized I heard the twin call him Diablo. I waited to hear the rest of their interaction.

“Oh, cela doit être fille du mari de ma mère (Oh, that must be my mom’s husband’s daughter).” He smiled warmly at me. “Hello.” The French accent he had was strong and absolutely charming.

“Uh, hi?” My nerves began to kick in. What if he didn’t like me? “Diablo right?” I walked to where they were standing. “I’m Cheyenne.” I held out a hand.

“Qui, qui. Your father speaks much about you.” Gently, he grabbed my hand and gave it a firm shake before pulling me into a strong hug. After that there was a few moments of uncomfortable silence.

“A-HEM!” Both twins cleared their throats at the same time. “Nous voulons ênte inroduit trop (We want to be introduced too).” The second twin mumbled that had been silent for the most part.

“Oh, qui. Sorry my English not that well, but these my friend,” he paused to make sure I was following along. “This Laurent.” Laurent threw up a hang gesture.

“Bonjour Mademoiselle.” The twin in the faded jeans and that had been doing most of the talking stepped forward and bowed briefly.

“Hi!” I gave him a big grin that he politely returned.

“And this is Larry, his brother.” All Larry did was nod in my direction. I gave him a small smile because I found it kind of rude that he only smiled, and barely at that. “Well uh, we go out in about an hour, come? No?” Diablo smiled again he seemed to be nicer than I’d imagined.

“I would, but I mean I don’t have anything worth stepping out in.” I pulled nervously at my ponytail, letting it fall out of the hair tie I had in it.

“But Christian buy you closet full of new clothes last week.” He saw the confused look on my face, “Come.” He grabbed my hand. “Lau, Larry, venir sur (come on).” Larry and Laurent bounced off the wall they rested on and followed us back to my room. “See that closet over there?” He pointed out.

“Hoemahgawd. I didn’t even see that earlier. I was that tired.” I laughed, slightly embarrassed. “Mkay, well I’m gonna wash up and get ready. Give me about 30 minutes. The 3 of them gave one loud uniformed groan. “Fuck y’all. I promise I’ll be ready in 30 minutes if I’m not you guys can leave me and I’ll catch you 3 later.” I bargained with a smile. “I promise.”

“Oki, we give you 30. You no ready, we leave.” Diablo and the boys turned around and walked out the room talking loudly.


After I took a quick 10-minute shower, I walked to my closet and picked out an outfit, a plain red tank top and a pair of khaki colored jeans. I dried off as fast as I could and slipped the outfit on. Sliding my feet into a pair of bright red Converses, I followed the voices I heard to the kitchen where the boys sat at the bar table with their backs turned to me. They heard my shoe squeak against the tiling of the floor. Diablo jerked in my direction, his eyes widening in shock.

“Oki, she get dresses fast.” Diablo clapped playfully.

“I told you, I was serious. When I say 30 minutes I mean 30 minutes.” The twins looked at Diablo and mumbled something in French causing the three of them to explode in a fit of laughter. “Excuse me, what just happened?”

“Oh nothing. Larry just said he like you. You cool in his book.” Diablo stood up while Larry stared at me again.

“Do they know any English?” I asked as we walked towards the door to Diablo’s car.

“Yes, we speak it. But not enough to hold long conversation.” Laurent blurted out while Larry just nodded, his cheeks puffed out while he let the air ease out. “Though I speak more than my brother.” Laurent held his head up high in pride. Larry pushed Laurent to the ground. Like lightening, he stood back up and cut Larry a glare.

I stopped in my tracks; amused at how they were play fighting and the fact they could understand me that whole time for the most part. “Oh really now?” I giggled at how Larry had jumped on Laurent’s back and pecked at the back of his brother’s head like a bird.

“We go to the mall and meet with our crew.” Laurent and Larry finally stopped slapping each other around long enough to sit in the car. Larry sat in the backseat with me. “Criminaaaaalzz!” Laurent sang out throwing up the shape of a C with his hands and crossing one arm over the other, while Larry on the other hand separated his middle and ring finger making a V shape and placing his hand on his left eye.

“Crew? So what do you guys do?” I leaned forward while Diablo pulled off; he remained silent.

Larry smiled and opened his mouth slowly, “Elle demande beaucoup de questions, elle n’est pos (She asks a lot of questions, doesn’t she)?”

“Je dis bien. J’ai dit meme chose depuis Diablo nos (I’m saying though. I’ve been saying the same thing since Diablo introduced us).” Laurent scoffed.

“Refradissement les gars. Vous avez  à retinir elle est nouvelle ici et elle n’est pas français . Elle ne salt à quoi s’attendre de toute facon (Guys chill. You gotta remember she’s new here and she’s not French. She wouldn’t know what to expect anyway.” Diablo sounded a little annoyed.

“What? I’m so confused man.” Larry busted out laughing at my uncomfort. “What the hell? This isn’t funny.” I was complaining but the whole time I was talking, a smile was steadily creeping onto my face.

“You ask too many damn question.” Laurent finally fessed up. “Mais c’est trés mignon mais (But it’s very cute though).” I caught a glimpse of Laurent biting his lip while looking at me from in the rearview mirror.

“Ca?” Larry made a weird noise from next to me looking at his brother.

“Oki?!” Laurent responded with a high-pitched sound.

“Ahh la!” They both ended together. I looked around slightly disturbed because I didn’t know what was going on.

“What the?” My voice trailed off.

“Ha, do not worry. It is just their thing.” Diablo explained. “Nous sommes ici. Obtenir l’enfer notre négres de ma voiture (We’re here. Now get the hell out my car niggas).”

As soon as we stepped out of the car, we were met with a gang of yelling. I jumped unsure of where to look, what to expect, or lack of any idea as to what was happening. Soon enough the bodies that went to the voices appeared. Diablo introduced me to everyone. I tried to remember most of the names but I forgot half of them by the time I learned them. The only names I could remember were Waydi, Laura, Willy, and Speedylegz. Laura spoke pretty good English so I found myself talking to her most of the time between Diablo and Laurent messing with me, plus she could help translate for me. I couldn’t help but to catch myself stealing glances at Larry and Lau though. Every now and then I’d catch them doing the same though. So I was guess whatever this is I’m feeling towards them was mutual.

***All “Deception” stories are written by Les Twins fan Alexis Daniels


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